More Important than It Appears to Be. Vanessa Gelman Senior Director of International Research Communications Sprints Away from Reporter.

Project Veritas has been filming scientists and employees from Big Pharma, covering the COVID Jab issue, and a good deal of information that the media has hidden from the public is being revealed. Last week, a whistleblower, Melissa Strickler, from Pfizer revealed emails from top management addressing the problem of fetal cell lines used in development and testing of their mRNA jab, and how they did not want this info to reach the general public. Why not? Because it might cause people not to want to use a product that depended upon killed humans for its inception and validation. That video appeared as old news to me, after trying to promulgate this info for such a long time. While I absolutely applaud this employee for her courage, and continue to act upon this info myseIf, I was starting to lose hope that it would make any difference.

The subsequent video captured by Project Veritas, of Vanessa Gelman, senior, international research communications director at Pfizer has given me a a new and different perspective. The value of this vid is that it really shows this woman to not be comfortable in defending the Very Routine, Standard, Everyday, Research, and Development Practices employed by her company and others in the production of biologicals, and other drug entities. (Sorry that WordPress doesn’t embed from GabTV. A secure link to Red Voice Media Channel is below.)

Fetal Cell Lines are altered, cultured to have various useful characteristics, and “canned” as catalog items for researchers to use for various purposes. The use of these cells has become routine and no big deal at Big Pharma. Yet Vanessa Gelman was totally unprepared to tell us that we should wake up and get with the [barbarous killing] program. She ran from the reporter with the microphone. She appears not to be confident in the practices of her employer, which she wished to remain hidden, and left us an unflattering video of herself in the process. Her running away from the people who obviously are being suppressed and NOT in power, is telling. It suggests that some interesting internal processes are at work, and that the world is not quite as upside down as it looks.

Some lighter media advice from past experience: I refused some interviews (NBC), but never felt compelled to run from a reporter. It’s not a good look, and as I age, things could become similar to the shot obtained by Project Veritas. Fellow Geezettes, avoid this camera angle! 😎