African-American Christian Coalition Can’t Get Meeting With Obama

African-American Christian Coalition Can’t Get Meeting With Obama.

The fallout among Black Christians who oppose Obama’s stance on gay marriage is beginning to get serious.

The Coalition of African American Pastors have demanded a meeting with Obama, so far to no avail. Reverend Bill Owens asks why Obama is refusing to meet with men of faith, of his own race. Coalition leaders are ready to ask members of their congregations to refrain from voting for Obama if he continues in his refusal to meet with them.

This Bishop Finally got Mad Enough

to slap the media back..

Archbishop John G. Vlazny asks Catholic ministers to cancel Oregonian subscriptions |

He could have written a much stronger  letter to encourage the priests to stop their newspaper subscriptions, however.

Pharmer’s dropping this one on a few news sites.

Vengeance on the Pope for opposing Obamacare, and causing the USCCB to oppose Obamacare is a fresh  media blitz, dredging up old cases, with claims  that the guy who did the most to clean the LIBERAL pedophiles from the clergy, is somehow newly responsible for their offenses.

Par for the course for the ignorant media.

Who needs to pay for that recycled garbage??