Privacy Protection for Beating Girlfriend, Concealing Sex with Minors, but Not “Racial Feelings”

While Obama gives away the Ukraine to the ‘U.S.S.R’. (reassembly in progress), the minds of many Americans are focused on this latest puppet show.

The NBA is in the process of removing the LA Clippers from Donald Sterling, and giving the team to Magic Johnson, et al, at bargain basement pricess.  Sterling, an 80 + year old billionaire, who behaved as though money could buy everything, humiliated himself and family with a much younger mistress.  This woman got a tape of him saying that she could screw any of the players she liked but he did not want her appearing at the NBA games with them. Since the skin coloration of the players was mentioned, it has been deemed that Sterling’s words were worse than domestic violence and concealing the rape of minors.

California does not allow one party to privately record the words or actions of another party without permission.  The sanctions against Sterling are being carried out using illegally obtained “evidence”.

Recently tech millionaire, Gurbaksh Chahal escaped more than 40 charges related to allegedly beating his girlfriend for 30 minutes in a San Francisco apartment.  The video recorded by a security camera in his apartment was considered private, by California law, and inadmissible as evidence. Supposedly it was unlawfully acquired by the police. CEO Chahal was permitted to remain on the board of the tech company, RadiumOne, but consumer pressures related to their IPO, have caused him to lose that positionThe delay in firing Chahal is explained in an internal memo from the new CEO of RadiumOne.

In 2008, an 18 year old pro-life activist was threatened with a lawsuit by Planned Parenthood for making a tape inside a  Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles facility.  She had posed as an underage girl, with an adult boyfriend, seeking an abortion.  The tape showed her being advised, by a PP employee, to falsify her age.  She was told to relinquish the tapes to Planned Parenthood because they were in violation of California’s privacy laws. This forced the 18 year old college student to pull the Youtube videos and in moving Live Action Films’ efforts to the states which do not have such privacy laws.

While pondering why California’s privacy laws protect law-breaking abortion clinics and domestic abusers, but not doddering old men arguing with mistresses,  click THIS LINK, and read Ben Shapiro’s report on what activities  will NOT produce a permanent ban in the NBA.  Perhaps it will make you reconsider whether professional basketball is your kind of entertainment.


Think Twice Before Calling Cops. Is the Risk Worthwhile?

The cops seem to be much more likely to use extreme or disproportionate force if news trends have any relationship to reality.

Samantha Ramsey is dead at age 19 after trying to leave a field party in Hebron, Kentucky.  This conflicting story is moving into national news, likely because both accounts of police action seem to indicate the use of inappropriate force.  The police account states that the Ramsey refused to stop her car as ordered, rammed the officer, Tyler Brockman, propelling him onto on the hood.  The cop drew his gun and shot four times into the car (with three occupants), killing Ramsey, the driver. One of the occupants disputes the police story, and claims that he was not rammed, and that  he jumped on the hood and shot first. The officer in question is now on administrative leave, and the Sheriff’s office is keeping quiet about the incident, thus far.

Another party crasher story details the firing of Tennessee cop, Frank Phillips, who choked a non-resisting student who was being arrested for disorderly partying.  Photos taken by a freelance photographer seem to indicate clearly that there was no justification for rendering the student unconscious while he was being cuffed. The Knox County Sheriff demoted all of the officers associated with this particular incident.  (It IS an election year).

The DC Clothesline blog, details other recent cases of police over-kill, including separate incidents of two teens killed by cops who were summoned for assistance.  In another case, an elderly man was beaten by cops, and now  faces charges after he called an ambulance for help with his wife’s behavior.  The woman, who suffers from dementia, has been removed to a nursing facility, while the man is suing cops for assault.

The take home?  Militarized style police raids and disproportionate uses of force have risen precipitously.  Calling the cops could result in unnecessary injury or fatalities.  Think twice about whether the call is worth the risk.


Cover Oregon, Obamacare Model for the Nation

Oregon was one of the recipients of an “early innovator grant” because it’s Obamacare exchange was to become a model for the nation.   Dan Riehl at says that this promise was never fulfilled, but Pharmer disagrees.  The Cover Oregon Debacle really IS an Obamacare model which will be followed by other states, and they will crash and burn too, as originally designed.  Obamacare is the planned failure which precedes a push for completely socialized medicine.

Listed among the achievements of Cover Oregon is a non functional website which has failed in enrolling even a single citizen of that state.  They have, using paper forms, and 500 additional employees, managed to accidentally sign up about 4000 illegal aliens.

So far, this state exchange has gotten $305 million in federal grants (our money) and has burned $160 million on a failed website.  It appears that the Feds will have to take over their stellar state exchange– the ultimate bail out.  Expect more of the same from other states.

Lefties Invent Race Controversy, Republicans Fall in Line

The leftists have invented a False Racial Controversy out of some comments made by Cliven Bundy, the famous Nevada Rancher. It’s totally bogus, but, just as expected, weak minded republicans are denouncing Bundy, because this is what the lefties tell them to do. We really need to get rid of these politicians, and unfortunately that seems to include Rand Paul.   It has now become racist to say that the stupid government policies are are screwing up the lives of various minority people.

