From American Life League, Just in Time for Condom Week

Planned Pedophilia (oops, parenthood,) is reaching out to your grade school kids.
Warning, this film is gross, because planned parenthood is, so don’t turn it on in front of the little kids. The older kids have probably seen it all, unfortunately.

The original video:

The updated video on Youtube, without the picture of a former planned parenthood intern who complained about the use of her photo.

The Story behind ALL’s decision to rework the video is at Jill Stanek’s blog.

American Life League Unhappy with Sr. Carol Keehan

……..with good reason.  Sister Carol heads up the Catholic Health Care Association (CHA), and she got a really cool pen from Obama for supporting his abortifacient health care plan.

ALL has been digging hard, and found the family tree that ties CHA with the owners of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, which is no longer Catholic, for doing an abortion and getting tangled with public funded “family planning” activities.

Check it out.

Reminding Sr. Carol Keehan, that pregnancy with pulmonary hypertension is no longer incompatible with life due to the work of one Dr. Dianne Zwicke.