Daily Mail – the National Geographic of News on Bin Laden

Daily Mail provides the random, close up, slices of life at the Bin Laden Mansion.

Kids are said to have been  renumerated, rather than allowed to go in the compound to retrieve a lost soccer ball or whatever other sports equipment might have been lost on the other side of the 7 foot wall around the compound.

One 12 year old claimed  that he was given a pair of rabbits as a present by the Bin Laden family.

These  juicy tidbits (and why is it news?) were met with a good deal of amusement by Pharmer et al.

“Another youngster, named Daniel Alvi, revealed that he regularly saw a man in a red Suzuki van drive into the compound with a live goat, while the milkman only delivered outside the security gate and never rang the doorbell.”

via Osama Bin Laden dead: Pakistan spy agency’s failures over Abbottabad hideout | Mail Online.

Pharmer had always wondered why Osama looked like such a STONER .




CNN reporter Nic Robertson reported that Osama was growing POT inside his compound.

Maybe that’s the answer…. 😉