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Pharmer took the opportunity to drop a letter at the White House site. It’s blunt, to the point, and written in the most plain language possible. The text is below:

Regarding the birth control, abortifacient meds, sterilization mandate:
I understand that now the First Amendment rights of all pro-life insurance company owners/employees will be violated, as well as all subscribers, including the churches and religious institutions. It’s just as Unconstitutional as the first mandate.

Long ago I knew this would happen with Democrats in control. Couldn’t convince the “faithful” then, but at least it’s easier now.
Health care professionals are being coerced to participate in abortion. The next step is to coerce women to abort, according to government’s demographic requirements.
Incidentally, Muslims are now the ones protecting conscience rights against abortion in Europe.

Planned Parenthood does not launder that much money for democrat elections. Surely, in 2008, more $ came from outside the U.S..
You guys work cheap.

*David Axelrod already had this email address in 2009 and surely there is no need repeat it in your collection. I hate spam.

Missouri Pro-Life Bill Protects Pharmacists Conscience Rights |

Missouri Pro-Life Bill Protects Pharmacists Conscience Rights |

Missouri State Rep.  David Sater has introduced a conscience protection bill for pharmacists, who opt not to sell abortive drugs.

It is of course, opposed by Planned Parenthood, whose assessment of which drugs are abortive changes depending on the audience.

This bill is to address problems pharmacists have faced in the past for refusing to dispense drugs which end human life at its earliest stages.

Heather Williams, an adherent Baptist was fired in 2006 by Target in Missouri for refusing to dispense the morning after pill, a drug which can stop the implantation of an early human embryo, thereby killing it.