Press Secretary Jay Carney Has Offended Peta

PETA sends letter to White House press secretary for taking bestiality question ‘lightly’ | The Cutline – Yahoo! News.

The latest defense authorization bill approved by the Senate includes repeal of military laws forbidding sodomy and bestiality.

Jay Carney dismissed questions on this from a reporter during his daily press briefing, merely saying, “Let’s get on to something more serious”.

This prompted a letter from PETA’s Director of Communications, Colleen O’Brien.   It points out that their office has been deluged with calls from people who are upset that bestiality is now permitted in the military.

From the letter:  “As we outlined in the attached letter sent yesterday to the secretary of defense, animal abuse does not affect animals only—it is also a matter of public safety, as people who abuse animals very often go on to abuse human beings.”

One of the rare bits of common sense coming from the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals  is going to fall on deaf ears, as the Obama Administration would not be sympathetic to these kinds of problems.

In fact, the FDA is again seeking to facilitate the sexual abuse of humans by putting the morning after pill, Plan B One-Step  out on store shelves with the condoms.

Ella, the new morning after pill which is chemically analogous to mifepristone (RU-486), is now distributed  through an on-line prescribing and dispensing  process.  Though it is more cumbersome, it allows  non-patients and  men to have access to the drug and accumulate doses for abortions.

By this means, the FDA has  facilitated the availability of  home abortions outside the supervision of medical personnel.  These processes are frequently completed at hospitals where the resultant, life-threatening infections are treated.

Sorry, PETA, this is one administration which is not concerned about the  abuse of  animals, (humans included).

Comparing Listeria Hysteria and Response to Deaths Associated with Abortion Drugs

Obama’s CDC Stops Bad Fruit, Ignores Abortion Drug Deaths |

The CDC has recommended that people avoid  cantaloupe from Jensen Farms, Colorado, which is suspected to carry  Listeria, a bacterial cause of potentially fatal food poisoning.  Cheryl Sullenger points out another governmental double standard, (much more egregious than the selective enforcement of the migratory bird protection laws highlighted HERE).

13 deaths and 72 illnesses have been attributed to eating cantaloupe from the Colorado farms.   Laura Anderko, a food safety specialist from Georgetown U.  suggests that people should throw away their cantaloupe if they’re not sure where it’s from.

There’s no such governmental reaction   to the deaths and adverse effects suffered by users of  mifepristone and misoprostil.  The abortion regimen is still being promoted as safe, after reports of 14 deaths and 2207 adverse effects associated with use of  the drugs.


Why Do Peyton Manning, Americans Leave U.S. for Stem Cell Treatment? |

Why Do Peyton Manning, Americans Leave U.S. for Stem Cell Treatment? |

Rebecca Taylor,  author of the Mary Meets Dolly blog, comments on the reasons for medical tourism out of the United States for AUTOLOGOUS stem cell transplants.  These use the patients own cells, so there are no ethical restrictions in law regarding these procedures.  The road block for this kind of treatment is the FDA, which regards the treatment as a DRUG, and regulates it as such.

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Late News: the Electrolyte Shortage

Drugs For Critically Ill In Short Supply – Nashville News Story – WSMV Nashville.

Pharmer’s been telling you….  drugs for critical care, and for chemotherapy have been in short supply like never before.

Above is an article highlighting the severe  electrolyte shortage we’ve been juggling for many months at the hospital pharmacies.

TPN  (total parenteral nutrition) has been a big challenge as hospitals change and juggle products and ration in response to the shortages.  The multivitamin supplement and vitamin C supply  has been a problem since last year.   Patients are now having multivitamins added  into their  TPN formulations on a staggered basis.

Changing to different drug  products with different concentrations has increased the error rate as personnel adjust to the new concentrations.

The electrolyte shortage, in particular, is largely influenced by quality control and oversight issues at American Regent, one of the few suppliers of  these drugs.

The FDA, has not been effective in balancing the oversight of quality control with the risks of short or no supply of essential drug products.  This is is either by design, (to relieve the  financial pressure of medicare and social security), or just because it’s the usual inefficient government organization, or a bit of both.

The Dangers of Bath Salts – to Goats!

Ever heard of Khat? A natural product for dopers, it contains cathinone, a whacky drug, of the chemical name: S-2-amino-phenyl-l-propanone. People who are accustomed to looking at these drug names see stimulant, upper, speed-like, written all over this one, and it elicits effects similar to ephedrine and amphetamines.

There are always more designer drugs being produced, to the extent that the law can’t keep pace regulating the doper chemists. The name Bath Salts is used to describe a class of drugs containing cathinone and analogs thereof, for example:
3,4 – Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV)
4 – Methylmethcathinone (Mephedrone, 4-MMC)
3,4 – Methylenedioxymethcathinone (Methylone, MDMC)
4 – Fluoromethcathinone (Flephedrone, 4-FMC)
3 – Fluoromethcathinone (3-FMC)
4 – Methoxymethcathinone (Methedrone, bk-PMMA, PMMC)
among others…

Any combination of these analogs could send the user into a wild state of agitation, perhaps with hallucinations, and even lust for goats!
Such is the sad end for a cute little pygmy goat in South Charleston, West Virginia, who was attacked by one Mark Thompson, killed and possibly sexually assaulted, (given the presence of porn, and the partially unclothed state of the attacker).

Thompson, now of international notoriety, is bound for a life of ill treatment in prison after this escapade, which is said to be fueled by a three day jag on “bath salts”.

Don’t do bath salts.

