Jonathan Gruber: Killing for Crime Control

Mona Charen has dredged up more Jonathan Gruber sludge, linking him to the Killing for Crime Control thesis made famous in the Freakonomics book and ensuing debate.

Referencing this 1998 article by Jonathan Gruber, et al, Freakonomics author Steven Levitt and colleague, John Donahue argued in a 2002 Quarterly Journal of Economics  article  that the availability of abortion had significant influence in lowering the crime rate.  This later was made available for public consumption in the 2005 Freakonomics chapter on abortion.

Besides connecting Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber with more of his macabre plans for social engineering, this underscores another leftist inconsistency.  Usually these people are arguing to mitigate penalties against established criminals, yet here you see them supporting the idea of aborting babies from groups considered  more likely to become social liabilities.  That’s the same as a death penalty exacted before a crime is even contemplated.

Gruber’s own conclusions from 1998: “Perhaps more importantly, these findings may also have implications for the lifelong prospects of the average child born after legalization. The children not born due to abortion availability would have grown up in adverse living circumstances that other studies have shown may be detrimental to later prospects.”

What other interesting ideas from the mind of Johnathan Gruber have made their way into the intrinsic design of Obamacare?


If your life were held as an example for others, and your marriage regarded as iconic, would you not feel an added  bit of pressure to keep it together?

That wasn’t enough for the first openly gay Anglican bishop, Gene Robinson.  He has announced his impending divorce from Mark Andrew, with whom he was legally hitched in 2010.

Likewise, the first same sex couple hitched in Massachusetts (2004), Hillary and Julie Goodridge, split only 2 years later, and finalized the divorce in 2009.  

What’s love got do do with it?

Phil Painted A&E Into a Corner

Duck  -Roasted Duck Drudge 12-19-13

A&E execs are the losers, that’s for sure. Pharmer thinks their self destruction has been pre-ordained. If it had not been touched off by the G Q interview of Phil’s it would have been his next, or the one after that. He’s going to let A&E do themselves in.
Pharmer would like to congratulate Phil Robertson for getting it done. He has probably been tired of A&E’s management of the show, and the general encroachment of the show on the rest of his time. By this time, Phil and his family could do the kind of shows that they want, better and more efficiently than A&E. The Robertson family is made up of smarter people than the A&E execs, as exemplified by their painting that network into a totally LOSING situation.
After Duck Dynasty, A&E will shrink to nothing, (look at the rest of their programming to see why), and Duck Commander will forge on, bigger than ever.
Incidentally, not all of the gay people are needing or wanting the kind of “defense” that comes from A&E, or the nuts from GLAAD. Plenty of them realize that killing free speech of those who don’t agree with homosexual acts, can eventually lead to their own loss of personal freedom. Social trends and fashions are always in a state of flux. The First Amendment is a good thing for everybody.
Gay adult siding with Phil’s free speech rights.

Duck Storm Drudge 12-19-13Keeping up:
A statement from the Robertson Family regarding the controversy. They can’t imagine filming Duck Dynasty without Phil.
Future Options for Duck Commander Family
Brandon Ambrosino asks why the opposition has to be dismissed rather than engaged.
Truthrevolt coverage ……
and petition
Stand with Phil on Twitter
Facebook Support Page for Phil
Gay adult siding with Phil’s free speech rights.

Fix the Family: Reasons to NOT Send Your Daughter to College

Raylan Alleman at the Fix the Family website has gotten some press on The Blaze, stirring up quite a bit of controversy, over his negative view of college for women. Most are foaming at the mouth over the perceived sexism but a few have noted that Alleman has a point, when he calls College for girls a “near occasion of sin”.

