It’s Illegal to Unlock Your OWN Cell Phone!

The Public Has Spoken – 100,000 Americans Sign WH Petition on Cellphone Unlocking – Derek Khanna – Page 1.

There’s a new regulation issued by the Librarian of Congress which makes it illegal to unlock your cellphone.

As of January 26, if you unlock a new cell phone  in order to use it with a different carrier, it could land you in jail for 5 years and cost you a half million dollars.

The big phone companies interests are protected by preventing you from changing the settings of your phone.

Who is harmed by this?  Everyone who wants to use a different carrier.  This would include military personnel who unlock their phones to use them wherever in the world they might be serving.

The article linked at the top contains some good language for a short letter to your congressman, if you’re a techie and like to jailbreak and unlock your gadgets.  Check it out!


Texted to the WRONG NUMBER!

These random  messages landed in a cellphone which is used by Pharmer’s twelve year old kid.   It’s a classic wrong number nightmare.  Click on the pics for clearer viewing…. it’s worth it.

Dial carefully!!!    and—- prayers for good health for  the unknown mom and baby.

texted to wrong number--- a classic
school's out, check the text messages!

NOT to the dad
mysterious message to 12 year old boy

Half of the sender’s phone number is erased for the sake of privacy.