Texted to the WRONG NUMBER!

These random  messages landed in a cellphone which is used by Pharmer’s twelve year old kid.   It’s a classic wrong number nightmare.  Click on the pics for clearer viewing…. it’s worth it.

Dial carefully!!!    and—- prayers for good health for  the unknown mom and baby.

texted to wrong number--- a classic
school's out, check the text messages!

NOT to the dad
mysterious message to 12 year old boy

Half of the sender’s phone number is erased for the sake of privacy.

Dems “Reward” the U.S. Catholic Bishops for their support all these years

Democratic Ad: Catholic Church More Concerned About Abortion Than Poor | LifeNews.com.

To the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops:

See what happens????  You make one single complaint about the Obamacare, (because the Pope made you do it)  and the Dems throw you under the bus!

Check out this Minnesota Democratic Party Ad……. sez the Catholic  Church Cares more about abortion than the poor.

Not the Back of the bus………. UNDER the bus!

CBS Gets It Wrong Again: Rand Paul Rally

finding the head for CBS
thanks wikipedia

Lauren Valle, a leftie gurl, who has traveled the US and abroad doing protests,  showed up wearing a blonde wig  at a Rand Paul Rally in KY.   She was tackled by some of Paul’s  supporters, who wished to prevent her from approaching the candidate, while  carrying something  later identified as  a “satirical award”.

One of the guys stepped  on her upper back covering her upper spine with his heal, with toes on her upper left shoulder.   CBS  and the uninjured victim herself, incorrectly identified this anatomical region as her head.  If one looks at the picture, and sees the video,  (and understands anatomical proportions) it is easy to see that her head was not stepped on, though it might have been brushed slightly as the foot was removed.  Fellow supporters immediately admonished the man, who stepped on Ms. Valle, not to do that.

When viewing the picture, remember that, viewed  frontally, the eyes are located  approximately in the middle of the head. The back of the head meets the neck  in a position horizontally coplanar with the upper mandible (jaw bone), (place just below the nose).

From knowing these proportions  it is obvious that no part of her head, which was largely hidden under her raised jacket collar, was actually under his shoe as his foot came down, and pushed. The pressure of the stepping was angled downward, away from the head.  (Attempting to describe without utilizing  anatomical terms is not precise, and you should see the video itself to understand. )

Understand that CBS does anatomy as badly as it does embryology, and it could take more years for Pharmer  to explain the proportions of the human head to these people.  Even after such effort, accurate reporting could not be expected.

The guy with the big foot is, of course a dork for stepping on the woman.   Restraining her was not a difficult matter, and no such action was justified.

Pharmer holds the candidate, Rand Paul blameless.   Political candidates are in the line of fire due to the natural controversy,  and many are reliant on amateur volunteers for protection from possibly armed opposition.

CBS equally demonstrated stupidity with their inability to identify the affected part of the woman’s anatomy in their reporting of the incident.  Professional protester  Lauren Valle also does not know where she keeps her head.  (Pharmer refrains from offering a theory).

Bring Your Cell Phone and Camera When You Vote

You might pick up all kinds of cool scenes, and shenanigans.

Here’s that video from last election of the Panthers guarding a polling place with billy club in hand. The Washington Post actually dug up more lawyers inside Obamaminejad’s Department of “Justice” who assured us that the civil rights of White voters were not of interest, and the situation continues as such.

There was a party at Breitbart, celebrating that the Post had actually done a good bit of investigative journalism, just as in the old days.

From the Washington Post, regarding the Black Panther Case at the Dept. of Justice:

“In the months after the case ended, tensions persisted. A new supervisor, Julie Fernandes, arrived to oversee the voting section, and Coates testified that she told attorneys at a September 2009 lunch that the Obama administration was interested in filing cases – under a key voting rights section – only on behalf of minorities.

“Everyone in the room understood exactly what she meant,” Coates said. “No more cases like the Ike Brown or New Black Panther Party cases.”

Fernandes declined to comment through a department spokeswoman.”

Eric Holder might get hot under the arms if more of you read Pharmer’s links, and get fired up to Vote.
Catch some great VIDEO for us on November 2. We’ll be watching for it, and would be happy to help spread it around.

OK, there were enough potties for a half million attendees at the Beck Rally

D.C. toilet shortage is Keeping Fear Alive – wtop.com.

So now they’re afraid that DC has not enough porta-potties for the little Jon Stewart, rally for which lefties are buying free transportation, and begging people to go.   The expected attendance is only 65 thousand.

The Marine Corps  Marathon grabbed up only 800 potties.  The remainder is thought to be insufficient for the Jon Stewart  lefties.

Maybe the National Park Service collectively  thinks that these people are fulla ****.


China Pinching Off the Supply of Rare Earths to Japan and the US.

China halting key minerals to US.

This is in response to the US  looking into China’s subsidies of its green technology sector.

China produces most of the world’s supply of 17 elements which are key in the production of high tech items, due to its lax environmental regulations.

(You see, our clean and green policy is  to outsource our “dirty stuff” to countries which are allowed to be “dirty”.)

So now we have China mad at us, and they’re going to exert pressure so we have to outsource more of our high tech production to them.

Isn’t that special???

Lawsuit: CPS pushing Democrats | cincinnati.com | Cincinnati.Com

Lawsuit: CPS pushing Democrats | cincinnati.com | Cincinnati.Com.

Cincinnati Public Schools is busing Democrat students to vote during school hours, then feeding them ice cream.

The joke of a claim, that this is non partisan, is exposed as usual leftist style fraud by the fact that the sample ballots had only Democrats on them, and by the fact that Hughes  high school is located in a LEFTIE-LAND section of Cincinnati.

Yes……. it helps to know the area.    Cincinnati Public Schools = ACORN