Rep David Wu- Far Worse than the Tiger Costume

Sources: Young woman accuses Oregon Rep. David Wu of aggressive, unwanted sexual encounter |

Yes,  Rep. David Wu was acting too strange for his staff’s comfort, and now he’s on meds and in the process of divorce.

Previously Pharmer thought that Wu’s tiger costume did not rise to a worrisome  level  by Democrat standards.

Now he’s accused of  unwanted sex with a teenage daughter of one of his donors.

That’s enough.  Boot him out.

Chemical Abortion

Pro-lifers recognize surgical abortion as killing humans, but not all of them recognize the scope of the problem presenting as chemical abortion. Generally we  recognize  mifepristone, the chemical formerly known as RU-486. The initial name of the drug  stayed with us, (the same as with the Artist formerly known as Prince).  Mifepristone is best known in the U.S. for its function to kill unborn humans during the embryonic stage, up to 49 days of pregnancy, although it has other investigational uses.

Meet the TWINS!  Ulipristal acetate and Mifepristone.  As you can see, they’re not quite identical, but very close. Both are selective progesterone receptor modulators.

Mifepristone, RU-486 is the most regulated drug in the U.S. Pharmacists don’t dispense it. It’s supposed to be dispensed only by physicians, directly to patients. In China and other countries it has been used as a morning after pill, as well as a killer of later embryos and early fetuses.

Those astute drug companies knew that this drug would not sell as a morning after pill in the U.S. That’s why we have it’s TWIN, Ulipristal Acetate, approved  by the FDA  in August , 2010,  and brought to us in by Watson Pharmaceuticals in December of the same year.  Watson also distributes Next Choice, generic of the original form of Plan B.

At 0.5mg/kg, Ulipristal Acetate, marketed as ELLA, is usable as a morning after pill. It’s marketed as an inhibitor of ovulation, but the manufacturer admits that the operative mechanism depends on the timing of its use. Like RU-486, Ulipristone is an anti-progesterone. It stops the action of that hormone in the reproductive tract, inhibits proliferation of the endometrium, inhibits implantation, and kills the embryo.

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No Felony Charges For Yukari Miyamae Who Gave it Back to TSA

No Felony Charges For Longmont Woman In TSA Groping Case « CBS Denver.

Yukari Miyamae  has been released and allowed to go home to Longmont Colorado.  Felony charges will not be pressed, but she might face misdemeanor charges for grabbing a TSA agent.  It seems that the altercation was over her wishing not to go through the scanner.  She’s a frequent flier, and one  can imagine the reasons why she has no love for the “rays”.

Miyamae has supporters (see comment) who wish for her to suffer no felony charges  as she was defending herself from an impending assault on her person. One of them brought news of her motivations to this blog.

Pharmer understands COMPLETELY, and  wishes to delay flying until the TSA learns to behave itself.

The usual economic pressures of boycotting would not induce this government (which is intent on downsizing the economic power of the U.S.) to rein in the TSA.  There is hope that the next administration will want to assist the recovery of the airline industry by putting a stop to the groping.

Update on Yukari Miyamae’s name…. Fox news alternatively transliterates her name as Mihamae,  or Miyamae. Go with Miyamae – sorry, facebook supporters.

Here’s Pharmer’s guess on the Kanji, hiragana and pronunciation.


Front Yard Garden Lady Nailed Again for Dog Licenses

» Front Yard Gardener Faces New Charges Alex Jones’ Infowar.

Over at Infowars, we learn that Julie  Bass of Oak Park has shed one  criminal charge, over the  edible landscaping in her front yard, due to the spotlight of national attention.   The city planners apparently did not appreciate national recognition of their stupidity, so their will apparently be no jail time for her garden. They secretly dropped the that charge.   However, two new criminal  charges have been brought for unlicensed dogs.

Only problem is that her dogs are licensed, as she responded to that complaint  a month prior.   Bass also feels that the charges for her front yard garden may be brought again once people are no longer paying close attention to the governmental oddities of Oak Park City.

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Rape Victim Jailed for Contempt of Court

IN A CELL NEXT TO HER alleged attacker

After Jail Time for Contempt, Alleged Rape Victim Returns to Testify.

Defense attorney Gabi Silver badgered the victim in court, insinuating that the attack might be her fault.   The victim snapped  back saying “get to the point, b***h”.   For this she got three days in jail, next to one of the men, Curtis King,  who is accused of beating and raping her.  (Another suspect remains at large.)

After Fox aired the story,  the judge, Vanessa Bradley,  found a reason to reduce the sentence for contempt of court, releasing the victim a day early.


After Jail Time for Contempt, Alleged Rape Victim Returns to Testify:

Nude Woman Found Dead At SoCal Mansion Of Pharmaceutical Firm CEO « CBS Los Angeles

Nude Woman Found Dead At SoCal Mansion Of Pharmaceutical Firm CEO « CBS Los Angeles.

If you have a lot of money,  a dead woman can be found hanging nude,  with feet and hands bound, from a balcony at your house, and the police will wonder whether or not to investigate the incident as a crime.

The dead woman is Rebekah Nalepa, girlfriend of Jonah Shacknai, head of Medicis corporation.



Obama to Push Seniors Over the Cliff

Obama threatens to hold up social security and military pay checks in order to get his tax increases. This is after he said that we should not increase taxes in a failing economy.

Flashback to Obama on retaining the Bush Tax cuts: “Make no mistake, allowing taxes to go up on all Americans would have raised taxes by $3,000 for a typical American family and that could cost our economy well over 1 million jobs,” Obama said.

With the economy no better than last year, Obama appears quite ready to blackmail seniors and the military in order to get his tax increases.

Obama admits that the government has spent all of the money “invested” by tax payers into social security. Nothing is in there. Bernie Madoff went to jail for doing this kind of stuff to investors. The U.S. is going into debt to sustain the social programs.

Republicans should call Obama’s bluff on this, and use his latest statements in the political ads for 2012.