Phi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Adds New Line to Eddie Murphy song

They’re REALLY bored at the University of Tennessee. Here’s the latest addition to the compendium of gross medical stories.

Police: Student Suffers Alcohol Poisoning After Frat Hands Out Alcoholic ENEMAS « CBS Atlanta.

That classic Eddie Murphy song has been inspiring trips to hospital emergency rooms since 1982.

Don’t put TeQUILA in the butt
That’s Southern DIS-Comfort in your butt

Phi Kappa Alpha is one sicko Boy’s Club, and it might be booted from University of Tennesee, Knoxville, for sending a student to the ER with alcohol poisoning via the rectal route.

To Boldly Grope Where No Hand Has Gone Before

TSA’s  next frontier is the cavity search.  We need to be safe from the anal dwelling bombs.

As people become accustomed to “love pats” at the airport,  the TSA  employees will become bored, and feel a need to explore further.

Surely Janet Napolitano remembers that NASTY  old Eddy Murphy song  from the 80’s………

and you KNOW she wants to go there.     As you can see, asking people to remove their prosthetics,  and that includes you breast cancer survivors,    is not a problem for Janet and her minions.  People living with ostomies are also targets for the TSA gropers.

Janet’s theme song  (warning, it’s sicko)

So,  are we going to wait for CAIR and the Muslims to put a stop to this,   or are we going to make our government really busy until the TSA abandons this unseemly interest in our privates?