Bobby Jindal is not Waiting for SLOBAMA

While the president dithers,  Jindal  has taken  command, and the National Guard has begun  dropping sandbags for his barrier operation.

BP Oil Spill: Gov. Bobby Jindal Orders National Guard to Build Barrier Wall Off Louisiana Shore – ABC News.

Okaloosa county leaders  (the Destin, Florida area) are also taking matters into their own hands to prevent oil from entering their Choctawhachee Bay.

The county commissioners gave the OK for protective operations to commence, knowing they could potentially be prosecuted for it.

Talk Radio Tells Obama to Go Meet With CEO of BP

And Obama obeys…….. partially.

BP chairman summoned to Obama meeting over oil spill – Yahoo! News.

Mark Belling, radio talk show host from Wisconsin was heard in a guest spot of the Rush Limbaugh show  on 6/10, between 2 and 3 pm wondering why Obama never spoke to  the CEO of BP during the whole time of this oil spill disaster.    Mr Belling said that this  glaring omission was “JUST WEIRD” .

Immediately  millions of people became aware of a tremendous dereliction of duty on Obama’s part.   At 7:24 pm on 6/10 Obama-press hastened to tell the world that Obama has summoned BP’s chairmn, Carl-Henric Svanberg,  (not the CEO) to meet with him on June 16th.

This will be Obama’s  first meeting with any high level official of BP since the disaster — an action done at the behest of his most vehement critics.   He’s  apparently not in an extreme hurry, however.

Meanwhile,   a bit more  fraud in the Obama administration has been uncovered regarding the recommendations of oil experts on safety matters relative to deep water oil drilling.    After these experts signed the report,   Interior secretary Ken Salazar altered it to say that they recommended a moratorium on deep water oil drilling.   They said no such thing, and the alteration has since been widely revealed on the internet news.   Television watchers will not likely be given this piece of info.

Lefties are expecting BP to cover the costs of the oil spill cleanup and damages to injured parties.     Injured parties includes those who are laid off from work DUE TO OBAMA’S  MORATORIUM  on ALL deep water drilling.    Yes,  BP is expected to pick up the tab for Obama’s nonsensical decision to stop deep water oil drilling.

He’s a GENIUS !

Obama’s  solution to BP’s problem!   “Plug the damn hole.” he says.

Obama to aides: ‘Plug the damn hole’ – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.

Bush would have summoned effective assistance for BP long before this…….. remember he and his buddies knew something about oil, and would not have had to screen leak plugging experts for their religious beliefs about gay sex.

Lefties are bad for the environment.    Green voters need to think about practical matters, such as actual cleaning operations, and how to accomplish them.

Here’s that Russian Internet Rumor

…. about the North Korean attack on the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kremlin/Internet Rumor: North Korea suicide torpedos hit Deep Horizon Oil Platform | Intelligence Quarterly.

Intelligence Quarterly states that there’s no evidence to substantiate the rumor.

There IS evidence to substantiate the rumor that our environmentalists and whacked out government think that the Russians, Chinese, Mexico, Brazil,  and everyone else  will impact the environment less when They drill for oil, and we should just let them have it all.