Leftist Misogyny Exposed

Miami Dolphins’ offensive lineman, Richie Incognito remains suspended for his hazing treatment of a Rookie teammate.

MSLSD fires Alec Baldwin over using anti-homosexual epithets as insults.

Martin Bashir is still hanging on at MSLSD because they think it’s OK to call down atrocities and tortures upon women.

Update, 12/4/13:  Bashir has tendered his resignation at MSLSD.  It appears that the barrage of criticism has proven too much for him to bear.  Technically he was not fired for those prepared (scripted) comments, calling down Jamaican style, slave era punishments upon Sarah Palin.

Stop digging. Demolish Obamacare. – chicagotribune.com

Stop digging. Demolish Obamacare. – chicagotribune.com.

A historical change-  The Chicago Tribune (which endorsed the Obamanator twice)  has put out an editorial calling for the complete repeal of Obamacare.  Their solution is to start over.

Pharmer’s solution is to leave health care to the private sector, because it’s more efficient.  The Feds should get out of the way while localities and charities deal with the issues of the medically under served.

Nicholas G. Hahn Learns about the Lamestream Media from Herman Cain

RealClearReligion – The Devil and Herman Cain.  Click it.

Herman Cain has been addressing the sexual misconduct charges which were employed to smear him during his presidential campaign.

Like Clarence Thomas, he got the high tech lynching from the media and less conservative politicians, to eliminate him from the race.   (Cain would have trounced Obama had he won the Republican primaries, so he had to be taken out quickly.) He will be publishing an column addressing the issue soon, and gave Nicholas G. Hahn, of Real Clear Religion, a preview.

Gloria Allred’s client, Sharon Bialek supposedly had submitted affidavits to corroborate her story that Cain groped her over 10 years prior to the campaign.  The trouble is that those affidavits can be found NO-where.  ( If any readers can produce them, please put a link in the comments. )  Hahn notes that the media failed to pursue these accusations with due diligence.

Cains stated that Ginger White lost a libel suit in court after the end of his  campaign.  His first, anonymous accuser’s charges against him had been dismissed.  He attributes the attack on his good name to the Devil.   It would appear that Cain recognizes a personified force  to which the Democrat party is connected. ;-).

Even if the allegations about Cain were all true….. NO one has accused Cain of rape.  In fact, Bialek stated that he was able to take “No” for an answer, and delivered her safely  to her hotel.  How UNLIKE Bill Clinton, the hero of the Democrat party, who has many accusations of gross sexual imposition, and two credible accusations of rape leveled against him.

The Herman Cain Compendium Down on the Pharm.

Truth Revolt

Truth Revolt.   This site will enable you to see who funds the lying, leftist lamestream media.  You can use the information from this site to direct your money elsewhere, to the best of your ability.  This site will remain linked on the sidebar of the Pharm.

Washington DC Navy Yard Shootings

There is a report of 16 people having been shot at the Navy Yard in Washington DC, with 4 said to be killed thus far.  It is claimed that one gun operator has been shot and killed and that another is “down”.   There is the suggestion that three people are involved.

Similarly to  the case of Major Nidal Malik Hasan, we are being assured that this is not an act of terrorism.

It will probably be a long time before this story has coalesced into something that is believable.  Do not hold your breath.

At The Blaze, a news timeline is being published.

Prayers for the wounded and deceased.

Rion Paige Blows them Away

Rion Paige – Blown Away

Rion Paige blew the X Factor judges away, covering a Carrie Underwood song.  She’s got great vocal chops for a 13 year old, and is somewhat of a celebrity already, in Jacksonville, Florida.   Click HERE to listen up.   She’s going to get big fame. Pharmer hopes that she rides the wave well and goes far.

While you’re at it, here’s another mini-star from Australia, Jai Waetford.  He sang his pre-arranged cover, Different Worlds,  and then fulfilled a request to sing a song he wrote himself, Don’t Let Me Go. Check him out HERE.

Jai Waetford, mini-star from Australia

A Musical Cure for Miley-mal

The Blaze has offered this touching song and story of a 96 year old man, who wrote  song lyrics about his recently deceased wife.  On impulse Fred, the grieving widower, snail-mailed it in to a local studio as a contest entry. He never imagined his song going viral on the net.  This Video tells the story of the song and the decision by Jacob Colgan of  Greenshoe Studio to professionally produce it.   Should you choose to purchase “Oh Sweet Lorraine”  on i-Tunes, the proceeds will help to support Fred Stobaugh, who says his 75 year marriage was like a dream, and he wishes he could do it all over again.

