Some Prominent Republicans are Outing Themselves on Gay Marriage

Obama’s death panel has relegated the Republican party to palliative care, and here’s one more reason why we should not attempt to intervene in the decision.

Eighty, so-called prominent republicans have signed an opinion that there is a constitutional right to gay marriage.  They have OUTED their complete ignorance of the Constitution.  Going over the names, few should be seen as a surprise.  If you care to check the list, click HERE. 

People need to get over the idea that any marriage at all is a constitutional right.  The U.S. constitution is silent on the issue of marriage and leaves it up to the people to decide how it is to be recognized socially.

Human rights are possessed by an individual, and they end where another begins.  All marriages are done with permission, coming from each partner.

There is also no human right to sex, for the same reason, as it impinges upon another person, and therefore requires permission.

Marriage ought to be handled by the religious organizations.  It originated with these groups as protection for the rearing of progeny.  The social recognition of marriage has served the purpose of stabilizing the environment for children to reach adulthood safely.

So many people have lost sight of the original reasons for local government impingement upon marriage, and are now using it as the vehicle for granting government mandated benefits.   Initially this applied to couples with children, but it has vastly expanded with the bloating of government.     In the military it has recently been decreed that unmarried  same sex partners of military personnel are eligible for certain benefits, but opposite sex partners are not, (even though the military chaplains may officiate same sex marriages).

Pharmer proposes that the government remove itself from the marriage business entirely.  Its various and self contradictory interventions have left a complete mess, which has nothing to do with the protection of children, or with committed relationships between people.

Let the churches handle marriage for those who respect it as a sacrament before God, and a commitment between each other, and to protect  resultant children.     Let the rest of the people who want to play house, draw up their own legal contracts and sign them with their lawyers present.

Pastors challenge IRS rule with partisan talk –

Pastors challenge IRS rule with partisan talk –

What makes most non profit 501 (C)(3) tax exempt groups so quiet about their causes? Why are they afraid to name names, and speak loudly against the politicians who oppose them? On this past Pulpit Freedom Sunday, more than 1500 Pastors openly defied the 1954 IRS regulation which sought to squash political speech by non profit groups, by scaring them with the IRS boogieman.
In all these 58 years, the IRS has done next to nothing against politically activist churches and non-profits. The IRS has only succeeded in stripping one church of its tax exempt status, in 1992. That particular church in Binghamton, NY ran newspaper ads against Bill Clinton and his positions on abortion and homosexuality.
Since then the IRS has sent only warning letters to a relatively few churches, and since then has had a policy of not enforcing this law.
The Pulpit Freedom Sunday supporters believe that the IRS fears losing ground on this First Amendment issue.

So…….. Why are so many churches and pro-life 501(c)(3) groups so quiet and polite about the political issues which impinge on their cause?
Why don’t they take a chance with their own careers, and income, as so many pro-life health care professionals have been doing? If they led by example, more people would be standing up and taking personal risks to stand up for life.

Don’t forget, the supposedly non-profit, tax funded, and tax exempt planned unparenthood has been openly funding and endorsing candidates for years.

Pastors Need Not Fear IRS

Another Wave of Pastors has sent their politically charged sermons to the IRS and have received no response.

David Barton, of the Wallbuilders believes, with good reason, that the IRS will not attempt to remove tax exempt status from these churches because they know they’ll lose in court.

By laying low, the IRS hopes to keep most pastors living in fear of them so as to allow only the more bold leftist pastors to exhort their congregations to political activism.

Wake Up America!!