A Sigh of Relief from NARAL for the Cover?

Bombs in Boston  Two at Marathon, One at JFK library.   So far,  Media claims 22 injured and two dead.

Four Dead and twenty one are injured in Chicago over the weekend.   Business as usual…..

Some national media journalists finally show  up at mass murderer Kermit Gosnell’s infanticide trial, after five weeks,   but Boston bombs will help them to hide this.    Check out the excuse from the Washington Post. 


Update: Do you think people will begin to notice that the media (CNN this time) is always wrong when they try to pin a bombing on right wing extremists?

Boston Catholic Insider: Romney Lied About Catholic Hospitals Voluntarily Giving out Plan B

Boston Catholic Insider.

Linked above is an extensive article and information from the Boston Catholic Insider on the process by which the Catholic Hospitals of Massachusetts were coerced to give out the morning after pill to rape victims.
It includes a detailed chronology of events, and is worth your time to read.
Romney appears capable of a similar kind of bait and switch that Obama has done to the Catholic Bishops with his birth control/ abortion / sterilization mandate.

Here’s an 12/2005 article from the Pilot Catholic News about Romney’s announcement that his morning after pill mandate applied to Catholic hospitals. Romney had previously stated that religious hospitals would be exempted by a 1975 law that provided protection for conscientious refusal to distribute birth control or participate in abortion. He later decided that there was no such shield, and demanded that the Catholic hospitals comply with the birth control mandate.

Goodbye Barney Frank

Barney Frank not seeking re-election in 2012 – CNN.com.

Democrat Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts is not seeking reelection in 2012.  After “serving”  16 terms and much destruction of the banking and housing industries, as well as Jerry Springer style scandals, we are losing one of America’s leftmost congressmen.

There is a reason to give thanks.

Barney will announce during a press conference  at 1 pm today, says CNN.


Coakley obtains Obama aid

Martha Coakley, that Massachusetts Senate candidate who thinks Catholics shouldn’t be permitted to work in hospital emergency rooms, has obtained the full backing and support of Obama, immediately after her expression of this sentiment. Obama intends to travel to Coakley’s state on Sunday in order to bolster her effort against Republican Scott Brown.

Pharmer is happy to have assisted others in learning of Coakley’s religious intolerance via submissions of this Washington times story and Ken Pittman to a number of well known venues of news and commentary.

This story also appeared on the Drudge Report, Jill Stanek’s page, and was echoed by Rush Limbaugh on his Friday 1/15 radio show, among others. It is hoped that enough people heard of Coakley’s views that Obama might need to address a question about it when he travels to Massachusetts in her support.

Devout Catholics shouldn’t work in Emergency Room says Coakley

This goes into the PHARMER TOLD YA SO FILE…. since conscience rights for health professionals has been my business for years and years.

The leftists do not have room for health care professionals who regard all human life with respect and who would not kill in their practice. In the event of Obamacare, most of us will be compelled to change careers, which will leave patients to deal with the other kind of health care provider.

Martha Coakley weighs in on the topic here.

Keeping Schools Safe In Massachusetts

Remember that Massachusetts is the state in which high school students were transported to Tufts University in order to learn the art of Fisting.

In Massachusetts,  fisting is normal, and a good thing to teach to underage kids.
What this second grader drew, when requested to produce a Christmas related image, a stick figure on a cross,  is considered alarming and shocking. 

Apparently we have a view of what is to replace Christian images and upbringing in the state of Massachusetts.