Massacres Not a Surprise to Authorities.

Massacres are useful for a government which desires more authority and control over the lives of its subjects. Therefore, there is a lack of motivation to use the data which is already available from their already authorized breaches of citizens’ privacy.

The FBI had been tracking Wade Michael Page, the perpetrator of the Sikh temple massacre, for 10 years. He is said to be member of a supposed white supremacist band, and the media, has labeled him as right wing, without actual knowledge. As we know, interviews of white supremacists in the past showed that many are democrat supporters, and therefore not right wing. Michael Page was demoted and discharged from the army.

James Holmes’ psychiatrist alerted the university police that her patient was a potential danger weeks before the Batman massacre took place. For a psychiatrist to get up the nerve to breach patient confidentiality, there has to be a huge indication that the patient is about to do something harmful to himself or others.

“Work Place Violence” perpetrator, Major Nidal Malik, Hasan, (Fort Hood Shooter) was passed up the chain in the Army by departments which wanted to get rid of him, then let loose at Ft. Hood, where the military personnel were not permitted to be usefully armed.  Both the Army and the FBI received sharp criticism in a Senate report for failure to act on obvious warning signs and reports that Hasan was radicalized, and a potential threat.

It’s   time for law enforcement to stop suppressing the free speech of peaceful protestors,  and attend to  the reports they are receiving about people who are truly capable of  mass killing. The politically correct ban on profiling instead has them checking the suprapubic catheters or breast implants of  travelers at airports,  and ignoring what’s in front of their noses.  Unfortunately they are subject to a government which sees terroristic attacks as useful for converting the citizenry into cowering sheep, unable to defend themselves.

Dr Terry Lakin Rejected by Kansas Medical Board

The doctor will/won't see you now – KCTV 5.

It’s a random act of journalism! Click above for a video worth watching. KCTV5 skewers the Kansas Medical Board for denying former Army Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin a license to practice in that state. Lakin has a very clean medical record after 18 years practice around the world with the military. He’s the conscientious objector who laid down his career, was court martialed and jailed for questioning the validity of Obama as commander in chief. Colorado and Maryland do not find this a problem with respect to Dr. Lakin’s medical licensure, but Kansas does.

The medical board questioned Lakin not on his medical credentials, but this birther issue, and rejected him on that basis.
Lakin will not be able to practice with his brother in Wichita Kansas (where the infamous George Tiller killed late term unborn babies). However a neurologist who did brain surgery on the wrong patient, inflicting permanent damage has been accepted, according to KCTV5.