Trump Tripped up on Abortion

Standard operating procedure for the left is to tangle up a Republican candidate on the issue of abortion.  Most people don’t think deeply about this issue, because they’re too busy with other things, or they Want to be too busy.  Taking a stand on abortion causes cognitive dissonance for those who support it, and a social cost for those who actively oppose it. It’s easier to be a “moderate” and try not to think about it at all.   Trump is the latest guy to get tangled in the web, by none other than “Chrissie” Matthews.  Trump had recently declared himself to be more pro-life, rather than the “moderate” that he used to be.  Obviously he hasn’t spent a long time thinking about what abortion is, and what causes it.  Now he’s having to walk back a statement about whether or not there should be some kind of punishment for women who abort.

One interesting thing is that a woman does get punished if she self aborts or purposely does something that causes harm to her unborn baby.  No one seems to be fighting against those laws and policies.
The main problem with trying to invent a means to “punish” the woman who gets an abortion is that most of these abortions involve coercion from outside.   This can also apply to the “self abortions”.
Trump lost it with Matthews due to his general ignorance of the coercion that accompanies most abortions.

The RNC is currently planning to support Hillary over Trump or Cruz, if either of those two is able to get enough delegate support in the primary.  This will assure our downhill slide into  government controlled everything.
Expect only an increase in abortion coercion as the government joins in.   This is part and parcel of government run health care.  Once the health care workers are required to participate, forcing abortions on women is not far behind.

FOX News -Not Leading Edge News Source for Pro-lifers

A good number of social conservatives regard FOX news as fair and balanced, and a good source of news that other networks choose to lose.  This has sometimes, but not always been the case.

It used to be that when a pro-life health care professional was fired, demoted or suffered other kinds of discrimination for their refusal to kill patients, almost no news coverage would result.

Breaking into the news on this issue required the development and use of the internet.  Once the information reached critical mass there, it was then possible to get some mainstream media attention.   In other words, it had to become sufficiently common knowledge before the media would feel obligated to cover it.

Once the news about being fired for refusing to dispense abortive drugs had sufficient internet attention, and made a few local news papers, and the American Center for Law and Justice put out a press release about a lawsuit, then Bill O’Reilly got interested enough to cover it.   Actually many local FOX news reporters inquired and attempted to set up interviews, but their EDITORS could never find the time or means for them to follow up.  Instead, FOX news generally  left it to NBC,CBS and ABC (and international media)  to cover the desire to avoid chemically killing unborn humans as a freak show.

In an interesting contrast, FOX has decided to extensively cover a Nurse who was fired before Christmas for refusing a flu vaccine because she is pregnant.  She was fearful of using an vaccines during her current pregnancy because of a recent history of miscarriages.  She cites the comparative lack of studies of flu vaccine use during pregnancy.   (It’s not uncommon for vaccines to go into general use without extensive safety and efficacy data in various subpopulations.)

Your friendly Pharmer would not be using the flu vaccine at this time of life, if it were not a job requirement. It is possible through personal hygiene practices to significantly reduce the likelihood of infection.  Most vaccines, (which confer only partial protection against disease)  are more helpful  for the people who do not exercise a knowledge of infectious processes in their daily living habits. Kids who are too young to be personally hygienic can benefit from certain vaccines, for example. The population whose Mamas did not teach to wash their hands after going potty would obtain significant overall  benefits from such a public health program.  Where cleanliness is not possible as a means to prevent disease, the vaccines confer the most benefit.  As the “environmental engineering” departments  inside hospitals become defunded, due to the crunch of socialized medicine,  and the filth becomes apparent to the naked eye, vaccines will become more and more necessary in the United States.

Pharmer feels empathy for the nurse who was fired on Dec 17th, likely after she blew the big dollars  on various Christmas preparations.  This is basically due to a instinct towards freedom, bodily autonomy, and the right to choose one’s own form of hygiene, as well as having gotten the boot at a similar time of year.
Pharmer is happy that FOX decided to cover the story, so that people can see the heavy hand of governments and corporations encroaching on personal bodily integrity.  Prayers for Ms. Dreonna Breton, for her baby-on-board, and her future job prospects in nursing.

Pharmer is still wondering which government bodies and advertisers stopped FOX News from similarly covering those  pro-lifers who were fired for refusing to dispense chemically abortive drugs, and left the stories  to all of the other U.S. and international media outlets.  The decision by FOX News and the U.S. Catholic Bishops to ignore this issue is the reason that that we now  face the spectre of the HHS mandate (temporarily stayed by Justice Sonia Sotomayor last night), which will force participating U.S. citizens to be complicit in birth control, sterilization and abortion practices, despite their religious beliefs.

