Comparing Listeria Hysteria and Response to Deaths Associated with Abortion Drugs

Obama’s CDC Stops Bad Fruit, Ignores Abortion Drug Deaths |

The CDC has recommended that people avoid  cantaloupe from Jensen Farms, Colorado, which is suspected to carry  Listeria, a bacterial cause of potentially fatal food poisoning.  Cheryl Sullenger points out another governmental double standard, (much more egregious than the selective enforcement of the migratory bird protection laws highlighted HERE).

13 deaths and 72 illnesses have been attributed to eating cantaloupe from the Colorado farms.   Laura Anderko, a food safety specialist from Georgetown U.  suggests that people should throw away their cantaloupe if they’re not sure where it’s from.

There’s no such governmental reaction   to the deaths and adverse effects suffered by users of  mifepristone and misoprostil.  The abortion regimen is still being promoted as safe, after reports of 14 deaths and 2207 adverse effects associated with use of  the drugs.


Only Oil Companies Prosecuted for Migratory Bird Deaths, Wind Farms Immune.

Wind Companies Not Presecuted for Killing Birds |

More craziness from the government is their prosecution of North Dakota Oil companies for the deaths of 28 birds in their oil waste pits.  The Migratory Bird Treaty Act exacts 6 months in prison and $15,000 fine for each charge.

It is estimated that 400,000 fowl (including eagles)  annually are  converted to bird-burgers by windmills.   The Wind Farms, being the favored green energy producers, are immune from reprisals for their negative impact on the environment.

U.S. Attorney, Timothy Purdon, who is pursuing the oil companies,  is unaffected by the obvious discrimination and unequal application of laws.

Al Quada’s American Outreach Experts Killed by Drone

Two U.S.-Born Terrorists Killed In CIA-Led Drone Strike | Fox News.

Samir Khan, of North Carolina and Anwar al Awlaki of New Mexico were killed by the drone method in their newer home of Yemen.   Both of these two served as  Al-Quaeda outreach to U.S. citizens.

Khan co-edited “Inspire” magazine, which translated Al Quaeda ideology  to English.  Al-Awlaki was the radical Islam preacher of cyberspace who is blamed for mentoring Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood killer.

The justice department might struggle with the concept of executing U.S. citizens without a trial, while insisting that terrorist prisoners, and prisoners of war   from other countries should have been granted trials in New York as U.S. citizens.   We might ask Eric Holder to present an argument on that matter in between his efforts to cover up his Fast and Furious troubles – using tax dollars to buy guns for the Mexican drug cartel.  

After assassinating multiple Muslims, how is Obama going to raise campaign cash in the Middle East like last time?

Oregon Gets $5 Mil Bonus For Food Stamp Sign Up | Judicial Watch

State Gets $5 Mil Bonus For Food Stamp Sign Up | Judicial Watch.

Oregon is sooooo efficient at recruiting food stamp recipients that they have merited a 5 million dollar bonus for good performance from the USDA. The government has been awarding the state for five years in a row for gettimg more people on it’s welfare rolls.    There’s also a two year grant from the Obama administration which rewards Oregon for granting food stamps without interviewing the prospective recipient.

Your tax dollars at work!

Pelosi’s Brother in Law Lands 737 Million Green Jobs Govt. Loan

Uncovered: $737 Million ‘Green Jobs’ Loan Given to Company Affiliated with Pelosi’s Bro-in-Law |

This is one of many Pelosi connections with crony capitalism of the Democrat kind.

Her brother in law, Ronald Pelosi is the number 2 at an  “investment partner” of SolarReserve LLC, a renewable energy developer.

Another “investment partner” is Argonaut Private Equity, whose board member, Steve Mitchell, also  served on the Solyndra board of directors, and who might regain some of his losses.

The Blaze also notes that Wind Capital’s Tom Carnahan is Obama’s number one Missouri fundfaiser.   Wind capital got a 107 milion tax credit from the Treasury department.

It’s good to be an Obama capitalist

Berkeley Lefties Blow A Gasket: Republicans Model Bake Sale After Affimative Action

Is the Berkeley College Republicans‘ ’Diversity’ Bake Sale Racist? | Cupcakes |

There is California legislation (Senate bills 187 and 387) which would allow Universities to consider race in the process of admitting students.   The UC Berkeley College Republicans decided to model the results of this legislation by holding a bake sale with race-based pricing structure, with Whites and Asians paying the most, Blacks and Hispanics paying reduced rates and all women getting a discount.

The sale drew a crowd of unhinged lefties who…… you know….. didn’t understand satire enough to get the point of the sale.  They’re still foaming at the mouth on Facebook and in the blogosphere.

Dems Shocked that Republicans Want Accounting From Planned Parenthood

Dems hammer GOP’s Planned Parenthood funding probe –

Planned Parenthood gets MORE than a Third of its funds from tax payers, but it is shocking to  Dems that conservatives would want assurances that the money is not for abortion. It’s OK for the government to raid Gibson guitar company and steal materials from them without pressing charges of wrongdoing.  But asking how planned parenthood spend  government funding??? Nooooo!!

Insiders of PPFA have assured us that there is no separation between abortion and birth control at that organization. Pharmacologically and economically we know that to be true.   The birth control business  funnels customers towards the abortion business.


Purging the Obstructions

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