Flying Might Become a Kinky Sport.

Some people  who are unlucky in love have resorted to satisfying themselves with purchased services.

TSA now offers a service for those who like to expose themselves……. the full body scanner guarantees a captive  audience.

Also there  is the standard pat down for those who like a bit of light personal  service.

A more vigorous form of stimulation is now available (since October)  called the “resolution pat down” if one prefers heavier physical contact with more attention  given to the private parts.

These services can be provided in conjunction with short flights for quite a bit less money than one might pay in the the urban areas for clean, professional stimulation.

These obvious facts point towards a tax payer supported industry which will service a regular clientele of fliers who OPT IN for special sexual services at BARGAIN rates.   An airline ticket and a bit of metal apparel to ring the alarm are the only requirements for admission to the TSA Relaxation Center.

You didn’t think your taxes would be at work this way, DID you!?

It appears that the red-faced TSA will be investigating  Johnny Edge, the now-famous blogger for his temerity in refusing to fly, because he did not need or want the above mentioned services.

Pharmer encourages John  to monetize the blog, to raise funds for the fine, or for legal services he might engage  in giving more publicity to the TSA “services” enumerated above.


A description of a pat down plus, with TSA security putting hand down the pants.

Opt Out of the Airport Scanners for Health and Privacy – We Won’t Fly .com

Opt Out of the Airport Scanners for Health and Privacy – We Won’t Fly .com.

A Tidal Wave of Americans have become displeased at the prospect of TSA employees learning about their  private physical issues, such as ostomies, penile implants,  various prostheses, and whether it’s that time of the month.

November  24th is national opt out day, your opportunity to decline the body scanners at the airport, by going for the pat down, or finding an alternate mode of transportation.

Be prepared for clogged airport security checks  during the holiday season as more and more people take the less convenient option of a pat down, and cork up the works.

As for Pharmer’s family…… we bought an RV.  No recreational flying for us is in the near future.  Maybe economic circumstances, or the availability of cheap RVs will help you make a similar decision.  Maybe the trains and buses will have booming business.

It won’t be good for airline business if people choose other modes of travel in order to dodge air travel as much as possible.  Maybe they’ll be inspired to lobby hard for changes in the Transportation Security Administration’s   flash and grope policy.

Worth a look: Blogger Johnny Edge gives Airport Security extra work to do.

Americans  should give our  groping government a fit……. Everybody wear incontinence products when they have to fly.

** MORE on Johnny Edge in the news.