Your Tax Dollars At Waste, Stinging Amish Farmer

Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally – Washington Times.

One thing this article is missing is the taxpayer cost of the FDA sting on Dan Allgyer, an Amish farmer who sold unpasteurized milk to customers specifically wanting that product.

The FDA is convinced that raw milk has no benefits, that can’t be obtained from the pasteurized products but customers  believe otherwise.

It’s obvious that drinking unpasteurized milk with its collection of native flora is a different deal than drinking the commercial product the bacteria of  which have been killed.   People also eat yogurt to obtain benefits from the microbial growth within.

Some people don’t mind playing a bit of roulette with their pro-biotics, and the FDA, which obviously doesn’t know ‘bugs’, needs to find something more useful to do.

FDA Attempts to Patch K-V Pharmaceuticals Progesterone Mess

FDA Allows Cheaper Version of Preterm Labor Drug To Stay on the Market – Health Blog – WSJ.

A short time ago, there was an uproar because the FDA had given approval to KV pharmaceuticals to be the sole producer of 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate, (Formerly named Gestiva)  a drug used to sustain pregnancies in women who produced insufficient amounts of progesterone.

Pharmacies had been preparing these doses and supplying them at about 10 or 20 bucks apiece.

KV had sent a letter to the pharmacies announcing that compounding the doses would no longer be allowed, and that their drug, Makena, at $1500 dollars per dose would be the only drug available. It is extremely important to know that  K-V has no research and development costs to recoup with the introduction of their commercial form of a drug which had been studied and used for years. In fact, fast approval of Makena was based upon a 2003 study funded by the NIH.

This drug is injected weekly to sustain a pregnancy, so you can imagine the cost to the affected mothers. Suddenly the cost of preventing premature babies in the US would be jacked up to multiple billions of dollars.

Of course Obamacare would have the death panels to halt that source of excessive cost.  K-V would need to recoup its investment very quickly.

The new drug by KV pharmaceuticals was named Makena.  The sound of this name set off bells in the mind of yours truly, wondering who paid off Obama to get this windfall of profit due to exclusivity granted by the government for K-V Pharmaceutical Co.   You betcha…. Makena is a Hawaiian boy’s name (but can be given to girls).  The meaning is ABUNDANCE, as in windfall profits for K-V. There HAS to be a political connection larger than the individual political contributions from K-V employees. ……. and it will be unearthed.  Watch closely because some articles are already being scrubbed from the internet.  Two dead ends so far.

Fortunately, this obvious and unconscionable scam and, granting of monopoly status, (similar to the quinine sulfate scam) met with immediate protest.

The FDA now says that the letter from K-V pharmaceuticals was in error, and that pharmacies will not be forbidden to compound doses of 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone for individual patients.

More delectable goodies follow:

Adeza is the company which first submitted Gestiva to the FDA for approval in 2006, based on a study paid for by the NIH.  It obtained orphan drug status in Jan, 2007

Adeza merged with Cyctec, and Cyctec merged with Hologic.  And here’s a whole Makena timeline! The blogger estimates that K-V would recoup its entire investment in purchasing the rights of the drug in two short months, at the initially planned, astronomical price.

Hologic  Inc. sold the total rights to its product, Gestiva, 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate to K-V Pharmaceuticals in 2008.

K-V Pharmaceuticals was perhaps needing a boost from the government (granting it a monopoly)  because it’s subsidiary, Ethex had been required to recall  incorrectly made pain killers containing excess amounts of active ingredient. More K-V disasters resulted from selling unapproved drugs,  and from dismissal of a vp of corporate strategy and operations.  This company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

K-V’s windfall profits  could be   targeted by lawsuits concerning still births attributed to 17-hydroxy-progesterone, as well as increased incidence of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.

March of Dimes bears responsibility for helping to initiate this debacle, and has been burned by the result.  Here’s the result of their  collusion with MOD DONOR K-V Pharmaceuticals.


FDA Can’t Handle Drug Shortages, and in Some Cases, is Causing them

Drug Shortages: A Deadly Problem With No Cure in Sight – DailyFinance.

Pharmer’s going to be featuring some articles describing what is seen in the hospitals in the past couple of years……….. ever worsening shortages of chemotherapeutic and injectable drugs.   This has become a severe public health problem due to inability to treat some cancers, and   unnecessary deaths due to unavailable treatments or errors involving drugs used as substitutes.

Here is the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists drug shortage management resource center.

Pharmer thinks this problem has several underlying causes : supply and demand, need to import raw materials,  economic pressures, taxes,  outsourcing, government incompetence, an increasingly useless FDA, natural selection, and death panel philosophy.

The last factor curbs  government enthusiasm for addressing the drug shortage problem vigorously.   Increased deaths lighten the load on social security, medicare and medicaid, and therefore  the shortages  become a means of obamacare  cost control.

House May Block Food Safety Bill Over Senate Error : Roll Call

via House May Block Food Safety Bill Over Senate Error : Roll Call.

Senate Bill 510, the Food Safety bill which gives the  FDA more authority over food regulation, and putting  small food producers out of business,   is hung up due to a violation of congressional authority.   The Senate bill has tax in it.  Taxes are supposed to be initiated in the House.  Whupsie,  Harry Reid screwed up  again.

The house will throw it back to the Senate, and they’ll have to rework it.  This would normally require the cooperation of the republicans.

Maybe the bill will DIE this year.  One can only hope.

YouTube – SO IT STARTS – Senate Bill 510 – Organic Farmer Fined 5000 For Growing Crops On Own Land