Go to your alternative media for the news that FOX chooses to lose.  Lifenews is growing by leaps and bounds, and as an important source of info and events which get NO coverage elsewhere, is worth your attention, and perhaps your monetary support.

Thanksgiving Obamacare Propaganda Draws Laughs from the Family

Obamanator, Nanny Bloomberg and Planned Unparenthood have all requested their supporters to push their respective agendas at the family holiday gatherings, this double-header week of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

It looks like Joan’s Thanksgiving Day Video is going viral. Get a laugh, and help her along. Click HERE to see what happened when her family was offered the wonderful opportunity to have assistance in obtaining their Obamacare insurance policies.

Family bursts into laughter when offered help to sign up for Obamacare at Thanksgiving
Family bursts into laughter when offered help to sign up for Obamacare at Thanksgiving

ACLJ Defends Gilardis’ Produce Company, Beats Down HHS Mandate in Court

Rack up another one for the opponents of the HHS mandate, which forces various religious business-owners to fund birth control/sterilizaton/abortion, in conflict with their conscientiously held religious beliefs.  Lefties Obama and Sebelius have drooled over the prospect of reducing members of socially conservative religious denominations to dhimmitude.  For now, the U.S.  Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia  has dealt them one more blow, ruling in favor of Francis and Philip Gilardi, whose 400-employee companies, Freshway Foods and Freshway Logistics, distribute produce in Ohio and the eastern half of the United States.  The Gilardis are defended by the ACLJ, which is bringing 7 of the 40+ suits which have been filed against Obama’s HHS mandate.

Judge Janice Rogers Brown wrote “It is clear that the government has failed to demonstrate how such a right, whether described as noninterference, privacy or autonomy, can extend to the compelled subsidization of a woman’s procreative practices.”

American Center for Law and Justice senior counsel, Francis J. Manion expressed satisfaction that the appeals court concurred with most of his arguments, but sees it as a partial victory.  The current decision of the appeals court partially reverses the decision of a lower court which denied an injunction against the HHS mandate as it applied to the Gilardis and their companies.  Relief is now granted to the owners, but not to their companies.  Manion writes that he will file a petition for certiorare with the Supreme court to address the injunctive relief and religious freedom  which should be accorded  to the companies, as well as their founders and owners.

At this time, the lefties of the Obama administration are recognizing the religious rights of groups of people if they call themselves churches, but not if they use another name for themselves.  This is the current status of their stepwise removal of religious freedom and  imposition of statism, dhimmitude and slavery.   Similarly, Obamacare itself  represents  a step in the programmed regression  towards single payer, government controlled, socialized medicine.

Update:  Petition for Writ of Certiorare is filed. 

Legitimate Reason to Leave the Catholic Church ??

Magdi Allam made international news when he converted from his Muslim faith to Catholicism on Easter, 2008, at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, with Pope Benedict XVI officiating.

Allam now says that he is leaving Catholicism, but will always remain a Christian.  He is upset that the Catholic Church has stood by for the “Islamization” of Europe, which he sees as an affront to Western civilization, and the “fundamental rights of the person”.   He points to the persecution of Christians in the Muslim countries, and  explains that a practice of appeasement will not be effective in stopping the maltreatment.

“I am convinced,” Allam stated, “that Islam is an ideology inherently violent as it has been historically conflictual inside and warlike outside.”

Pharmer does not see all Muslims as being cut from the same cloth, though Allam is certainly correct about the more extreme Islamic groups.  The main difficulty with Islam occurs when it is practiced as a political system, rather than as a religion.  There are those who hold that Islam is inherently a political system.

There are some additional forces driving people from the Catholic Church.  In the U.S.  the Church has been very weak in speaking up for the rights of the unborn, the elderly and disabled, preferring to sell them out for government funding of their charitable and educational interests.   The U.S. Catholic church has also seen fit to place charitable functions and health care into the hands of a very corrupt government.   After doing this, the Bishops then feigned surprise that abortion, birth control coercion, and IPAB death panels were a part of the government health care plan, brought by the most pro-abortion/infanticide president in history.

