Biden (Gaffe Machine): We “Screwed Up” Conscience Issues in the Mandate

Biden: We "Screwed Up" Conscience Issues in the Mandate |

What’s the current state of Obama’s HHS mandate to force insurance companies to cover birth control / abortifacients /sterilizations?

Life News kicks a comprehensive article off with Biden’s admission that the initial mandate was a screw up, and that he didn’t do his job. He’s not smart enough to know that the insurance mandate in its current form is equally as bad, and equally unconstitutional. He’s also not smart enough to know how many religiously run health care institutions offer self insured employee health care coverage. Yes, Biden is a gaffe machine in word and in deed.

Other highlights: Blunt amendment has been tabled and it is coming around again under a new name: Respect for Rights of Conscience Act.

In the house, The Fortenberry bill is the most well supported remedy to overturn the HHS amendment.

There are even some Democrats who have seen the light, and understand that Obama’s egregious violation of the First Amendment, is a negative drag on their efforts for reelection in 2012.

Sending Health Care Back to the Dark Ages

Democrats: GOP Conscience Protection Amendment Would Take Us ‘Back to Medical Dark Ages’ |

Click  above and see  Crazy democrats who think that protecting  conscientious health care professionals  and their institutions  will send health care back to the dark ages.  Their real message is that government should involve itself in the distribution of birth control  / abortion / sterilization, and enslave the unwilling to pay for it and to participate in the distribution.  This further extends the  violation of civil rights that is abortion.

The Republicans are opposing government mandated distribution and enslavement.  Under the Blunt amendment,  people would have to obtain their own birth control / abortions/ sterilizations  from willing providers.   Those who are unwilling to do this could retain their freedom and self determination.

In general, the Democrats  are most easily able to order others to do their killing for them.  Their separation from the actual act of killing preserves them from perceiving the consequences directly.  Possibly they also  are on enough meds to dull the pain.  The Democrats remain the party of slavery.

Killing is not an easy thing to do.  Pharmer knows personally  that killing animals for research or for eating is not easy.  It is very hard for military people to kill.   Most veterans take no joy in thinking about past  combat experience.  Some will avoid even killing animals for food, or exterminating vermin.  Some even have to catch and release when they go fishing.   Killing is  the not  the thing that  normal people  want to do.

There are decreasing numbers of abortionists.  Many health care workers cannot stay in that field for long.   It causes sickness.   The Dems are wanting to involve all of the tax payers and health care professionals in this killing.  They resent  those of us who don’t want to kill the very young, the disabled or the elderly.

We will be leaving health care  in order to avoid the assignment of killing.

This is what will send health care back to the dark ages.