A bare naked Bearcat

Charlottesville man protests airport security, is arrested | Richmond Times-Dispatch.

University of Cincinnati student,  Aaron B. Tobey got nearly naked  at Richmond International airport in protest of the TSA’s unlawful groping of airline travelers.

On Tobey’s body was this message:  “Amendment 4: The right of the people to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated,”

Tobey was arrested, and cited for disorderly conduct.  He’ll have to appear in court on January 10.

Hat’s off to Aaron for being willing to take the heat in defense of the Constitution.

Pulmonary Hypertension and Pregnancy

Pregnancy in PAH Is Potentially Manageable.

Dr. Dianne Zwicke, a Wisconsin cardiologist has devised a treatment regimen for managing pregnancy in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension.

The treatment involves management of heart function during pregnancy, delivery of the baby at  36  to 37 weeks, and management of the mom’s condition in the ICU during the crucial period after delivery when maternal  mortality rate is highest.    Excess fluids  are dumped from the mother at a rate of three liters per day for 72 hours after delivery.

Dr Zwicke is not telling women with pulmonary hypertension that they should go get pregnant.  Her method, though very successful,  is not sufficiently well  tested for that, and requires monitoring and cooperation that is not available everywhere.    She has been telling already pregnant patients that they don’t have to abort the baby.

Read a news feature on Zwicke’s  treatment regimen HERE.

Obama Regime Wishes to Dissuade Normal Citizens From Participating in Political Process

Feds probe Christine O’Donnell’s campaign spending – Yahoo! News.

Remember the government harassment of Joe the Plumber for daring to ask Obama a question about his tax policy?

Biden must be a little upset at Christine for her shakeup of home state.

The O’Donnell campaign will get an anal exam by the Feds which would never be considered for any democrat campaign, and the media will attempt a smear, to prevent her from ever running again.  It’s just too much trouble.

Learn some more about  the source of the accusations against O’Donnell  HERE .  Have some fun for yourself and google  David Keegan and Kristin Murray.

Seeing  the Fundraising Letter from CREW (funded by Soros, the world’s biggest tick) reminds Pharmer of the false accusations made by the Democrat, Bob Bishoff, about Jud McMillan.

Life News Keeps Obama’s Pro Abortion Scorecard.

Life News keeps a running tally of Obama’s pro-abortion activity which is worth keeping an eye on.  Use it to remind your buddies that Obama remains the most abortion-loving politician who has ever served at the national level.  This tally will remain linked on the side bar to the right, for your reference.   Pass it around!

Obama’s pre presidential record remains at Born Alive Truth, which chronicles the history of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.  That’s worth archiving also.  The records were mirrored at the PFLI website also.

Government Incompetence on Parade

FBI agents have been interviewing members of the Messianic Jewish Bible study group attended by Scott Roeder, the man who killed abortionist George Tiller in 2009. They have not yet wearied of looking for possible conspirators in the killing. Additionally, Roeder has been sentenced to life, with no possibility of parole for 50 years, thus establishing Tiller as more significant and important than ordinary humans.

Is such attention ever accorded to the women who have been murdered for refusing to get an abortion??

The government steadfastly ignored  the multitudinous threats to assassinate George W Bush, and supplications for help in this endeavor on the internet, as well as IRL. The movie on this topic is considered art. A chronicle of the most currently acceptable extremism exists at  Michelle Malkin’s site.  This acceptance  would not be the case for any  publications about assassinating an abortionist.

Portland, Oregon, U.S. capital of sex slavery, trudges on with its two vice cops.

The ongoing saga of the Delta smelt, and agricultural ruin in the San Joaquin valley, caused by our government is available HERE.  The previous dust bowl conditions leave the area more susceptible to mudslides from the current conditions of flooding.

The government might not have found Hillary leftie enough as Secretary of State, as it appears she may be stepping down.   Has Obama reached record turnover of his administration yet?

The TSA continues to fondle kids, the disabled and elderly who wish to fly the friendly skies, while skipping screenings for the population most associated with unwanted explosives, as well as those with the most opportunity for placing and transporting the devices.

France24 – Russian court convicts oil tycoon who opposed Putin

France24 – Russian court convicts oil tycoon who opposed Putin.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky remains unbowed near the end of his first sentence to hard labor in Siberia, calling Putin “pitiful but dangerous”.

So here come’s another sentencing for “embezzlement” for the Russian oil tycoon who has opposed the current regime.

This time the Khodorkovsky is getting  sympathy from some of his countrymen, (who have gotten over the class-envy of his former wealth), as they acknowledge the penalties for opposing the government.

This new action from Russia’s “judicial” system  brings the expected weak, and tepid response from Obama.

Obama’s Death Panels Begin Jan 1 by Means of Regulation, Not Law

Obama enacts end-of-life plan that drew ‘death panel’ claims | Before It’s News.

Doctors will be paid to advise on end of life care options  (encourage patients to forgo treatment in favor of palliative care).

Yep, it’s the death panels through Obama’s familiar BACK DOOR.

Yes,  Medicare will cover “voluntary advance care planning”, (at which the end of life  decision) will be encouraged as part of annual visits by the elderly to their doctors.

“Hoity Toity” RINOS, Get Out of the Way

Palin is too nice to say that feminists have enslaved women, but she has the correct general idea about them.
Her comment to Krauthammer and the RINO’s is worth hearing, as well as her habit of talking over interruptions. (Alan Keyes is also known to do that.) It’s the proper way for conservatives to utilize interview time and live spots on television and radio.