Click THIS, or the pic to hear what Cliven Bundy really said: that for Blacks, living on government subsidies is no more freedom than when they were picking cotton down South, and is possibly worse, due to destruction of the family structure. He also gives some interesting comments on immigration.  Of course some buzz words are there, and no brainless acolyte of political correctness could pass through them to hear the real message. In addition, the destruction of family is high on the leftist agenda.

The lamestream media managed some editing, so that the Republicans would denounce Bundy as fast as Pavlov’s dogs salivated. They never fail to disappoint.

Cliven Bundy FAKE Racial Controversy
Cliven Bundy FAKE Racial Controversy

UPDATE:  Rip Curl at Truth Revolt has provided text and a bit of commentary on the media editing hack job of Cliven Bundy.  The NYT has acted similarly to  NBC, editing the 911 call by George Zimmerman, to smear him as a racist.  This is defamation.

“Burn Baby Burn” Aborted Canadians Used for Energy in Oregon

The Covanta Waste to Energy treatment plant in Brooks, Oregon was featured at in an 2007 article entitled Burn Baby Burn. Years later we find out that this is exactly what has been going on at this facility, which converts biomedical waste to energy.  The original article addressed public concerns about the possible toxic or hazardous effects of incinerating imported medical waste.  The possibility of dioxin or mercury contamination of nearby bodies of water occupied the minds of those who objected to this facility.

A present day article reveals that part of the medical waste imported from British Columbia to the Covanta facility, for incineration, is comprised of aborted Canadian babies.  This admission comes from the British Columbia Health Ministry, acknowledging that these babies have become part of the electricity supplied by the facility to the residents of Oregon.  Specifically, the aborted Canadians are burned, along with other Canadian body parts, in a pair of huge boilers, at a temp of 2000 degrees fahrenheit.  The heat transfers to water tubes, creating steam to drive turbines, which in turn generate electricity. Read more at Lifesite News, which notes that Oregon joins the UK in the practice of  using the remains of aborted babies to supply energy.   RECYCLING!!!

UpdateMarion County Chairperson, Sam Brentano is upset at hearing that aborted Canadians are being burned for electricity at the Covanta Facility.  There is a plan to suspend burning medical waste while this issue is investigated.  Brentano apparently does not want to do anything to “facilitate abortion”.


From The Leftgurl Voter Base Comes UK’s Version of Sandra Fluke

This product of apparent parental neglect, Josie Cunningham, complete with NHS provided silicone prosthetics, is advertising her impending abortion, at 18+ weeks, because she does not want a this baby to spoil her chances to be on the “Big Brother” unreality show.

Just a couple weeks ago she was tweeting about being able to get free dental work from the NHS because she’s preggers.  Now she says she’s aborting, as much for her two sons, as for her personal career ambitions.
The Mirror has some choice quotes from Josie, bound to elicit responses from their readership:
–“Channel 5 were keen to shortlist me then they found out I was pregnant.Then they suddenly turned cold. That was when I started considering an abortion. After the operation I will be going back to them and asking if they will still consider me.”
–“I want to be famous for being me – Josie Cunningham, a glamour model and celebrity in my own right. If I want to do that I need to put my career first.“I want the attention to be on me, not on who fathered my child.”
–“I’ve had five miscarriages so the one good thing about the pregnancy is that it has shown me I can still carry beyond 12 weeks.

The Mirror features  a video clip of Josie which provides enough discussion of the issue to allow one to believe that the crazy quotes above could be real.  Appended to the article  is a survey, asking if their readers would boycott Josie Cunningham if she appeared on Big Brother after her abortion.

This is Devolution. We have our work cut out for us.

Come Alive- Easter 2014

Working in health care messes up the religious events, as well as any other holidays, but it’s important to mark the highest Christian celebration of the year. Rushing from the all nighter to Church, there wasn’t time for power of this day to hit home  til Pharmer caught this song, Come Alive,  on the radio. Click the pic to hear it.

Jeremy Camp explains how the song came to him, watching a bunch of people in Central Park hurrying about their lives, HERE, in another vid.

Come Alive
Come Alive -Jeremy Camp

Masters of the Obvious Discover “Babies Show Racial Bias”

Wow, CBS Seattle is excited over new Ground Breaking Research.

If you need to learn human instinct, just follow the researchers at the University of Washinton. They have DISCOVERED that babies show racial bias.  <–Read how these crack academicians are spending their resources.

Who was tapped to fund this “study” to confirm the obvious? The article cites a “Grant” from Wake Forest University.  (Does this mean that it comes from tax dollars??)  

Humans are tribal and of course babies would have an inherent bias towards people who look more like their mama. That would be inherent to a survival instinct, particularly during their extremely dependent stage of development.

Michael Bloomberg: Thinks He Could Tell God What to Do

Michael Bloomberg: ‘I Have Earned My Place in Heaven’ | The Weekly Standard.

Crazy former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is contemplating his afterlife: “Pointing to his work on gun safety, obesity and smoking cessation, he said with a grin: “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.””  -the Weekly Standard.

Yes, Bloomberg possibly thinks his avid support of abortion as well as birth control for underage kids has prepared him a place of honor in heaven.

His religion is very different….