Obama’s Army, AFL-CIO Division, Takes Hostages in Longview, Washington

Longshoremen storm Wash. state port, damage RR – Yahoo! News.

An estimated 500 longshoremen took six security guards hostage, dumped grain cargo, and cut brake lines of railroad cars at the Port of Longview on Thursday morning.

These workers belong to the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, part of the AFL-CIO, who’s boss, Richard Trumka was invited to attend Obama’s speech on Thursday night.

Some of the protesters are saying that this is only the start of their violent tactics. This action of Thursday morning is in defiance of a federal restraining order against union after previous accusations of assaults and death threats.

Of course the vandalism and taking of hostages is illegal in its own right, but no state or federal reprisals against Obama’s Union Army is expected.

We are expecting Obama’s Army to be present at election polling places in 2012, intimidating voters, also with no intervention from the government.

Do not forget that the AFL-CIO leader sat with the first lady and corporate crony Jeffrey Immelt during the Obama speech on Thursday night after the violent hostage taking and illegal actions of his longshoremen in Washington.

Some good commentary and links are at this Breitbart.com opinion piece.

Jimmy Hoffa At Obama Event On GOP: “Let’s Take These Son Of Bitches Out” | RealClearPolitics

Jimmy Hoffa At Obama Event On GOP: “Let’s Take These Son Of Bitches Out” | RealClearPolitics.

HAPPY LABOR DAY!   Jimmy Hoffa Jr. of the Teamsters warmed up the crowd for Obama today:

“President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong,”

Listen: union jimmy hoffa teamster michigan labor day speech 9-5-11

From Breitbart TV:
Listen: union obama proud of jimmy hoffa 9-5-11

Breitbart.tv » Ohio Business Owner Shot For Being Non-Union

Breitbart.tv » Ohio Business Owner Shot For Being Non-Union.

John King, is the owner a large, non-union electrical business in Ohio.

He was shot by a man whom he caught in the act of slashing his car tires outside of his home.

Why is this violence considered  Union-associated??  Because the vandal had written the word “scab” on the side of King’s car.  Sort of a giveaway.

Do you want these union members as your neighbors?

Verizon picketer places daughter in front of oncoming truck, video shows | NJ.com

Verizon picketer places daughter in front of oncoming truck, video shows | NJ.com.

Verizon officials complain that sabotage incidents
have cut wire service to customers, including fire departments, police and hospitals.

the CWA (Communication Workers of America) union complains that standing in front of oncoming utility trucks has resulted in near misses and three reports of injuries.

Leftist Sued for Failing to Share the Wealth

AOL, Arianna Huffington Hit with Class Action Suit – Jeff Bercovici – Mixed Media – Forbes.

Conservatives have been chuckling over Arianna  Huffington’s treatment of her faithful bloggers for a good while now.  We noticed that she had no interest in spreading her wealth, (and this is true of the vast majority of wealthy leftists).

Her bloggers are quite disappointed to see her grab millions in the sale of the Huffington Post  to AOL,  and hold it all to herself.   No bonuses for the faithful minions.   What every leftie capitalist needs is a  Union organizer, and it looks like Arianna has one of her very own  now, named Johnathan Tasini, who wants to suck her and AOL dry.

Watch the fun!