What is Physical DDoS ???

It’s difficult to nail down an exact parameters, or to be sure when it is happening unless told by those who are carrying it out. A physical DDoS (distributed denial of service) can be as inconvenient as DDoS occurring in cyberspace, or worse.

The inability to be sure when physical DDoS is occurring, means that it’s very difficult to directly put an end to it.

The reason some companies have to make shell companies to accomplish projects or construction is that under their real name, they seem to experience physical DDoS. A fairly well known company which has to do this is Planned Parenthood. Controversial entities, criminal enterprises and extreme ideologues find themselves having to obtain services using an alias.

When an individual or entity is experiencing physical DDoS, it is more difficult to maintain a facility, fix a vehicle, get the toilet unclogged, remodel, get grass cut, have meals delivered, etcetera. Everything seems to take longer, has to be done twice, is more expensive, or is even put off indefinitely. Sometimes there are more errors in service, often accompanied with profuse apologies.

With the policies brought to us by Covidianism, there are now endless ways to obscure physical DDoS.

May our skilled service providers, builders and repairers of America be blessed with the acquisition of even more essential skills, wisdom and good judgement concerning who should benefit from their professional services, in what time frame, and at what cost.

Save Free Elections

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Find your news Directly without the search engines.

Go directly to rightie sites, and leftie sites to see what various news venues are saying. Here’s an easy start to find rightie and leftie national news:

Whatfinger.com (rightie site that also gives and labels leftie news).

Allsides.com (has rightie, center, and leftie categories).

The DrudgeReport (now more leftie with some rightie, and pick your own news!! at the bottom).

Google, Facebook, and actually most search engines and social media will NOT feed you a balanced palette of news. Turn off or ignore Google search suggestions. They are heavily curated and do not reflect popular searches.

Big Tech is has built a social credit system for China, which allows banishment of ‘unliked’ people from various public venues and services. Similar systems are being constructed for use in the U.S. . The problem is that people are punished outside of the legal system for unlikable behaviors, speech or thought. Mere accusations, rather than proof of actual crimes, bring about the punishment.

If you want to save America’s elections, as well as our freedoms, rid yourself of Google, ignore Facebook news offerings, and get your news directly. Learn to graze both sides. Click this article proof, to see screenshots demonstrating Google search manipulation. For once, some lefties and righties are agreeing that Big Tech shouldn’t be brainwashing and manipulating Americans in order to get what they want.