Attorney General Eric Holder Eyes the Exit

Could it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee FAST AND FURIOUS???? Of course, that’s what has Eric Holder wanting to run away from Washington.
Despite the obvious fact that Holder is running the department of injustice according to his boss’s bidding, and suing states for exercising their right to govern themselves, he’s going to be Obama’s eventual fall guy for sending guns to drug cartels in Mexico. The guns were eventually were used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and a pair of U.S. border agents.

Holder Announces He Might Not Stay On As Attorney General « CBS DC.

Holder told law students at the University of Baltimore that he doesn’t know if he wants to hang around the Washington, and be slowly picked to pieces by Congress.

House holds Holder in contempt over ‘Fast and Furious’ documents – Washington Times

House holds Holder in contempt over 'Fast and Furious' documents – Washington Times.

An interesting statistic is that only 17 Democrats voted to hold Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress, for his withholding of documents pertaining to the case, and for lying on more than one occasion. An additional 5 Dems, for a total of 21 voted to pursue a civil contempt case against Holder in court.

One expects that these Democrats will not be partying at the DNC convention in North Carolina.

Sebelius Helps Planned Parenthood Hide Child Rape

A ten year investigation of Planned Parenthood, for concealing the rape of minors, started by then Attorney General Phill Kline has come to a grinding halt, just as it was ready to go to trial. This is because Kathleen Sebelius’ latest choice for Attorney General, Steve Sixx had the relevant documents shredded. The most significant evidence in the case has been purposely destroyed. Watch this video, put out by the American Life League explaining the history of this case.

Here’s the story at LifeNews.
Click HERE for a Petition to have Kathleen Sebelius removed from her position as head of Obama’s Dept of Health and Human Services.

Fast and Furious weapons found in Mexico cartel enforcer’s home –

Fast and Furious weapons found in Mexico cartel enforcer’s home –

The ATF supplied guns to the world’s most powerful drug cartel : Sinaloa.

Forty guns supplied by the ATF turned up in the arsenal of one Torres Marrufo, (the Jaguar)  a top enforcer of the Sinaloa cartel.


Congressman Darrell Issa is serving up more subpoenas to Eric Holder, as the Pharmer blogs.

Will Obama jettison the Holder Unit, or are they too symbiotic for that kind of pragmatism?

Illinois: Making the Names of Gun Owners Public

Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Why is the Associated Press Pushing to Make Names of Gun Owners Public?.

The AP has submitted a request for a list of all the gun owners in Illinois.    The State Police are not in favor of releasing the info, while it appears that the Attorney General is in favor.

Greg Gutfield, the author of the above linked article, notes the probably unintended consequence: causing more citizens of Illinois to buy guns for self protection, and so that their homes would not be targeted by burglars, etc.

Pharmer appended the following comment to his article:

Bingo, Greg Gutfield.   This is hilarious.   Picture rich leftist ideologues being parted from their most prized possessions.     One other wrinkle is that we could find out how many leftists are hypocrites, and are packing heat………… but only if the gun owner list is comprehensive.