Keep it Classy, ATF : Whistleblower Vince Cefalu Fired in Denny’s Parking Lot

ATF Whistleblower Fired in Denny’s Parking Lot For Exposing Corruption – Katie Pavlich. <-- CLICK! Vince Cefalu has been working for the ATF more than 25 years, and since 2005 serving as whistleblower regarding illegal wiretapping and corrupt activities within the organization.  His website at has been a place for agents to anonymously blow the whistle on their agency, but is under surveillance by the DOJ.  Cefalu was placed on administrative leave one and a half years ago for his opposition to the Fast and Furious debacle which has resulted in hundreds of deaths.

The ATF this past Tuesday has finally chosen to fire Vince Cefalu, in the parking lot of Dennys.  There’s a video of that event uploaded to Youtube.
Provided the ATF doesn’t make Vince Cefalu “disappear” he stands to recover huge financial renumeration for his suspension and firing by the ATF, due to regulations protecting government whistleblowers.

Fast and Furious weapons found in Mexico cartel enforcer’s home –

Fast and Furious weapons found in Mexico cartel enforcer’s home –

The ATF supplied guns to the world’s most powerful drug cartel : Sinaloa.

Forty guns supplied by the ATF turned up in the arsenal of one Torres Marrufo, (the Jaguar)  a top enforcer of the Sinaloa cartel.


Congressman Darrell Issa is serving up more subpoenas to Eric Holder, as the Pharmer blogs.

Will Obama jettison the Holder Unit, or are they too symbiotic for that kind of pragmatism?

House Republicans Call for Special Counsel to Probe Eric Holder

House Republicans Request Special Counsel To Probe Holder On ‘Fast And Furious’ | Fox News.

Eric Holder has been stonewalling the investigation of the ATF  Fast and Furious operation in which the ATF apparently bought guns in the United States and gave them to the Mexican Drug Cartels.  This was for the purpose of convincing the public that the U.S. is a source of guns to criminals, and that more gun control is necessary.

Congress has reached the conclusion that Eric Holder cannot investigate himself to find out whether he committed perjury in his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee on the Fast and Furious operation.  He had claimed no knowledge of the operation.

At this time there is much movement of ATF personnel and attorneys within the Justice department.  They are cleaning house, in preparation of the troubles to come.

Pretty much is already known, however, and it it is up to the White House to determine if Eric Holder should be the fall guy, or if they should all go down together.

ATF Whistleblower Vince Cefalu is fired

Tossed for the Truth? ATF Fires ‘Project Gunrunner’ Whistleblower | Breaking news and opinion on The Blaze.

Vince Cefalu is the ATF agent who has revealed and criticized his employer for the fast and furious operation which now has the whole agency in hot water, as well as director Ken Melson, and US Atty. General, Eric Holder.

Supposedly the corruption prevention measures in the federal government confer protection upon whistleblowers……… except at the ATF, where firing them  is OK

It appears that Cefalu has been in hot water since 2005, when he exposed an illegal wiretapping done by the ATF.



ATF Let Hundreds of U.S. Weapons Fall into Hands of Suspected Mexican Gunrunners – The Center for Public Integrity

ATF Let Hundreds of U.S. Weapons Fall into Hands of Suspected Mexican Gunrunners – The Center for Public Integrity.

In an effort to obtain prosecutions of criminals higher up in the food chain, the ATF purposely allowed guns to be sold to intermediaries, then pass into Mexico where they were used in various crimes involving bandits and the drug cartel.   The majority of the guns involved in this scheme remain at large.

This caught a little more than usual non-attention due to the slaying of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  Two of the weapons associated with this crime were traced to the ATF Fast and Furious operation which allowed those guns to pass into Mexico.

Whistle blowers within the ATF are expecting to be jobless due to having provided some of  the information linked above.    It’s worth a read.