Ted Kennedy

I guess one might say that Ted worked hard, but unfortunately his work product was not good for our country overall, nor was his poor treatment of women anything to be emulated.
Getting along in the world of politics necessitates getting along with the Kennedys.
The Pope remains publicly silent.
The democrats will use the passing of Kennedy to sell the health care bills.
This feminist will use the passing to remind people that women should not be maltreated in the way that the Kennedys have historically done, nor should they accept the new abuse to be heaped on them from Obama-care and many other leftist policies.

Plan B has poor effectiveness. Promoters sell it anyway.

Jill Stanek catches them again….

Startling admissions from the promoters of Plan B emergency birth control. This over the counter drug doesn’t work well at all, but they still want it to be available and wish continued funding to promote its use.

Follow Jill’s links to the RH reality check article.

*note* ’emergency birth control’ is the proper designation, as this drug has multiple mechanisms, and prominently operates by ending the life of the early human embryo by preventing implantation.

This guy "Needed" two Appendectomies

Because those stellar UK surgeons couldn’t find it the first time, apparently.

Mark Wattson returned to Great Western Hospital in Swindon for a second appendectomy a month after the first operation, because his appendix ruptured. His employer, not believing the story, fired him. To add insult to injury, the incision after the second operation became infected.

Mr. Wattson, after a good deal of unnecessary trauma, is still in a good deal of pain, and is now jobless.

This sad tale brought to you by the Daily Mail, which reports that compensation to National Health Service patients has risen to 769 million Pounds.

Buy from Whole Foods Market!!

Obama affiliated Union Thugs are attacking Whole Foods Inc, because the CEO, John Mackey dared to post an alternative to government run health care as an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

Pharmer’s obvious response is to encourage all people to BUY WHOLE FOODS!! Even if you don’t like the op-ed written by Mr. Mackey, do you think it’s right for him and all his employees to be punished for expressing his opinion on health care?

Remember: with the heavy handed suppression of free speech and other human rights, YOU’RE NEXT!!!

Stand up and be counted.

Here’s the attack ad from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. Let it direct you where to go to buy food.

Find your closest WHOLE FOODS MARKET HERE. Also sign up at the website for education on healthy eating and other online services. Support a company which holistically supports your well being and freedom of health care choices.

A 9 Trillion Deficit in 10 Years

Amid finally reporting what he didn’t want us to see before the Congressional Summer Break… Obama also decided to keep Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve.

Problems Problems. We’re going deeper in the hole, unemployment is worse than predicted, and there’s less excuse to spend more on the Obama-care debacle than ever before.

Obama also has to keep Bernanke, because he can’t find anyone else, to take the job, who can do better math. (We can all discern that Lefties don’t do math.)
Note the AP and other news trying to spin the Bernanke decision as a stabilizing influence on markets, heh heh heh….

Read up at Yahoo….

Swedish Study : Chlamydial Badge of Honor

Didn’t need a study to establish the obvious, though here it is:

A study called Risky Encounters by Kina Hammarlund, a University of Skövde researcher, suggests that a portion of STD vicims, all male, view the acquisition as a sign of manhood. (Perhaps for some, it’s the ‘proof positive’ to their associates, that they have had sex.)

Hammarlund notes that there are no women who have this view. Also she concludes from her, interview style study, that the same old gender disparities remain despite the “progressive” sexual attitudes.

Read up!

Kevin McCullough at Townhall points out Obama’s constant and inaccurate drum beat against the physicians whom he would need in his future health care plans. But he hasn’t yet realized that the Hippocratic oath largely fell out of use a generation ago.

Pharmer wakes up another one as follows:

A generation after most medical schools have ceased using the Hippocratic Oath (it forbade abortion, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide)people are still making reference to it as though it remains the primary guiding principle of physicians.

While I wish the Hippocratic oath were still the primary guiding principle for physicians, and its spirit should be influencing all other health care professionals, there’s a need to wake people up to the fact that its use has faded drastically. Please also note that participation in the brave new world of health care is not for those of us who would refuse to kill any patient, or assist in this killing.

We will be eliminated from the system. You will have to deal the kinds of practitioners which Obama has been envisioning for the public in order to sell his health care.

That being said, Mr. McCullough’s article is good for pointing out Obama’s factual errors in the matters of pricing and referral, and also that practitioners remain who would never take a kickback for referral even if they could. Yes, it is all about referrals, because the physicians who monitor the general, endocrine and renal status of the diabetic patient have Zero to do with the amputation surgeries.

Obama’s abortionists receive much more than the usual amputation fee for their surgical procedures. They could be much more able to pay a referral fee, as well as the costs of lobbying their politicians.