Should We Do Surgery on the Republican Party or Let It Die?

You decide.

If you think it can be fixed, consider becoming a precinct committeeman and gain influence over the leadership of the party.  Think of the party as a giant Colon filled with precancerous polyps (the RINOS).  It’s time for a full length colonoscopy and polyp removal process.


This article explains the process of becoming a precinct committeeman and influencing the party at the local and national level through your votes.  It does not take much time or effort to do this.  Apparently there are a lot of committee vacancies to be filled.  Check it out if you have a couple of hours per month to spend on a Republican colonoscopy.  Get out the hose and remove the precancerous RINOS!

The hose that goes there
Remove the RINOS!

ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION- J.D. Winteregg Slams John Boehner

John Boehner’s young political primary challenger, J.D. Winteregg  has come out of the box with a hilariously effective ad.  You won’t forget this one.  Click HERE for a look. 

It’s so good, you might even donate to the Winteregg campaign after you crack up laughing.

if your Boehner lasts more than 23 years
if you have a Boehner lasting more than 23 years
can't punch its way out of a paper bag
inability to  punch one’s  way out of a paper bag
your electile dysfunction could be a question of blood flow
your electile dysfunction could be a question of blood flow
J.D. Winteregg for Congress
J.D. Winteregg for Congress

Matt Bevins has Tea Party and Conservative Support

Matt Bevin, the  underdog challenger to Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell , is endorsed by various tea party groups, including Tea Party Patriots.  Bevin is a more conservative pro-lifer than most, and therefore could not garner the support of some of the mainstream “pro-life” groups.  They might not agree with his idea of cutting medicaid funding for birth control.  They might also find his family of 9 kids, four of whom are adopted from Ethiopia, to be over the top.

Andrew Bair, writing in LifeNews,  notes that Bevin has support from the Northern Kentucky Right to Life organization, a group too conservative to be on his radar.  NKRTL is an uncompromisingly pro-life  group which opposes the birth control scam with which the left has successfully held women in thrall.  Mitch McConnell does not answer survey questions coming from Northern Kentucky Right to Life.

On the other hand, Tea Party support for Matt Bevins has been due to such things as  his insistence upon debt limits, and respect for immigration law. Mitch  McConnell has voted many times to increase the government debt ceiling, (thereby funding Obamacare), and has been  supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Pro-lifers such as Andrew Bair would do well to ponder if it is OK to vote to increase government debt, (thereby upholding the basis of the anti-life  Obamacare), to allow people who broke immigration law to push ahead of immigrants who have shown respect for U.S. laws, and to give these illegals access to health care coverage which has been R E M O V E D from working Americans.

Comment On New IRS Regs Which Would Curtail Tea Party

The IRS is adding new regulations which would cement in place the kind of treatment they gave to Tea Party and various other grass roots groups which sought to enter the American political process by educating and encouraging voter participation.
Listen to Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works explain how you can submit a comment to the government on the regs and perhaps turn then back. Our political freedom really depends on this.

Matt Kibbe, CEO of FreedomWorks
Matt Kibbe, CEO of FreedomWorks

If you need to get revved up for your writing, Listen to Obama calling the Tea Party “Teabaggers” way back in 2009, in an interview with Jonathan Alter.

teabaggers  - obama
Obama Interview with Jonathan Alter on 11/30/2009

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Boehner: Amnesty After GOP Primary Filing Deadlines

Boehner: Amnesty After GOP Primary Filing Deadlines.

Click above  for House Speaker, John Boehner’s strategy for minimizing primary challenges from the Tea Party.

He’s going to push through Amnesty legislation after the primary election filing deadlines.

Pass it around.

There is a big move on in the Ohio 8th District to unseat John Boehner.

Prospective candidates:

Click to see  Hamilton native, Eric Gurr.

JD Winteregg, an HS teacher from Troy.

Matt Trisler, a truck driver and navy vet  from Tipp City

Cuccinelli Campaign Says National GOP Abandoned Them: ‘We Were on Our Own’

Cuccinelli Campaign Says National GOP Abandoned Them: ‘We Were on Our Own’.

As of October 1, the Republicans pulled funds from the Governor’s race in Virginia.  Ken Cuccinelli ran his race on a shoe string, and came within 1.4 points of McCauliffe, whose funding and support from the Dems was HUGE.

The combined votes of Cuccinelli and the Libertarian were 53%.

If you were ever thinking of sending money to the Republican National Committee,  remember that they surrendered  the Governor’s race in Virginia on purpose, because they’d rather have an Obamacare  and abortion supporting leftist extremist than a real conservative.

White House, IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info

White House, IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info | The Daily Caller.

Sarah Hall Ingram, who is running the IRS arm of Obamacare, has given up confidential taxpayer information to the Obama White House.  This illegal leakage of information occurred in conjunction with Ingram’s attempt to counsel the Obama administration on a religious descrimination lawsuit filed regarding the HHS mandate (forcing payment and participation in abortion).

This is an example of the rectal exam given to pro-life religious organizations on a routine basis by this tyrannical government.

Ingram had headed up the corrupt division of the IRS which oversees the granting of tax exemption, and which had been delaying or refusing this status to organizations which were thought to be conservative, or in opposition to the Obama administration.

Darrel Issa’s House Oversight committee appears to be digging up fresh bones in its investigation of the ever unfolding IRS misuse of information and power.  It would appear from the exposed practices, that Obamacare could expose every single American individual who opposes an Obama policy  to life threatening discrimination.