Songwriter Fred Stobaugh


Listen UP!   <–click for the cure for that tonic clonic, pelvic seizure known as Miley-mal.  You will feel much better.

Obama “Recovery” Hurts More than Bush Recession

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the inflation adjusted REAL median annual household income has fallen twice as much during the “recovery” (between 6/2009 and 6/2013) as it did during the preceding recession.

That horrible economic plunge, at the end of the Bush term coused a 1.8% decrease in household income, falling $1002 from $55480 to $54478.  During the period which Obama’s media has labeled a “recovery” the median income fell 4.4%, or $2380, from $54478 to $52098.

The last four years of Obama has seen average  household income drop almost $2400  per year. expressed in 2013 dollars.  A lot of this decrease is due to the conversion of full time jobs to part time jobs.  Has this happened to you, or anyone that you know?

You have been hearing the Obama media call this decrease in Americans’ average income a Recovery.   Do you agree with this term?    Would the media have labeled such a Decrease as a Recovery if it happened during any other president’s watch?

Do you think that Obama’s decision to put off the Keystone pipeline for another year is encouraging an actual economic recovery?  Do you think his decision to stop the construction of coal fired power plants is encouraging economic recovery?  Do you think the spectre of paying for higher priced health insurance has encouraged companies to hire more people, or do you think it might be the reason that more jobs are now part time?

Do you think that any other president would have been held more responsible for the negative economic consequences of his policies?   Does Obama get a pass because the media does not expect as much from him as they have  from other presidents?

Washington Post Sold at Bargain Basement Price

…..lower than pawnshop markdowns.  WaPo, selling at a 87% percent loss (from its value 10 years ago, not counting inflation) was priced somewhere between flea market and free-cycle rates, and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com  snapped it up as a cute news accessory.

Possibly the headlines touting his name and his company’s name constitute advertising which is worth the cost of this purchase.

This change of ownership is the buzz of media everywhere, eclipsing even the news of the New York Times selling off the Boston Globe for pennies on the dollar.

Pharmer had personally experienced the bias of the Washington Post, and  asked the interviewer about its effect on their readership and ad sales.   This might have been a reason for a stoppage of the regular, early summer calls from Rob Stein. 😉   It appears that he has jumped ship and moved to the NPR science desk.

Certainly internet news has put a huge dent in the print media industry, but almost all large newspapers maintain an online presence.   The leftie press has so tarnished its reputation, and chased away readers, that they can no longer maintain advertising  sales.  The occasional publishing of an actual news story has been aptly termed a “random act of journalism”. 


Did George Zimmerman get away with murder? No. Juror B29 is being framed. – Slate Magazine

Did George Zimmerman get away with murder? No. Juror B29 is being framed. – Slate Magazine.

Above are the headlines which were automatically generated when the WordPress “Press This” button was pushed on William Saletan’s  article on ABC’s treatment of  Juror B29, ‘Maddy’.

Going to the article itself, there is an apparent change, and the milder look is shown below.  The discrepancy is probably due to a need to keep the original link URLS and tags, after editors tone down the appearance of the article itself.

zimmerman hung juror Slate article grab 7-26-13

Aside from that apparent change, William Saletan has provided a good analysis of media bias coming from ABC. Their video cutting and editing provides an impression that juror B-29 thought Zimmerman was guilty of murder, but had to acquit due to the letter of the law.

When a less edited video is heard or viewed, it is apparent that the juror understood that Zimmerman was guilty of killing Trayvon, (an undisputed fact of the case) but that this was not manslaughter or second degree murder because no Intention to kill was apparent.  Saletan tells us that ABC interviewer put the phrase “got away with murder” in Maddie’s mouth.   She was repeating it  (vid link) as she analyzed the question being put to her.

Saletan gets a thumbs up for analyzing the media treatment of this case in a dispassionate way.  Click his link and read for yourself. 

You’ll meet a juror who wanted to find Zimmerman guilty of the killing, out of sympathy for the victim and his family, but knew that the charges did not fit the situation.  She put aside her feelings and  and conscientiously interpreted the law.  You will also see the ill effects she is suffering, now that she is aware of the government-fomented race war which has been generated from this case.