Meet the AILC- American Islamic Leadership Conference

American Islamic Group Supports Oklahoma Ban on Foreign Laws Like Sharia | Video |

The AILC is pretty much the American Muslim answer to CAIR.   This group is supporting bills  (for example in Oklahoma and Michigan) which would serve to prevent the use of Sharia law within the U.S.    It favors the equal treatment of all religions, with no one’s particular religious  laws used to supercede American law.

Another group, the  Alliance of Iranian Women reminds us that many Muslim women fled their home countries to escape the ravages of Sharia law.

This is a reminder that CAIR   does not represent the majority views of American Muslims.

On the far opposite side of the supporters of Sharia law, Wafa Sultan states that the true practice of Islam is incompatible with Western law.  She sees Islam as including a political system which is in direct conflict with US law.




Mother of Mercy H.S. on Al

Islamophobia in the US, April 30, 2011: Bullying Targets Muslim and Arab Students in New Jersey Schools.

The above linked news page addresses  Muslim relations in the U.S., and the  issue that some innocent people are paying a social price for the actions of other controversial or terrorist groups.

A few articles down on the page…… Mother of Mercy H.S. in Cincinnati makes the news for it’s reach-out to CAIR, a controversial group ( favored by only 11 percent of U.S. Muslims,) which has been under Justice Dept scrutiny for  financial ties to known terrorist groups.

Cincinnati Catholic school hosts terror-tied group

Catholic school hosts terror-tied group.

Mother of Mercy High school has upset their student’s parents by hosting a Ramadan event with CAIR, an interfaith Iftar dinner.  Here’s their link……  which may not be up for long.

Pharmer (who is generally respectful of religious sensibilities) notes that the parents were asked to bring a dish to share, but not to make sure that it’s Halal,  (e.g. PORK free).
Look who's coming to dinner!  Council for American-Islamic Relations

The parents’  difficulty stems from the ties which CAIR has with terrorist groups, the recognition of this by the FBI and the Justice department, revocation of non-profit status by the IRS for failing to disclose its funding sources, etcetera.  This dinner is not the first collaboration of Mother of Mercy High School with CAIR.

The school secretary was unaware of CAIR’s “extracurricular activities”, and  referred media to the school principal, Diane Laake, who did not return phone calls.

It’s not a feel good time for Mother of Mercy HS, which is on the West side of Cincinnati, which is Steve Chabot country.

Pharmer has had related  difficulties with  her kids’ Catholic elementary school, sending kids  to  work with groups which promote things antithetical to the religion of the students.

(It’s  safer for the kids to be picking berries on a Washington farm.) 😉

There are NO difficulties here with the school hosting an interfaith event.   Surely a Muslim group which is not overtly tied to the funding of terrorism could have been found to collaborate on such a thing.

Pharmer congratulates the students parents who have brought public attention to this matter.


If  they were done with THIS, they’d change their name.

What happened when CAIR sued Anti-CAIR ? CAIR did not seem eager to go through the discovery process.  The suit was dismissed.

Poll:  American Muslims DON’T CARE for CAIR – so it should  not be so hard for Mother of Mercy HS to find  less controversial pals.

To Boldly Grope Where No Hand Has Gone Before

TSA’s  next frontier is the cavity search.  We need to be safe from the anal dwelling bombs.

As people become accustomed to “love pats” at the airport,  the TSA  employees will become bored, and feel a need to explore further.

Surely Janet Napolitano remembers that NASTY  old Eddy Murphy song  from the 80’s………

and you KNOW she wants to go there.     As you can see, asking people to remove their prosthetics,  and that includes you breast cancer survivors,    is not a problem for Janet and her minions.  People living with ostomies are also targets for the TSA gropers.

Janet’s theme song  (warning, it’s sicko)

So,  are we going to wait for CAIR and the Muslims to put a stop to this,   or are we going to make our government really busy until the TSA abandons this unseemly interest in our privates?