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Meet the Grand Poobah -David Holland, who’s Freedom of Information Requests to East Anglia University’s climatologists , were referenced among the escaped email files now residing in hard drives worldwide.  He has gained widespread recognition for his skepticism, and efforts to obtain the actual climate data which was said to support the Global Warming Religion.  The movement to prosecute the climatologists for violating Freedom of Information regs,  has caused the group to turn 180 degrees and promise full disclosure.

The only roadblock is that much of  raw climate data  has been thrown out long ago, so we have no chance of reviewing it.
In a statement on its website, the CRU said: “We do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (quality controlled and homogenised) data.”
Apparently the emails were leaked to the press  well over a month ago,  (before they were hacked).   The BBC is reported to have dropped the ball, and this perhaps precipitated the hacking and dissemination of the files on the internet.

Not to be deterred, the UN shows no signs of changing policy of sacrificing the economic and technological progress of  nations on the altar of the Global Warming Religion.
There is “virtually no possibility” of a few scientists biasing the advice given to governments by the UN’s top global warming body, its chair said today.

Jerry Brown is Toast

Attorney General Jerry Brown of California has decided he can’t get enough pain, so he’s cozied up to the morally bankrupt institution of ACORN in his blighted attempt to replace the departing Arnold Schwarzeneggar. 

Jerry’s  blight has been contracted from the dumpster diving, private detective, Derrick Roach, who unearthed 20000 pages of discarded documents from the San Diego ACORN office.  As you may recall, this office was visited by the intrepid team, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, and supplied some now famous video demonstrating utter corruption.   Warned of impending governmental scrutiny, the office filled it’s dumpster with paperwork, and this has been resurrected to the embarrassment of Jerry Brown, who spearheaded the fake investigation.

American Thinker: Ask Robin: A Recovering Liberal Addresses Some of Your Burning Questions

 Robin of Berkeley  adds evidence supporting the theory of Pharmer……. what causes liberalism (U.S. style)? 
 She presents herself as a near classic case.  

It’s fun to see someone almost echoing  my  amateur psychoanalysis of leftists … and this one is making her living in the field.

The old saying…. about how a liberal is converted to conservatism, by mugging is also supported here.

It’s almost too good to be true, but Robin assures us that the folks at American Thinker gave her the exam and she passed.  So, check her out, and hope for more feminists to be heading to the conservative camp as the abuse of women, and the Wilding of Palin  wake them up.

Robin gives us a peek inside her brain here:
 American Thinker: Ask Robin: A Recovering Liberal Addresses Some of Your Burning Questions

Big Government » Blog Archive » Breaking: Charges Filed in Kenneth Gladney Case

THE rest of the story… charges are finally being filed against the six thugs (SIEU) who beat up Kenneth Gladney at a town hall meeting called by democrat Russ Carnahan in St. Louis. Still waiting for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to come to the aid of Gladney on account of his race. Whups……….. forgot that conservative ideology is considered some kind of magic race changer.

Big Government » Blog Archive » Breaking: Charges Filed in Kenneth Gladney Case **Links Fixed**

Sell your stock in alternative energy sez James Delingpole.

Mr Delingpole seems to think that people will wake up to the fraud of  Climate change long enough to divest themselves of investments in industries banking on the bogus theory.

He links up THIS blog, which was among the first to break the news that Anglia University’s Climate Research Dept had been hacked. 

Seeing this earliest info increases Pharmer’s  belief that the files distributed throughout the internet and archived on many personal hard drives, are genuine product of the Climate research group at Anglia U.

Zero Surprise to Pharmer

Climate Emails Stoke Debate –

Here’s more evidence that global warming has always been a scam, and remains as such under the new name Climate change.

Can there be any other result than further erosion of public trust in the scientific community, since it has become heavily infested with political hacks?

Keep your own copy of the files filched from the UKClimate Research Unit at East Anglia University .  You can download a zip file here :  61 meg zipped and more than 160 meg unzipped. 

New York Times, which has in the past had no trouble with publishing military secrets,  states that it will not publish these files, as they were not meant for us to see. 

Wall Street Journal remains a good deal more useful.

UN population controllers Lying again.

‘Climate change pushes poor women to prostitution, dangerous work’ – Nation – GMANews.TV – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News

Any excuse to tell the “Brown People”  how many babies they should have. Now it’s “climate change”.

This one involves the display of blatant stupidity, in pretending that prostitution is a new development in coastal areas of the Philippines.

Vote 1 if you think that increased temperature stimulates the prostitution trade, and 2 if you think that decreased temperature stimulates it.

Keep the accompanying thoughts completely sanitary.

Also note, when reading the article that the UNFPA claim made at the outset quickly morphs into a mere prediction further down in the article.

The UN is a disjointed organization with a history of promulgating self contradictory policies.   The ILA (UN Labor organization)  has, in the past,  called for legitimizing the sex industry yet the UNFPA wishes to present  prostitution as a negative result of the climate change scam.

Mr. Houben is NOT a Vegetable

Here’s a reminder of our extreme limitations in determining whether a human life is worth living. We are simply NOT good at it, and should stay out of the business.

Rom Houben has lived 23 years of his life trapped inside his body, unable to communicate, yet fully conscious.  He was unable to convey his condition to the physicians, and only recently with new technology was it determine that he was not in a persistent vegetative state.

This man is still quite limited, though now able to communicate with other via computer, and able to read books.  Mr Houben apparently has NO intention nor desire to die soon.  He considers himself to have been reborn, with the discovery that he is conscious.

Would such a man, with his huge will to live, survive the coming death panels which will necessarily accompany government dictated health care  inefficiencies, and reactive “cost containment”??

Pic of Mr Houben from the Daily Mail, which is linked above.

Update 6-10-10
The docs don’t take it all back, but they do retract the claims  about facilitated communication.
Apparently they tested the the methodology of Houben’s communication assisted by his therapist, typing on a computer, and found failure. That Houben is not a vegetable remains supported by the brain studies, but his ability to communicate is not as earlier stated.