Yours truly thinks it is plausible that the Catholic leadership in the U.S. knew what was coming all along.  It is observed that the nominally Catholic lawmakers who pushed this abortive health care agenda are still able to publicly partake in the Eucharist.  This serves as an indication that Obamacare, and all the death and destruction it is bringing our way, might  have  been pre-approved by the church leadership in America.

Does it make sense, with this in mind, to follow the example of Magdi Allam?   Pharmer is not taking such a step.   Perhaps it makes more sense to stick with the ideals of the Catholic religion as an ethical system apart from so many current clergy and leaders who not taking it seriously.

Perhaps it also makes more sense to abstain from the Eucharist in the place of Biden, Pelosi, et al, and do penance for having allowed them to govern us.  


Killing as an Essential Part of Health Care – the New Utopian Standard

From the Quebec “Dying with Dignity” Euthanasia Commission comes the following recommendation for providing physician assisted death.

By definition, medical aid in dying could only be provided by a physician. Under their codes of ethics, physicians and nurses are entitled to conscientious objection, meaning they can refuse to perform an act that goes against their values. Of course, physicians and nurses will retain this right where medical aid in dying is concerned. However, a doctor who refuses to provide medical aid in dying for reasons of conscience will have the duty to help his patient find another who is prepared to do so, as quickly as possible

via Quebec Doctors Forced Into Killing Patients in Assisted Suicide? |

Personal ethics notwithstanding, every  physician will have  to refer for killing, as a requisite function of medical practice in Quebec, if the above recommendation goes through.   Canada has little to no conscience protection for health care professionals who think that  killing is wrong.

There is 100% chance that the same will be expected of all U.S. physicians once Obamacare matures into its utopian form.

Most states already require pharmacists to refer patients to receive abortive drugs, if they choose not to dispense them.  Physicians are expected  to make the option of abortion known to a woman if her baby has an unfavorable prenatal diagnosis.   They fear legal liability if they do not.

These are the reasons that those who think that killing humans is wrong will need to avoid working in many of the  health care professions in the near future.

Glaucoma is Cause for Euthanasia in Belgium

Euthanasia twins ‘had nothing to live for’ – Telegraph.

Marc and Eddy Verbessem, two identical twins, opted for euthanasia at age 45.  The pair had been born deaf  and lived together throughout their lives, working as cobblers.  They communicated with each other and with their other family members via a unique sign language.  After being told that they had  glaucoma, and would go blind,  the two were driven to despair, thinking that they would not be able to see each other anymore, and would need to be institutionalized.

The Verbessem twins, of Putte, a village outside of Brussels were refused euthanasia by their local hospital.  They did not fit the criterion of unbearable pain, which is the usual standard applied to allow this form of killing.   Their request was accepted by Professor Wim Distelmans, and was carried out at Brussels University Hospital in Jette.

Remy Verbessem, the twins’ older brother said that the two had suffered other medical conditions,  and that Eddy had a deformed spine, and had undergone heart surgery.  The twins feared that they would become blind from the  glaucoma.  Apparently the socialized medicine system of Belgium offers no adequate  treatments for glaucoma. 

Belgium is considering a new law which will allow euthanasia of children and Alzheimer’s patients.   The organs of those who are euthanized in Belgium are harvested for use in transplants.

The Liverpool Care Pathway is Applied to Babies as Well as Terminally Ill and Elderly

Great Britain is killing about 130,000 HHS patients per year using the Liverpool Care Pathway, which is really a program to more quickly end the life of patients who are considered hopeless.

The article below, from the Daily Mail is a must click, because it gives a view from the health care professionals who have witnessed the Liverpool Care Pathway in action.  One doctor reveals that the parents of  children with severe illnesses are often pressured into accepting the Liverpool pathway.  They hope for a rapid, humane death for their babies, but wind up watching them shrivel away from starvation and dehydration over a period which averages 10 days duration.

This manner of ending human lives is essential for cost containment in government run health systems.   Read more about it below.

Now sick babies go on death pathway: Doctor’s haunting testimony reveals how children are put on end-of-life plan | Mail Online.

Tyndale Bible Publisher Beats Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate in Court |

Bible Publisher Beats Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate in Court |

Tyndale House Publishers in Illinois have obtained an injunction stopping the enforcement of Obama’s health care mandate while it’s suit against the edict and its unconstitutional penalties moves forward.
For the time being the Publisher, clients of Alliance Defending Freedom,  cannot be forced to pay for abortive drugs, and procedures for any of its employees.
U.S. District Court Opinion
Preliminary Injunction Order