Alfonzo Rachel Vs Janean Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo puts for her theory that all Black people are supposed to be Democrat, and those that aren’t (Herman Cain, for example) have Stockholm syndrome.

Alfonzo Rachel bites back hard in a video Dr Zo sees Janeane Garofalo. (Put on your headphones if you have kids.)

Bozell: The TeaPartiers are Not His Cup of Tea

Bozell: O’Donnell’s reaction to Piers Morgan was ‘downright bizarre’ –

This above opinion piece, supplied to CNN, perhaps to comfort them over their lost air time with Christine O’Donnell, castigates said former Tea Party candidate  for walking out on an interview with Piers Morgan.

It is worth monitoring which pundits might be  moving over to the elitist side, because ‘we the people’ need to know who our real friends are.

The elitists are identified by their attacks on us  normal folk, the unwashed American citizenry who  feel the call to right the wrongs of government, and particularly  the portion who attempt to run for office.

Mr. Bozell’s opinion was cross posted over at News Busters, where Pharmer found it, and posted the following reply:
Says Mr. Bozell: “O’Donnell had no right to reject the questions.”……….. “O’Donnell had no right to walk off the set.”

Sorry, Mr. Bozell,  this is still America.   O’Donnell was not on that set by contractual agreement, nor force of any law.  Therefore she was free to end the interview at any time.  Also the media people can throw an interviewee off at any time.   Those of us who have played the media game understand how this works.

It might have been in O’Donnell’s best interest to hang around, and smear little Piers with his own questions, but  not many people watch CNN, and she’s probably well aware that her interests lie elsewhere.

As for sexuality issues……. Most of those “positions” were pulled out of the inexperienced  O’Donnell because the media was having a field game with her religious affiliation.

Piers had O’Donnell on for a bit of sex-talk, and she apparently  wasn’t in the mood.   It’s a woman’s Right to say “no”.

Antares Pharma Topical Birth Control Gel in Clinical Trials

Antares Pharma and Population Council Announce Positive Phase 2 Trial Results – MedNews.

Antares has a new topical birth control gel containing nestorone and estradiol in clinical trials.  The dose is ‘one pump daily  and rub it on’  (that means variable drug delivery).  Their small, dose determining trial with 18 women is reported to have shown a ‘positive’ result regarding efficacy, with the effect on ovulation evaluated  by progesterone levels and measurement of follicular development by ultrasound.

ABC seems to consider offering a new topical delivery system (gel instead of patch) as a ginormous medical breakthrough.  The link to their video is being offered as amusement, rather than medical information.

It’s just another birth control drug.

NPR Celebrates Secularist Change In Spain

NPR Plays Up Secularist Change In Spain, Misconstrues Papal Visit |

Matthew Balan  over at Newsbusters… reminds us why we abandoned NPR as a news source.

They attempted to cover a visit by Pope Benedict to Spain, and, being uneducated in world religions, gave incorrect background commentary, as well as excessive enthusiasm for the percentage of Spanish who have left the Catholic Church, or who know nothing about it.

Drop over to newsbusters and see what Lauren Frayer got wrong about Church’s address of the abortion issue in particular.

“In a rare move, the Vatican is offering to forgive women who’ve had abortions, if they confess at World Youth Day. They won’t be excommunicated, as is normally the case.”

NPR is wrong more than it’s right……  Excommunication for direct involvement in abortion proceedings is automatic. No one has to announce it.  The Church has made the means for ‘getting back in’ readily available for people who are repentant. The  notable address of  abortion at  World Youth Day was  to mention it as a specific reason for receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which was also  made freely available there.

Off on Pharmer’s tangent we go!

What a BLAZING success  the so-called secularization of Spain has been!   We all want to be sophisticated and reach their level of decline as FAST as possible!  (That might be why Obama was elected.)

Spain is  one of Europe’s most Bankrupt nations.  And one reason they can’t sustain themselves is widespread  failure to remember the  procedure for reproduction.  Let’s get their population  figures…

Not helpful is  Spain’s decision to further ease restrictions on the procedure for getting un-pregnant, so that it is no longer necessary for women to claim the ‘health problem’ of “mental distress” to get an abortion.

Spain has a need to import people at a rapid rate to make up for this reproductive shortfall, and has chosen a extremely lenient immigration policy as  a means to sustain itself, thus incurring additional and immediate economic strain.

Cincinnati Catholic school hosts terror-tied group

Catholic school hosts terror-tied group.

Mother of Mercy High school has upset their student’s parents by hosting a Ramadan event with CAIR, an interfaith Iftar dinner.  Here’s their link……  which may not be up for long.

Pharmer (who is generally respectful of religious sensibilities) notes that the parents were asked to bring a dish to share, but not to make sure that it’s Halal,  (e.g. PORK free).
Look who's coming to dinner!  Council for American-Islamic Relations

The parents’  difficulty stems from the ties which CAIR has with terrorist groups, the recognition of this by the FBI and the Justice department, revocation of non-profit status by the IRS for failing to disclose its funding sources, etcetera.  This dinner is not the first collaboration of Mother of Mercy High School with CAIR.

The school secretary was unaware of CAIR’s “extracurricular activities”, and  referred media to the school principal, Diane Laake, who did not return phone calls.

It’s not a feel good time for Mother of Mercy HS, which is on the West side of Cincinnati, which is Steve Chabot country.

Pharmer has had related  difficulties with  her kids’ Catholic elementary school, sending kids  to  work with groups which promote things antithetical to the religion of the students.

(It’s  safer for the kids to be picking berries on a Washington farm.) 😉

There are NO difficulties here with the school hosting an interfaith event.   Surely a Muslim group which is not overtly tied to the funding of terrorism could have been found to collaborate on such a thing.

Pharmer congratulates the students parents who have brought public attention to this matter.


If  they were done with THIS, they’d change their name.

What happened when CAIR sued Anti-CAIR ? CAIR did not seem eager to go through the discovery process.  The suit was dismissed.

Poll:  American Muslims DON’T CARE for CAIR – so it should  not be so hard for Mother of Mercy HS to find  less controversial pals.

Senator Frank Lautenberg: We’ve Got To Eliminate the Rich

Sen. Frank Lautenberg  (D) NJ, has about 50 million, so …… Is he going to volunteer for his program?  😉

*Update: The videographer made a correction at Youtube, as it appears that Lautenberg tried to say waste.

The title here stands, because we always have less of whatever is taxed, and that includes the rich. See also the Warren Buffett’s plan, which Lautenberg touts. This tax plan will eliminate the rich before Lautenberg actually addresses the government waste.