MRIs still less available in Canada.

Miracle mom: Mayo surgeons cut her in half, cleared out her cancer – Winnipeg Free Press.

Once you read the story from the Winnipeg Free Press, the possible consequences of delayed diagnosis due to the inavailability of medical imaging in Canada become apparent.

Best of luck to this upbeat Mom, Janis Ollson who is bent on surviving and succeeding despite the traumatic surgery she has undergone to remove a tumor (chondrosarcoma) in her spine.

Other notable details are that the ground breaking  surgery, of course, took place in the United States, at the Mayo Clinic.

Click that top link.  This story is worth a read.

Psssst, They’re All Democrats, but that’s a secret

Ex-city manager among 8 arrested in Calif. scandal.

You won’t find the party affiliation of these 8 overpaid civil servants from the small town of  Bell, California anywhere in the lamestream press.

Rest assured, they’re all democrats. This group has been under investigation for their massive salaries, abuse of funds and voter fraud.

Look hard in this AP story……….. no party name is attached  to the City manager who made in excess of $800,000 yearly, the police chief who made $457,000, and the assistant city manager who made $376,000.  Four city council members were getting over $100,000 for part time work.

For the full scoop on these scandal-ridden Democrats…….visit Newsbusters.

Mothers Refusing Prenatal Testing to Protect Babies with Down » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog

Mothers Refusing Prenatal Testing to Protect Babies with Down » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog.

Count the pharmer as one who dodged the prenatal testing, finding it to generate more negatives than positives.  All of my pregnancies would presently be categorized as high risk.  There was no testing for alpha-fetoprotein, nor any subsequent testing for anomalies.

Perhaps after the post-hippocratic, “witch-doctors” tire of polluting  the healing arts, the prenatal testing will become more useful for those of us who would NOT treat human afflictions by killing the patient.

Expect that with Obamacare,  moms will be told that that their children with disabilities will not be covered by health insurance.  In this way, women will be coerced to abort.

Women will attempt to protect their babies by not accepting any prenatal care whatsoever.

There Will be No Defense for Free Speech Coming From Journalists

Examiner Editorial: Government and journalists cower at threats to cartoonist | Washington Examiner.

…sez the Washington Examiner, commenting on the response to threats of fatwa for Molly Norris, of “Everyone Draw Mohammed Day”.

The government, which can no longer fulfill its constitutionally appointed tasks, has advised  Ms. Norris to hide under a new identity, and shut up.

The mainstream press is apologizing profusely to any Muslim who might have been offended by random Muhammed graffiti.

At Least Reid Picked a Female to Dub the Senate’s Hottest Member

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Reid calls Gillibrand ‘the hottest member’ « – Blogs from

and we’re glad  Harry Reid doesn’t have Chris Matthew’s problem …….

From the Political Ticker:

“Reid made one of those comments Monday morning at a New York fundraiser hosted by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

“The Nevada Democrat referred to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand “the hottest member,” which apparently made Gillibrand blush, according to two Democratic sources familiar with the incident.”

Oh……. by the way…….. Reid had to vote against the military spending bill which contains a repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. There’s an election coming up, you know.

Not mentioned in the leftist press, which excuses Reid’s vote as procedural, is that the military spending bill also contains Roland Burris’s amendment to allow (coerce) abortions at military hospitals.

Not a Surprise Department

Koch Industries Lawyer to White House: How Did You Get Our Tax Information? | The Weekly Standard.

The Obama administration is expected to be rooting  through tax records of its opponents.  Look what the Obama cronies did to Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin.

This is Not a surprise that the regime would abuse the  tax records of Koch Industries, run by libertarian political opponents.

Imagine how your health care records and decisions will be handled by the regime.