How Many Born Alive Abortions Have Been Reported?

Not all of them, certainly.

You can bet that Kermit Gosnell was not dutifully reporting each time he snipped the neck of an infant born alive at his abortion clinic.

There have been some reports, however.  During Florida testimony on the Florida Born Alive Infants Protection Bill, which planned parenthood opposed, Representative Cary Pigman provided some statistics.   Here is the text quoting him.

“In 2010, there were 24,586 perinatal deaths in the United States. Perinatal defines as being from the 22nd week of gestation to seven days post delivery.”

“Those are all coded by international classification,” he noted. Regarding babies who die after a botched abortion: “And in 2010, 1,270 infants were reported in that category — and I emphasize reported,” 

“In other words, more than 1,200 babies died following a failed abortion and their whose deaths were reported as “mortality subsequent to an abortion.”

The category of Perinatal Deaths includes those aged 22 weeks gestation up to 7 days post delivery.  Rep. Pigman  also mentioned that in Canada, from 2000-2009, 491  infant deaths, coded as P96.1 “termination of pregnancy affecting fetus and NEWBORN” occurred.  This is their number of babies aged greater than 20 weeks, who were born alive during abortion, who subsequently died.

Florida Representative Cary Pigman
Florida Representative Cary Pigman

Remember that  Obama and Planned Parenthood actively opposed the Illinois Born Alive Infant’s Protection act, which could not be passed until Obama left.

See who opposed the act, and who supported it, in one of the attempts to move it through the Illinois legislature:  CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to a 2008 video showing Students for Life Busting Planned Parenthood, of Freehold New Jersey, for Infanticide. The nurse in this video was advocating labor induction for at about 22 weeks gestation, and admitting that the babies can be born alive, but are denied care and die soon after.

Multiple mistakes about Obama and the Born Alive Act in new book, “The Amateur” | Jill Stanek

Jill Stanek reviews Obama opposition to protection for babies born alive, though their mothers were wanting abortion. She addresses errors in the new book “The Amateur”, which is an unfavorable biography of Obama.
Rather than recap, Pharmer points you directly to her article, because it is packed with corroborating links and images.

Multiple mistakes about Obama and the Born Alive Act in new book, "The Amateur" | Jill Stanek.

The old media continues to work overtime to suppress Obama’s extreme pro abortion stance, which is to the left of most abortionists. It’s the responsibility of the new media to keep bringing this topic up, so that all are made aware of it.

Republicans Slam Media for Birth Control Question

Obama’s position (to the left of NARAL) opposing the Illinois Born Alive Infants protection act, is being softened and spun by the media into a protection of Roe V Wade.

The legislative record of Obama while in Illinois shows his vehement opposition to protecting the lives of babies born alive, prematurely or after failed abortion attempts, or induced early deliveries.

See for yourself: It’s been assembled since the 2008 presidential campaign, HERE!.