Comcast To Firearms Shops: Your Money’s No Good Here « CBS Detroit

Comcast To Firearms Shops: Your Money’s No Good Here « CBS Detroit.

Comcast is a big owner of NBC, and a cable service giant in the United States. Being leftie owned, it is refusing advertisements from firearms manufacturers as a matter of policy. Looking for self consistency from them would be futile. They will continue to pump ads for more dangerous things into people’s homes, and programming containing gratuitous violence of all kinds including that involving firearms.

It is noteworthy that firearms manufacturers are selling guns faster than they can make them, so perhaps advertising is less crucial than in the past. This step by Comcast might not be as significant as they think it is.

Still it is worthwhile for Second Amendment supporters to consider boycotting Comcast, changing cable providers, going to internet sources of entertainment, getting satellite or DSL as an internet provider, etc.

Kieth Olbermann booted from MSNBC slot

The acquisition of MSNBC by ComCast has just been approved, and on the heels of that is the firing of Leftie commentator, Kieth Olbermann, from his primetime slot.

He’s to be replaced by Lawrence O’Donnell, along with a reshuffling of the night time lineup.

It’s trading one  leftie for another, so the move is no big deal, except for a change of style.   When Olbermann was around, people could have reassurance that they were  doing the right thing if Olberman listed them as his Worst Person in the World.