Dr Terry Lakin Rejected by Kansas Medical Board

The doctor will/won't see you now – KCTV 5.

It’s a random act of journalism! Click above for a video worth watching. KCTV5 skewers the Kansas Medical Board for denying former Army Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin a license to practice in that state. Lakin has a very clean medical record after 18 years practice around the world with the military. He’s the conscientious objector who laid down his career, was court martialed and jailed for questioning the validity of Obama as commander in chief. Colorado and Maryland do not find this a problem with respect to Dr. Lakin’s medical licensure, but Kansas does.

The medical board questioned Lakin not on his medical credentials, but this birther issue, and rejected him on that basis.
Lakin will not be able to practice with his brother in Wichita Kansas (where the infamous George Tiller killed late term unborn babies). However a neurologist who did brain surgery on the wrong patient, inflicting permanent damage has been accepted, according to KCTV5.

Total Recall: Hypnotist Winfrey Draws Out Earliest Obama Memories

Obama to Winfrey: ‘I was there … I knew I had been born’ – Chicago Sun-Times.

Obama personally remembered  having been born in Hawaii.  “Of course”, Oprah, who drew out that earliest “memory” says….

Obama joked that he remembered being born in Hawaii.

“Can I just say? I was there, so I knew … that … I knew I had been born. I remembered it.’’

As the audience laughed, Winfrey said, “Of course you did.

Obama made the same kind of joke on April 19,  when he said “We can’t keep on spending more than we take in, it’s going to cause serious damage to the economy.”