Janeane Garofalo Forgot That She Has Been Married for 20 Years

Janeane Garofalo Dissolves 20-Year Marriage She Never Knew Existed.

Remember Janeane Garofolo, leftie activist, stand up comedienne, and whacko, Obama acolyte extraordinaire???

It seems that she married Rob Cohen (Big Bang Theory producer) while drunk in Vegas about 20 years ago, and forgot about it. She was reminded recently when he wanted to marry someone else. His lawyer dug up this little complication, and the two ex-lovers had their marriage dissolved.

Below is a previously featured vid by Alfonzo Rachel, spoofing whacky Janeane.

Alfonzo Rachel: “Told You So”

Pharmer doesn’t mind this “I Told You So”, from ZO since she concurred with his preference of Herman Cain to Mitt Romney.

The republicans are always letting the left choose their candidates, and accepting the resultant losses.

Listen to White Leftie Tell Us How A Black Man Should Behave

It’s Virginia Democrat Rep. Jim Moran telling us that Allen West is not behaving like a proper Black man and Obama is. DUH!!!!

(Pharmer is thinking about Allen West’s years of military service, his economic and social conservatism, and contrasting it with Obama’s land deals with Rezko, his exorbitant vacations during an economic depression, secret transcripts, hidden records, and extremist support of abortion which is killing Black babies at almost 5 times the rate of White babies.)

Dr. Alfonzo Rachel must be having a field day with this video……. need to go check…

Alfonzo Rachel Vs Janean Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo puts for her theory that all Black people are supposed to be Democrat, and those that aren’t (Herman Cain, for example) have Stockholm syndrome.

Alfonzo Rachel bites back hard in a video Dr Zo sees Janeane Garofalo. (Put on your headphones if you have kids.)

Fun at Breitbart.com– James O’Keefe does the Census, and Zonation brings you: “Victicrat”

Andrew Breitbart is amazed that George Stefanopoulos would even put the O’Keefe Census Sting up on ABC. Read his “Profile in Media Courage” and especially…. Click on the Video of the news segment..

Twin spin, double the fun.

Below —— check out VICTICRAT.

performed by Buddy Sostham
featuring Alfonzo Rachel
produced by Eric Elder
written and directed by Christian Hartsock
look for familiar faces…….. do you see James O’Keefe ?