Canadian Researchers Conclude that Spanking American Kids Makes them Nutz

Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders: Results From a Nationally Representative US Sample.


You don’t have to read another poorly designed study  of unreliable data  because Pharmer has saved you the time. 

This so called study was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, by Canadian Researchers, using U.S. data

Face to face interviews were conducted by “trained lay interviewers of the U.S. Census Bureau”  with an expectation of honest answers about mental illness, substance abuse, and physical and sexual abuse.

Patients do not reliably  relate this information to their health care providers (who are legally constrained to keep it private). Pharmer is therefore  100 percent certain that the census workers were not able to obtain a usable body of data using face to face interviews. Respondents are not likely to report stigmatized or socially unaccepted conditions and  experiences with the following in mind: The government wants to know if you are experiencing mental illness, or if you were abused as a child. Your ability to be licensed for certain professions, or own a means of self defense may be affected.

You may comfortably throw away any conclusions presented from this study, and  laugh at those who present it as a means to persuade parents to  never  spank their kids on the behind as a corrective measure.

Fun at– James O’Keefe does the Census, and Zonation brings you: “Victicrat”

Andrew Breitbart is amazed that George Stefanopoulos would even put the O’Keefe Census Sting up on ABC. Read his “Profile in Media Courage” and especially…. Click on the Video of the news segment..

Twin spin, double the fun.

Below —— check out VICTICRAT.

performed by Buddy Sostham
featuring Alfonzo Rachel
produced by Eric Elder
written and directed by Christian Hartsock
look for familiar faces…….. do you see James O’Keefe ?

Two more Census workers blow the whistle –

Yes, the Government continues to use the census to falsely inflate the employment numbers and job creation.

Two more Census workers blow the whistle –

One of the workers in the above article was fired and rehired multiple times by the Census Bureau, and this counted for the creation of four new jobs.   This worker is now unemployed once more.   The other writer reports extreme job redundancy, and waste of resources.

Your tax dollars at work, stimulating the economy.

Artificial Deflation of Unemployment.

My Way News – GAO: Census has computer problem.

The above linked article tells you all about the ineptitude of the government, its  inability to handle the census data, and the extreme waste of money going into the collection of it.

One figure of extreme interest is that 635,000 people have been hired to visit a total of 48 million American homes.   Each person is trained for four days, and then expected to visit homes which did not respond using the census forms.  This translates to 76 homes per census worker.  While it is understood that some of these households are remote,  it is obvious that census employment is VERY TEMPORARY.

This job is without benefits,  it may require utilizing the automobile of the employee, and it removes this person from the unemployment rolls, whether they are actually engaged in work, or whether they are waiting, without pay in the census employment pool.

Please remember this artificial deflation of the unemployment figures while you are evaluating government generated employment statistics.

Also remember that malfunctioning computer programs are being used for accumulation and analysis of the census data.