End of the Twinkie

Twinkies Maker Hostess Going Out of Business, CEO Blames Union Strike | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth.

Gregory Rayburn CEO of Hostess has announced closure of the entire corporation, and intent to sell off the assets to the highest bidder.
The decision to close came after insufficient numbers of workers heeded the deadline to return to work on Thursday.
Rayburn said that if he could not get production close to normal levels he would have to shut down.
This means that 18000 more workers across the U.S. are entering Obamaville, and dependency on the government.

Congrat’s to the Unions who thought that no job was better than a job with reduced pay and benefits, for a company that was struggling to survive.

Capitalism is Wonderful: Prize4Life cofounder Avichai Kremer

Profile of Avichai Kremer Prize4Life Leader With ALS | Lou Gherig’s Disease | TheBlaze.com.

Avichai Kremer has been living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease) for nine years.
He can no longer speak or move his hands, and may soon be on a ventilator to assist with breathing.

Kremer is cofounder and CEO of a non-profit foundation which awards SUCCESS in ALS research.
Goals are laid out by his foundation, Prize4Life, and researchers are paid the cash rewards for meeting them. In addition, prize winning scientists retain the licensing and ownership of their own successful results. A million dollar prize has gone to a researcher for developing a inexpensive diagnostic marker that accurately tracks the disease and its progression. This is a tremendous aid for all future clinical trials.
This year’s million dollar prize offering will go to the team which demonstrates a means to prolong the lives of ALS afflicted animals by 25%.

Chick-Fil-A Lines on Appreciation Day

You can click on the photo gallery below to see a collection of crowded Chick-Fil-A restaurants on Aug 1. Americans are responding to a statement that Chick-Fil-A does not represent Chicago values, and efforts to prevent restaurants from being opened there and in Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Francisco.
All over the U.S. the 1600 Chick-Fil-A restaurants have been enjoying booming business, and even some referrals from competing fast food places, on this  Appreciation Day.

WLS 890AM Photo Gallery.

Click here for some Commentary at Hillbuzz concerning the Tamminator’s pilgrimage to Chick-Fil-A at the University of Minnesota. The place was packed despite school being in summer session, and massive construction occurring outside. The Tamminator, who believes in the First Amendment, sez: “Freedom is delicious!”

Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris Calls Girl Scouts ‘Radicalized’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris Calls Girl Scouts ‘Radicalized’ | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Bob Morris, Republican State Rep. From Fort Wayne, Indiana has been catching heat for noticing the relationship between Girl Scouts of America and Planned Parenthood. Pharmer would like to acknowledge his valid comments and decision to pull his daughters out of GSA. There are more family friendly alternatives available.

Pharmer’s daughter was not permitted to join, since this relationship between the two organizations has been long standing. It’s a policy endorsed at the top of the organization, as you can see from this video.

Visit HERE, and HERE, and HERE to see what the buzz is all about.

Don’t forget to see what planned parenthood thinks is age appropriate sex education HERE.

The Divorce that Didn’t Work

The CEO of the Alan Guttmacher Institute said it herself.  Planned Parenthood tried to spin off  its research arm, the Alan Guttmacher Institute, but  was unable to cut off its funding connection.

Watch this video from toomanyaborted.com.

Talk Radio Tells Obama to Go Meet With CEO of BP

And Obama obeys…….. partially.

BP chairman summoned to Obama meeting over oil spill – Yahoo! News.

Mark Belling, radio talk show host from Wisconsin was heard in a guest spot of the Rush Limbaugh show  on 6/10, between 2 and 3 pm wondering why Obama never spoke to  the CEO of BP during the whole time of this oil spill disaster.    Mr Belling said that this  glaring omission was “JUST WEIRD” .

Immediately  millions of people became aware of a tremendous dereliction of duty on Obama’s part.   At 7:24 pm on 6/10 Obama-press hastened to tell the world that Obama has summoned BP’s chairmn, Carl-Henric Svanberg,  (not the CEO) to meet with him on June 16th.

This will be Obama’s  first meeting with any high level official of BP since the disaster — an action done at the behest of his most vehement critics.   He’s  apparently not in an extreme hurry, however.

Meanwhile,   a bit more  fraud in the Obama administration has been uncovered regarding the recommendations of oil experts on safety matters relative to deep water oil drilling.    After these experts signed the report,   Interior secretary Ken Salazar altered it to say that they recommended a moratorium on deep water oil drilling.   They said no such thing, and the alteration has since been widely revealed on the internet news.   Television watchers will not likely be given this piece of info.

Lefties are expecting BP to cover the costs of the oil spill cleanup and damages to injured parties.     Injured parties includes those who are laid off from work DUE TO OBAMA’S  MORATORIUM  on ALL deep water drilling.    Yes,  BP is expected to pick up the tab for Obama’s nonsensical decision to stop deep water oil drilling.

Hey Libs, Obama Really Didn’t Mean That STuff About CEO Pay

Here’s Obama when he wanted your vote…. remember this? He was going to erase the evil of astronomical CEO salaries.

When Obama had a chance to regulate the pay of his very OWN Government Motors CEO…… $9 million, has just been approved, plus hiring him a helper, at almost $3 thousand per hour because, as you remember, Ed Whitaker ‘doesn’t know a thing about cars’!

GM CEO Whitacre receives $9M pay package – Yahoo! Finance.

Check out this video of Obama carrying on about the wall street CEO bonuses, telling them to cut their own pay.

Then watch February news  as he changes his mind……. well, those bonuses are suddenly OK again.    There’s also the pretense from the Obama-press that using stock to pay the bonuses is something new.  Those of us who have ever read business news know better.

Lefties, it appears that Obama is not going to solve your  bonus-envy issues  after all.

Why don’t you go buy some stock in the offending companies and show up at the shareholder’s meetings?