Berkeley Bed Bugs

"I saw a berkeley bedbug, sucking up a pint of blood"
I saw a berkeley bedbug, sucking up a pint of blood…..

In California, where almost everything is considered toxic, and is therefore regulated or banned by the government,  there’s a price to pay. Bay area KRON brings us news that  the North Branch Berkeley Public library has been closed down due to the presence of bedbugs in the restrooms, computer areas and reading areas of the facility.  Possibly to blame is transport of these critters on University of California, Berkeley students, who have been suffering chronic problems with bed bug infestation in their dorms.

One wonders how this problem will be addressed with the limited arsenal of insecticides available there, and in light of the fact that bedbugs have pretty good resistance to these measures.

Maybe bagging up the library 😉 or heating the interior above 110 degrees F will get the job done. provides some information on eradication which might benefit the People of Berkeley, and others who must fight the hordes of invading insects.

Puking Up One’s Guts -Literally

When a human vomits, only about a third of the stomach contents is reliably returned.

There are some frog species which can vomit much more efficiently.  If you have a strong stomach, you can see the evidence and the mechanism by clicking HERE.

Frog pukes his guts out
Frog pukes his guts out

The stomach is everted (turned inside out) in full view of the observer, and wiped clean by the frog, before re-swallowing it.  This extra effort serves as protection for the frog after eating such things as poisonous insects.

Fortunately the stomach contents aren’t too disgusting in appearance, so go ahead… you can watch it…..

To learn more……

Blue Grass Cover of Avicii’s “Hey Brother”

The Beef Seeds are racking up You Tube  views for their cover of the mega hit: “Hey Brother”   This little Blue Grass band from Wales has recorded  improvements on a number of the songs that you have heard on the radio, Pandora, or whatever.  Click HERE to listen.  One more time, only Better!

The Beef Seeds "Hey Brother"
The Beef Seeds “Hey Brother”

And if you haven’t heard “What does the Fox Say?” enough already click….. LOL!!