Possibly the concise list of concerns provided by Proverbs 17-12NLT (commenting on The Blaze) are a driving force of this Catholic group’s negative view of college. See below:

What College Teaches- By Proverbs17-12NLT, commenter on The Blaze
What College Teaches- By Proverbs17-12NLT, commenter on The Blaze

Most of the schools are a negative overall influence on women AND men. Your friendly Pharmer determined that none of her kids would go to the IVY league, (Parents, don’t pay for that!) and am sending them to institutions which are not so screamingly leftist. Her kids have been  prepared for encounters with “the other side”, and its  general  intolerance of conservatism.

What’s interesting is that people are ‘going off’ on this Catholic group as extremist, but would not castigate the Amish (one of the fastest growing religious sects in the U.S.) for an even more contrarian view toward higher education.
Proverbs 17-12NLT‘s last point is a huge, and it applies big time to women who gravitate towards the non-math oriented fields, which drive them into lower paying jobs, and inability to pay the ginormous college debt.

Think of Raylan Alleman as turning a little bit Amish as you read through his  list of why parents should not send their daughters to college.  It might help with tolerance of another family oriented culture, the conservative Catholics.  There is quite a bit of practicality in the list from the standpoint of those who would naturally want to live a conservative or family based lifestyle.  He finds college education to be forming a kind of prison for women, because the time and money investment of it will drive the parents who fund the education to limit their family size, and the women themselves to do the same, or skip having a family altogether.  Alleman’s number one reason “She will attract the wrong types of men.”  He’s talking about lazy drones.   Pharmer has listened to the tales of working women and their marriages for years.  Nurses, those compassionate types, who want to help and heal the sick, seem often to suffer from marrying “Mr. Wrong”, a guy who contributes little to the family life, and thinks that his wife should work hard at a job, come home and take care of him full time also.    Alleman states that women wish to build a family might  think more deeply about what kind of man they will marry.

Women with a practical mind might want to balance their future desires  by educating themselves in the construction skills of domestic life, as well as a lower cost, technical education that can  bring needed income.   Domestic engineers (formerly called housewives)  are constantly making, building, and fixing things, as well as people.   It is highly skilled labor, and that’s what is currently in precariously short supply in our industrialized world.

Your friendly Pharmer supports women’s freedom to ignore the expectations of feminazis, and choose to major in the field of domestic engineering.

Cursing the Children – The Party that Brought You Obamacare

When the Lefties  tell you about how much they care for the children, remind yourself that this love and compassion often comes  to a screeching halt when they lose their tempers.

Professor David Guth is suspended at the University of Kansas for his response to the (Obama supporting) gunman who killed a douzen peole at the Navy Yard in Washington DC.

He tweeted:  “#Navyyartshooting  The Blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God Damn you.” 

What a delightful guy.  He was even able to embarrass a University with his vitriol.  David Guth, who stands by his tweet,  is the poster boy of academic tenure.

Next up is Allan Brauer, the current communications chairman of the Sacramento, CA Democrat party.  Check out what he had to say Amanda Carpenter, in response to her tweet exhorting Republicans to stop Obamacare.  Allan’s first luminous COMMUNICATION:  “@amandacarpenter May your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.” Amanda Carpenter  retweeted his curse, saying that he “deserves some unfollows” from Twitter-ites.   You’ll have to click the above link to see Allan’s further replies, which describe infestations by cestodes  and pthiris species.   This Dem Communicator has perhaps been cruising the underbelly of the internet too long, and has REALLY forgotten how to behave in public.

Later, feeling a loss of popularity, Allan Brauer apologized for the death curse on Amanda Carpenter’s kids, but, as of this afternoon, no  such statement was forthcoming from the Sacramento Dems, nor California Democratic Party spokesman.

The Metastatic IRS Scandal

drudge 5-16-13
drudge 5-16-13

Reward for lawbreaking:

Sarah Hall Ingram served as commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012. But Ingram has since left that part of the IRS and is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office, the IRS confirmed to ABC News today.”

The current fall guy, Joseph Grant had barely gotten moved into the office before the scandal in the IRS division that handles tax exemptions broke.

