Boom! Pharmacist Shoots Back At Attacker

Pharmacist Protects Himself From Gang By Shooting Them.

A pair of intruders barged into the back entrance of Bryan Lee’s Pharmacy in Madera, California, spraying bullets as they went. Lee’s mother, Sophia, who works at the pharmacy, was hit in the leg. Lee returned fire, hitting one of the attackers, Aquilla Bailey in the face and torso and leg, according to news reports. Bailey is now dead, and the second attacker has been apprehended in Fresno.
The privately owned pharmacy opened as usual, the day after the shooting. This is the third robbery attempt which has been thwarted at Lee’s Pharmacy in the last 15 years.
A news video is temporarily available at the links.

Rising number of states seeing one-party rule – Washington Times

Rising number of states seeing one-party rule – Washington Times.

The Dems now have veto-proof majorities in California and Illinois. Expect those two states to die. Develop an escape plan.

One party rule has become dominant in the states, whether it is Republican or Democrat. There are only 12 states with divided government. Republicans still hold most of the one party states, with 23, and the Dems now hold 14, having picked up 8. Republicans picked up 2. Interestingly, the Republicans picked up the Wisconsin senate. With that news, Pharmer now has some work to do in Wisconsin. Republicans also picked up Arkansas and really own the Old South, with 11 states. They added one governorship, for a total of 30 to the dems 20.

Pharmer isn’t so worried about one party rule in the case of republicans That really isn’t one party rule anymore, as that group itself is going to discover over time.

More From the War on Women

Dem Rep Pens Novel with Graphic Rape Scene, Character Says Rape Prevents ‘Inbreeding’.

Have you heard a media stir or outcry from the feminazis  concerning a theory on the evolutionary advantages of rape?

The idea (not new) put forth by Dem Representative Jerry McNerney, who serves California’s Central Valley, is that rape is a means to prevent inbreeding.  A minor character is introduced in his novel to investigate a brutal rape.  The character suggests that men increased in size due to evolutionary pressures which allowed them to take women sexually by force, thereby preventing inbreeding.

The media focuses on the Republican idea that rape is not an excuse to kill an innocent third party, yet ignore these kinds of oddities coming from the left.

Nothing to see here???

Enter the Third Level

Pharmer thinks the Democrat’s theory might not hold up in THIS CASE, in which a custodial parent is charged with sexual abuse of the 14 year old girl in his care. It depends on the actual relationship of Biden’s secret service agent, the alleged perpetrator, to the adolescent victim, which is not yet apparent.


Graphic Surveillance Video Of Kelly Thomas Beating Shown In Court. Shhhhhh it’s a Secret

Graphic Surveillance Video Of Kelly Thomas Beating Shown In Court « CBS Los Angeles.

Fullerton, CA cops beat Kelly Thomas, a  schizophrenic homeless man, to death last summer (July 2011), and  the incident is under investigation.   So far the story  has garnered only local news attention. The main reason for the disinterest is that it has no value for WAGGING the RACE WAR.

There’s a video of the proceedings at the above link.  Most are likely to conclude that the cops used excessive force.  There will be no demonstrations nor riots in response to this event.

Meth-Heads Filling Hospitals With Burn Patients

My Way News – AP IMPACT: Meth fills hospitals with burn patients.

Only about 10 percent of meth heads have health insurance, so when they cook themselves while trying to cook their methamphetamine, the burden of care falls upon the hospital. The average cost of care for a meth burn patient is said to be $130,000 dollars. The financial burden of non-recovered hospital expenses has closed down at least 7 burn wards in the U.S.due to insolvency.

The most common means for self immolation among meth heads is the shake and bake method. Opening the 2 liter reaction vessel too soon or having an unplanned leakage can cause an explosion. About 70 injuries related to meth cooking have been reported in Indiana in the last two years, but who knows the real number? The burn victims aren’t too eager to tell the truth about how they were burned.
David Greenhalgh of the University of California, Davis, Burn Center says that 25-35% of the patients there test positive for meth.

The American Spectator : Farmers 1, Smelt 0 — For Now

The American Spectator : Farmers 1, Smelt 0 — For Now.

After many  bankrupties and foreclosed farms, 85,000 acres of lost food production, dead fruit and almond trees,  a federal judge, Oliver Wanger,  has ruled against a Fish and Wildlife Service water restriction to the Central Valley.

This economic disaster was all about supposed population declines of  a two inch California Delta  smelt, and a guess as to  the cause.  Water exports to the Central Valley were cut off for four years causing masssive crop and orchard destruction, and 40% unemployment in the immediate area.

Certainly the environmentalists, hell bent on maintaining the destruction, (because there are too many humans), will be proceeding to the 9th circuit court with this case.

La Reina High School Stops Isabella Foxen From Launching YAF Conservative Club |

La Reina High School Stops Isabella Foxen From Launching YAF Conservative Club |

This story is worth a look.  La Reina High School and its Catholic diocese are too leftist to allow students at the school form a club which is a branch of Young America’s foundation.

One story from the high school is that the club would have to have a balancing leftie club before it could have a charter.

The archdiocese  of Los Angeles  says that there should be no political activism on campus.

La Reina had an environmentalist group and a pro life group at the school however.

All sorts of excuses were made to prevent this club from forming, including a loss of tax status,  (though YAF shares the same tax status as the school).

Leftism has invaded many Catholic schools….. and this is just another example.


California Stops the Ban on Male Infant Circumcision

The most interesting thing about this Reuters article,  concerning the San-Francisco no-circ law being overturned for the second time by the State of California, is the comment section.

See the no-circ people going nutz about the practice of infant circumcision, and foaming at the mouth about the religious underpinnings.

So Pharmer asked them, where to they stand on the issue of removing the entire baby and throwing him into the trash?


Did they vote for Obama, who thought it is  ok to do this even after the kid is born?

UCLA Professor, John Emstrom Fired for Promulgating His Scientific Research

Will a UCLA Prof Lose His Job For Sticking to Science Over Politics? | The Blaze.


UCLA retaliated against one of its own professors, Dr. John Emstrom, of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, for presenting his research to the California Air Resources Board, (CARB). This agency is in the process of further damaging the California economy by enforcing standards of diesel engine particulate emissions which are not based upon rationality nor current research data.

A look at the above video will show you that not all is right with CARB, and its staff of bogus experts.