Race pimping Brent Budowsky to Matt Drudge: Stop the race stories – The Hill

Dear Matt Drudge: Stop the race stories – The Hill's Pundits Blog. Click and Puke.

Brent Budowsky is pretending not to know that it’s the lamestream media which has been been pumping race and stirring up division for years and years. Drudge is just putting up headlines 99.8 percent of the time. Once in awhile he features a privately obtained hot scoop.

A lot of America’s mixedupkidz think that America ought to be over race by now with all the intermingling of the genes. But noooooooooooooooo, the mostly white, all LEFTIE Obamanator and his race-pimping media continue to fan the embers of racial division, seeking to obtain political advantage from that.

Budowsky is one of those race-pimps, and he’s projecting his faults onto others.

A analogously disgusting creature is Chrissie Matthews, who of late is thankful for the storms and all the accompanying human misery, because he feels that Obamanator gained an advantage from that.

This is what we have for lefties now…… they obtain power by feeding from human misery, whether it is naturally occurring or created by them.

Chrissie Mathews’ Gaffe Beats Biden’s

Matthews tells Bishop Harry Jackson “I hope you evolve……. I’m just teasing”

Obama has been getting some blow back from the Black Evangelical Churches due to his endorsement of gay marriage. Of Americans, more Blacks than Whites consider this newly announced political position to be a problem.

Bill Ayers Tells All, on the Fundraiser and Launch of Obama’s Political Career

Above you can see Robert Gibbs telling Chrissie Matthews one thing, then Bill Ayers saying the opposite regarding that seminal moment at Ayres place, where a fundraiser was held for Obama at the outset of his career.

John Nolte at Big Journalism
gives a thorough presentation of this contradiction. He explains how the media is much too busy with Sarah Palin’s emails, and Herman Cain’s supposed sex life, and Newt’s past divorces, and a nasty, old painted rock on land leased by Perry’s father, to be concerned that Obama had support and close association with the convicted and unrepentant, domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.
Also contained in Nolte’s article are the accusations against Palin and McCain when their campaign revealed this past element of Obama’s political career.

Chrissie Matthews’ Inquiring Mind Wants to Know

Which republican  “Could excite them and turn them on most likely?”

That’s what it’s all about for Chris.  The rest of us are pondering other attributes of our politicians than their capacity for sending a thrill up our legs.

Matthews has also stated that he would not want an interview with Huntsman, Pawlenty or Romney.  He’s just not interested in any possible future presidents if they come from the opposing party.

Those guys just leave his leg COLD, and feeling quite dead.

In-sourcing a Palin Backed Mama Grizzley

Tea party-backed Haley SC’s 1st woman governor.

Nikki Haley,  38 year old mom of two  beat back the  colonoscopy which the old guard political machine has forced on female conservative candidates.

She  prevailed in a  tight race over Vincent Sheheen  for the South Carolina Governorship.

The Partying is not over  for Pharmer.

Ohio Right to Life announced a clean sweep by their favored candidates in that state.

Locally, Todd Young beat Baron Hill EASILY, and Jud McMillin prevailed over 30 year state legislator Bob Bischoff in a mud wrestling match.

Watch for yourself, Michell Bachman announces the end of Chris Matthews tingling thrill up his leg.

Chris Matthews is Still Tingling! All Over!

Above from MSNBC.

Text at Newsbusters………. Matthews corrects us: it’s a thrill not a tingle.

(Speaking of Obama’s derailment, and Reagan’s ability to inspire with words:)

MATTHEWS: Can a Democrat talk like that?

KESSLER: Yes. I mean, look, you talked about that tingle up your leg. I mean you know…

MATTHEWS: It wasn’t a tingle, up my leg, that’s what right wing fascists say. I got a thrill up my leg. Okay? You’re reading the right wing blogs. Start tuning your station.

KESSLER: My, my apologies.

MATTHEWS: No it’s not enough, because you’re reading the wrong stuff. But go ahead, I was just kidding. I can take it. I’m sorry.

Chris Matthews -Memory Lapse or just another Lie

You know every politician is taken to task  for such public gaffes as Chris Matthew’s latest bomb.  Byron York dissects him thoroughly for his latest comment on the use of “regime” to describe the Obama administration.   Apparently the TINGLY ONE had never heard such a vitriolic term used to describe a U.S. presidency.

Rush Limbaugh, Chris Matthews and the ‘regime’ question | Washington Examiner.

It seems that Chris Matthews forgot the thousands of time the term “Bush regime” came up in the mainstream media, as well as his own use of the term.

From York’s editorial:

Finally — you knew this was coming — on June 14, 2002, Chris Matthews himself introduced a panel discussion about a letter signed by many prominent leftists condemning the Bush administration’s conduct of the war on terror. “Let’s go to the Reverend Al Sharpton,” Matthews said. “Reverend Sharpton, what do you make of this letter and this panoply of the left condemning the Bush regime?”