How Obamacare will be managed:
At the same time, the IRS is already being presented with a case from a company that claims it stole more than 60 million medical records of more than 10 million Americans.

This kind of news is rolling out becaue the media can only save Obamacare if it purges the IRS very quickly.

Pharmer hopes that Obamacare fails, and the IRS is replaced by a tiny little agency that collects a flat tax.



Leftist Sociology Professor Retracts his Life in Research

Diederik A Stapel has lost his position at Tilburg University after his body of published research has come under question for fraud. Stapel had become a commonly  cited reference for the leftist media, in giving their views on human behavior and motivations.  The New York Times is having to face the fact that one of their oft referenced social “scientists” has retracted nearly all of his working life.

 Retraction Watch, a very important blog used by  researchers to keep tabs on fraud, dishonesty and retractions in their fields, has been keeping a tally on the disintegration of Stapel’s sociological house of cards.  He’s flying high in the Frequent Retraction category with over 50 articles  retracted by  such resources as the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Stapel is noted for contributing so much to the body of beliefs that leftists hold about human behavior, which are simply not true…. such as the fictitious associations of 1) meat eating and selfishness,  and 2) filthy environments with aversion to people of other races, and 3) capitalism with gluttonous over-consumption.

Lifenews: Australian Doc Might Lose License for Refusing Sex Selection Abortion

Victoria, Australia requires physicians to perform an abortion or refer for one whenever asked.   This includes cases in which women want to abort a baby because it’s a girl.

Yes, there is a big leftist war on women going on in Victoria, Australia.

Dr. Mark Hobart, in Melbourne is expecting to have to give up his license to practice medicine because he refused to cooperate in an abortion for a couple because they didn’t want to have a girl.

Hobart refused to give a referral for the sex selection abortion, Hobart has broken the law in his state, and he is expecting suspension or complete loss of his license.

In Victoria, abortion and the state’s war on women trumps any human rights.   Consider this if you have thought of moving to that part of the world.  The remaining medical professionals  are probably of decreasing quality as the ones who balk at killing are being removed from practice.

Your Kids Belong to the Community, Says MSNBC Ad. How far will this concept go?

Everyone is losing their minds over what Tulane professor, Melissa Harris-Perry has to say  in an MSNBC “lean forward” (bend over) ad.  You can check that out for yourself at this link.  

Harris-Perry says that in the U.S. we  haven’t had a very collective notion that these are our children.” “[W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities,

Doesn’t this sound like Hillary’s book  “It Takes a Village”?

There’s an idea put forth that kids are community property.   This lead your inquisitive Pharmer to explore just how far this concept goes.

Now that Planned Parenthood and Obama are Out of the Closet for Infanticide,  will the community have anything to say about this?

At what point of development does the baby become community property?

Will you be allowed to conceive without village approval?

Will the community direct when you should have an abortion?

How will this impinge upon the in vitro fertilization industry?  What about those frozen human embryos and the eggs which are being harvested from aborted baby girls?   Do they belong to the community?

If  you deliver a baby, and the “community” thinks she’s an FLK  will the collective be able to tell you to kill her?

Is the community going to insert itself between a leftie-gurl and her abortionist?

Just asking…………



Update:  Are you in the mood to call out  the news media for their non-coverage of Kermit Gosnell, Planned Parenthood and Obama’s infanticides?

Pharmer dropped in on Politico just now:

We can see that the Politico has chosen to feature the Texas college stabbing story, but a search of the site reveals N O T H I N G about Abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s ongoing trial for serial murders of already born, near term infants. at his Philadelphia clinic.

Why the attempt to cover this up?? Understand that the leftist media has been scooped thousands of times on this story, which they resolutely choose to ignore. Perhaps it might highlight the Planned Parenthood advocacy of infanticide while lobbying against Florida’s Infants Protection law, and Obama’s own staunch opposition to the Illinois Infants Protection Act.

Has the Infanticide Jumped out of the closet too soon for the media to have learned how to make it look acceptable?