Gingrich Wives by Flow Chart

Pharmer would post them here, but Kevin DuJan’s  Blog,  is worth a visit for its uniqueness and spicy flavor.

The creator of HillBuzz  is Hillary Supporter turned  fairly conservative, who has a snippy, gossipy style of delivering a well deserved trashing of the media and the Obama administration.   Pharmer has  points of agreement with Kevin, and plenty of differences.  For example, we agree on not-Romney, but he prefers Gingrich.   His blog style is entertaining, and dishes up some information and viewpoints which are not readily available elsewhere,  so the visits there are pretty frequent.

The media misinformation concerning the wives of Newt Gingrich is dispensed with diagrammatically and efficiently in two segments.   Number one gives  background on the wives.  Number Two gives the timeline +opinion of Marianne.  <— Click em.      Something is RIGHT about Kevin DuJan!

**update: sorry to say those flow charts are gone from THIS ARTICLE at Hillbuzz. Pharmer is checking with Kevin DuJan to see if he wants to tack them back up, because they’re worth it.

MEMRITV – The Middle East Media Research Institute

MEMRITV – The Middle East Media Research Institute.

MEMRITV is a site you can visit for a video log of what’s happening in the Middle East.   Click on that site, look over to the right for video number 3272.   That one tells you of the virtue police in Saudi Arabia which held 15 female students inside a burning school, and refused to allow rescue because they were not wearing the hijab, traditional headcovering.  Death penalty without due process for not adhering to the dress code.

Apparently it  sux to be a female in a Muslim governed society.

You can also read the transcript of this video, an interview with Saudi Journalist Nadin Al-Badir, detailing the abuses of the “Authority for the Promotion of Virtue”.

Cougar Mascot Name Too Close to Home for Principal?

Utah School Board Says Cougar Mascot Too Offensive To Women « CBS Las Vegas.

The Corner Canyon High School  (Draper, Utah)  students preferred their school mascot to be the COUGAR.  But Principal Mary Bailey nixed the idea,  as did the school board.

Bailey found the cougar to be too disrespectful to….. middle aged women.  😉  due to it’s popular connotation.

Perhaps  school administrators are also sensitized due to newsworthy  incidents of female teachers chasing after the high school boys.  Hmmmmmm?


Blog for Life

January 22 is a special day for the abortion supporters to push their cause using  blogs and  social media.   It’s the 39th anniversary of unfettered recreational abortion brought to you by your Supreme Court.

The pro-life bloggers and their contributors are using the same day to ask them: ‘exactly what do they mean by CHOICE’?  This campaign  is rebirthed  by Jill Stanek and friends. Feel free to join the party. If you tweet,  add #tweet4choice to your effort.  Use your facebook or similar accounts too!  It’s good clean fun, and will drive  NARAL nutz.

Keep up to date HERE.

Abortion Clinics Tour

Troy Newman and Mark Crutcher toured a Wichita abortion clinic which had been bought out by Operation Rescue. It closed at the time of the buyout, and the tour in this video occurred a couple weeks later, in August 2006. Though the clinic was certified as being compliant with National Abortion Federation standards in 2005, by 2006 it was in bad shape.

Hidden camera at an abortion clinic in Spain shown on Youtube
warning: induction abortions at the end.

In the UK the peak abortion season is about to start. Sunderland and South Tynside’s clinics are preparing for the rush in mid February that comes as a result of holiday “festivities”.

Avoid Ghettos App: So Leftists Can Keep Pretending the Great Society Plan Worked

Microsoft App To Guide Users Away From High-Crime Areas Proves Controversial « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth.

This proposed Microsoft app, allowing travelers to dodge high crime areas, might have been invented by a techie who only wants to look at pretty things, or perhaps one who had been traumatized by a mugging or carjacking. Pharmer imagines it could serve lefties who want to keep dreaming that LBJ’s Great Society plans actually produced good results.

Multiple headlines came to the mind of your humble blogger.

NAACP assumes that high crime areas = increased Black population areas. Their Official is caught complaining that an app to divert travelers from crime ridden areas means they’re seeking to avoid neighborhoods of predominantly blacks.

Avoid Ghettos App will keep you off of MLK Boulevards. No lie, the NAACP president in Dallas said THIS: “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” .. as if the app dictates where you go.
Just about every sizable city has a road named after Martin Luther King. Pharmer knows the one in Cincinnati end to end, from traveling it before and after it got that name, through high school, the years of research, and pharmacy school, etc. There’s not an app that would keep the rural dwelling pharmacist from driving there, for example to get to the concert she attended in October, just off of that boulevard. What is wrong with Juanita Wallace? She got herself in news that would travel nationwide, dumping on MLK neighborhoods across the country because she apparently views the one in Dallas as a crime ridden area.

NAACP Dallas President Reflexively Connects Crime With Black Neighborhoods. “It’s almost like gerrymandering….It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.” Said Ms. Wallace.
The app is designed to avoid murder theft, rape, dope pushers,etc. not Black people. It’s Wallace who is making the connection. Other interviewees are speaking about how the economy of higher crime portions of the cities will take another hit from loss of business and tourism. The one talking about stereotyping is the one doing the stereotyping.
Take the ADVANCEMENT out of that acronym. With representation like that, who needs enemas!
America needs the NAACP like it needs RINOs. USELESS!

Protest SOPA Day

Wikipedia is inconveniencing millions of students today as it lobbies on the internet against the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Pharmer is inclined to side with the likes of Google and Facebook and Wikipedia on this one. The government has created unfunded mandates for all large websites, search engines, etc. which open themselves to contributors, to monitor everything that is placed on their site, or face removal (unsearchability) due to copyright infringement.

The SOPA language is written in a way to allow the removal of any site the government chooses to eliminate. Copyright infringement does not have to be established before the sites are removed. It is damaging to business and to free speech.

Indiana State Legislation Aims to Protect Conscientious Heath Care Workers

Introduced Version, House Bill 1228.

Click above to read House Bill 1228 in its entirety. This constitutes an effort to protect the health care workers who wish not to participate in abortion.

All citizens should be interested in this bill because it also protects the CHOICE of a woman to not get an abortion.

Once Obama-care sets in, there will be considerable coercive forces for a woman to abort in the case of untoward fetal diagnosis and various other economic reasons.

Freedom of choice for health care professionals is a line of protection for the freedom of choice by patients.

Even people who wish for abortion to be available, but not COERCED should be supporting the right of health care professionals to opt out.