Your Kids Belong to the Community, Says MSNBC Ad. How far will this concept go?

Everyone is losing their minds over what Tulane professor, Melissa Harris-Perry has to say  in an MSNBC “lean forward” (bend over) ad.  You can check that out for yourself at this link.  

Harris-Perry says that in the U.S. we  haven’t had a very collective notion that these are our children.” “[W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities,

Doesn’t this sound like Hillary’s book  “It Takes a Village”?

There’s an idea put forth that kids are community property.   This lead your inquisitive Pharmer to explore just how far this concept goes.

Now that Planned Parenthood and Obama are Out of the Closet for Infanticide,  will the community have anything to say about this?

At what point of development does the baby become community property?

Will you be allowed to conceive without village approval?

Will the community direct when you should have an abortion?

How will this impinge upon the in vitro fertilization industry?  What about those frozen human embryos and the eggs which are being harvested from aborted baby girls?   Do they belong to the community?

If  you deliver a baby, and the “community” thinks she’s an FLK  will the collective be able to tell you to kill her?

Is the community going to insert itself between a leftie-gurl and her abortionist?

Just asking…………



Update:  Are you in the mood to call out  the news media for their non-coverage of Kermit Gosnell, Planned Parenthood and Obama’s infanticides?

Pharmer dropped in on Politico just now:

We can see that the Politico has chosen to feature the Texas college stabbing story, but a search of the site reveals N O T H I N G about Abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s ongoing trial for serial murders of already born, near term infants. at his Philadelphia clinic.

Why the attempt to cover this up?? Understand that the leftist media has been scooped thousands of times on this story, which they resolutely choose to ignore. Perhaps it might highlight the Planned Parenthood advocacy of infanticide while lobbying against Florida’s Infants Protection law, and Obama’s own staunch opposition to the Illinois Infants Protection Act.

Has the Infanticide Jumped out of the closet too soon for the media to have learned how to make it look acceptable?



The Liverpool Care Pathway is Applied to Babies as Well as Terminally Ill and Elderly

Great Britain is killing about 130,000 HHS patients per year using the Liverpool Care Pathway, which is really a program to more quickly end the life of patients who are considered hopeless.

The article below, from the Daily Mail is a must click, because it gives a view from the health care professionals who have witnessed the Liverpool Care Pathway in action.  One doctor reveals that the parents of  children with severe illnesses are often pressured into accepting the Liverpool pathway.  They hope for a rapid, humane death for their babies, but wind up watching them shrivel away from starvation and dehydration over a period which averages 10 days duration.

This manner of ending human lives is essential for cost containment in government run health systems.   Read more about it below.

Now sick babies go on death pathway: Doctor’s haunting testimony reveals how children are put on end-of-life plan | Mail Online.

Revolt Against Big Sis and the TSA

Come here, my little pretty.......

Pilots are protesting the excessive radiation exposure to which they are exposed in Airport security searches, and don’t appreciate the alternative of being felt up by agents.

Just before the holiday flying season,  Janet Napolitano will have to address increasing passenger displeasure over being punished for the crimes of others, with inconvenience and invasions of their person and effects.

After extensive  effort to educate children regarding their bodily autonomy, the kids  are expected mentally process a 180 degree turn and to sacrifice it for the privilege of flying.

And the Muslims………… whose errant ‘adherents’  provided impetus for all this search and grab, will be the ones who eventually bring it to a screeching halt.  Just you wait and see.