Tea Party as Safe Haven for Gays.

David Lampo, VP of the Log Cabin Republicans, makes an appeal for the Tea Party to address and support gay legal “equality”. He seems to have overlooked that legal equality between males and females has never existed, mainly because the sexes are not the same. (Note the current hot issue of sex selection abortions.) The most optimum social condition would be that the sexes are regarded and respected as equally valued humans.

Take a look at Lampo’s appeal, (which is not exactly libertarian) here:

Lampo: Is the Tea Party Nation Anti-Gay? | TheBlaze.com.

Pharmer understands the more immediately practical reasons why gay people join Tea Party side, under current social conditions.

There are numerous gay people who understand that it’s safer and more sensible to side with conservatives for both social and economic reasons.

Many conservatives disagree with the kind of sex that gay people prefer, but are infinitely less likely to cull gays from the human herd through health care rationing and abortion, (should a propensity towards gayness ever become prenatally diagnosable).
Conservatives will respect the rights of gays to remain alive, because they are human.

The lefties, often due to reflexive hatred of Christianity, have made friends with extreme groups who have shown a propensity for stoning or chopping the heads off of gay people.

Which is worse, having a finger wagged at you, or being killed? Yes, no matter your sex preference, it is safer to hang around people who think that willfully killing humans is wrong.

Now Obamacare Faces the Religious Freedom Challenges

Becket Fund’s HHS Mandate Challenge | Becket Fund.

There are dozens of federal lawsuits based upon the violations of human rights, that are expressed in the Sebelius HHS Mandate of Obamacare. At issue is its funding of birth control, sterilization and abortion, by forcing people to pay for it in violation of their religion. Obamacare also provides these services to minors without parental consent. Alliance Defense Fund has a fact sheet explaining these aspects of Obamacare.

The Colson center outlines the coming legal challenges to Obamacare in an article HERE.

In addition to religious affiliated organizations, private businesses owned by people of conscience are also filing suit against the Obamacare mandate, for example, O’Brien Industrial Holdings, LLC, represented by the American Center for Law and Justice.

House holds Holder in contempt over ‘Fast and Furious’ documents – Washington Times

House holds Holder in contempt over 'Fast and Furious' documents – Washington Times.

An interesting statistic is that only 17 Democrats voted to hold Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress, for his withholding of documents pertaining to the case, and for lying on more than one occasion. An additional 5 Dems, for a total of 21 voted to pursue a civil contempt case against Holder in court.

One expects that these Democrats will not be partying at the DNC convention in North Carolina.

Rand Paul Attends to His Promises to Pro-lifers

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Holds Up Vote on Flood Insurance So That He Can Get a Vote on Whether Life Begins at Conception | TheBlaze.com.

FEMA flood insurance funding requires an vote to continue it for the next five years.

Rand Paul is attempting to force the Senate to address the issue of when human life begins, in order to proceed with funding the flood insurance.

Reid is not wanting to allow this amendment to the flood insurance funding, since the Dems would not want to acknowledge biological facts in conjunction with continuing a government spending program.

Supreme Court Says OBAMA LIED

See the video and transcript linked below, in which Obama explains that his promise not to tax the middle class is good, because the mandated purchase of healthcare insurance (soon to be from the government only) is not a tax.

Obama: Mandate is Not a Tax – ABC News.

But today, THE SUPREME COURT DIFFERS, and has upheld obamacare with the argument (from Obama’s lawyers) that the mandated health care purchase IS a tax.

So, Middle Class, Obama is taxing the crap out of you, even though he promised not to, and the Supreme Court says he’s allowed to.

Hospital and healthcare stocks went up (for the reason that people don’t understand what Obamacare will eventually do to these entities). Insurance stocks fell, because most investors know that Obamacare is designed to kill them.

Pharmer believes that Republican and Tea Party chances in November have increased due to this decision.

Justice John Roberts move to the left is not really a move, in the eyes of those who have been watching him. Pharmer remembers the left leaning David Souter, who had been expected to be more conservative when he was nominated. We have something similar in Roberts, and can expect further difficulties on account of him.

The reason SCOTUS gives for accepting Obamacare, that Congress is allowed to tax us to death, can become the reason for rejecting most of the incumbents of Congress. It’s time to clean house.

If you’re wanting to torture yourself with the details, Here are the opinions of the Supreme Court on Obamacare.


See the very classy Tweets from top DNC staffers, celebrating their short lived victory.

One might say that the media was not expecting the Supreme Court to approve Obama’s NEW TAX on the middle class. See the Gaffes HERE!

Over the preceding months Congress has been amassing a good deal of testimony from various members of the Obama administration concerning the nature of the mandate to purchase health insurance. Even during the time that the Obama lawyers argued in favor of the new tax before the Supreme Court, they were telling us that it was not a tax. Sebelius had the most amusing story… it operates as a tax but it is not a tax.

Not to worry, it will feel like a tax, because you will get little to no return on your “investment”.

Larry Brinkin, S.F. Gay Rights Icon, Arrested on Child Porn Charges – San Francisco News – The Snitch

Larry Brinkin, S.F. Gay Rights Icon, Arrested on Child Porn Charges – San Francisco News – The Snitch.

A sixty six year old gay rights pioneer, Larry Brinkin, was arrested on Friday, and his computers and software were seized by cops. It seems that his AOL email account had received, and shown return commentary on kiddie porn. It also showed emails sent from Brinkin’s formerly held city email account.

More at t=The Blaze.

Preparing Kids for Social Encounters with Perverts.

School Uses Planned Parenthood Curriculum to Teach Kids Oral Sex | LifeNews.com. <-- CLICK! A reason for the primary school instructors to tell 10 and 11 year olds how to participate in oral and anal sex is for the sake of increasing sexual availability. The above article focuses on such an incident in Onalaska, Washington. The principal topped off at class on STDs with an explanation of the above mentioned procedures. School officials say she stuck to the curriculum.

Earlier exposure increases business for Planned Parenthood, which is why that organization has worked so hard for its position to provide sex education programs for kids in Kings County, Washington, and elsewhere.


At the High School Level….. teacher and four students arrested for sexual hazing.

the FBI frees 79 underage sex slaves in a sting across 59 cities, (operation cross country), which includes a group of 6 juveniles from Washington State.

Soooo Tackie !!!

His appetite for your money knows no bounds.

Obama is promoting another fundraiser with his special presentation of his first date with Michelle. <-- click. This is as posed as his auto"biographies" and reminiscent of Bill and Hillary’s famously staged dance on the beach preceding the Monica Lewinsky news dump.

This goes really well with the Obama campaign suggestion that he be added to your wedding registry gift list. Supporters are asked to skip the nuptial gifts and tell their guests to give to Obama instead.

Catholics Launch Fortnight for Freedom

Starting June 21 and running through July 4th is a two week period of prayer and education to counteract the Obama healthcare mandate and its threat to religious freedom.


Fortnight for Freedom Bulletin Insert

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Gets A Clue.

Speech by a Bishop Who had a clue early on. (Archbishop Chaput moved from Denver to Philadelphia to clean house.)

Coverage at The Blaze

Video from Washington DC Archdiocese