ColoradoRep. Joe Salazar: Rape Defense for Women

Call boxes, “safe zones”, whistles are the Joe Salazar (Democrat Colorado State Rep) plan for women’s self defense against rape.
You don’t know if you’re about to be raped……
That stalker might not be wanting to harm you. You have no way of knowing. Women should not have guns for self defense.
Women are not to be credited with the ability to identify an imminent attack, says this representative of the women’s rights party.

Under consideration is a Colorado Bill, 13-1226, to further target educational institutions for crazy shooters, by prohibiting concealed carry on Colorado college campuses. Existing Colorado law allows concealed carry for people over 21 years of age, after training classes.

Dr. Suzanna Hupp Reminds Us How A Massacre is Stopped

Dr. Suzanna Hupp lost her parents in the Luby massacre in Texas in 1991, and has been a concealed carry advocate ever since.  She unfortunately had not been carrying on the fateful day she was in the restaurant with her parents.   The video below (a classic!) is her original testimony before Congress  a couple of years after the event.    Go HERE to see a C-span video of her more recent testimony this past Monday. 


Roger Ebert: Too Tired to Notice Batman was Screened in Gun-Free Zone.

Ebert: Gun-Free Theater Proves Concealed Carry Doesn’t Work.

Breitbart author, Warner Todd Huston, chides movie critic Roger Ebert for a sloppy conclusion that U.S. gun regulations are insane.  Specifically Ebert stated  that the legal  recognition of concealed carry rights is flawed because no one shot back at the perpetrator of the Batman massacre.   A decade of significant health problems, as well as a life among the leftie “intelligentsia” might have worn down Mr. Ebert’s energy for his primary livlihood as a writer and critic.

Huston finishes the job for Ebert as he  points out that the Cinemark Century Theaters, which own the venue at which the  massacre occurred, forbids firearms at their movie theaters.   In other words,  their customers, like those at any other gun-free zones, such as Columbine High School, and Virginia Tech, could be recognized  as easy targets for criminal violence.  James Holmes would have chosen  such a place for gaining personal notoriety, and for assurance that he wouldn’t suffer return fire.


Fired pharmacist who foiled robbers sues Walgreens – Yahoo! News

Fired pharmacist who foiled robbers sues Walgreens – Yahoo! News.

Michigan pharmacist Jeremy Hoven foiled an armed robbery at his Walgreens pharmacy by using his own pistol. He has a concealed carry permit.   Walgreens subsequently fired him, saying that he violated a non-escalation policy.

Hoven’s lawsuit, filed in federal court,  contends that Wagreens is violating his second amendment rights.

Walgreens has answered the suit by denying that an armed robbery was taking place.

Hoven’s lawyers have released a video from the store security  cams, showing the incident,a robber ‘dragging an employee through the store’, and a robber dropping his weapon has he fled.

DUH, Walgreens!   Here’s the video!

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Walgreens Fires Pharmacist for Stopping Robbery with his Legally Carried Firearm.

Pharmacist  Gets Fired for Using a Gun to Stop Robbery – Big Government.

Pharmacist Jeremy Hoven has a concealed carry license which he obtained subsequent to having his pharmacy robbed in 2007.  Workers at that pharmacy had asked Walgreens to step up security measures there, to no avail.

On May 8th, Hoven again was confronted by armed robbers at the Walgreens on Napier Avenue in Benton Township, Michigan.  The event was recorded on store cameras.

Police Lieutenant Delmar Lange supported Hoven’s actions, saying that Hoven had no alternative.    A store manager’s family  sent Hoven a thank-you card showing a pic of his four children.

Hoven had retreated as far as possible in the situation, and fired only after a robber jumped the counter and confronted him.

Walgreens policy allows customers in the store to have concealed carry weapons, but not employees.   Hoven stated that he had not been aware of this. Concerns about non-specific OSHA  regulations are possibly  to blame for the situation forbidding employees to carry firearms in this instance.   It’s OK only for customers and criminals.

Hoven’s lawyer is determining whether to pursue a wrongful termination lawsuit, which is likely to be a complex matter, but could  go further with the involvement of a government regulation.

You can give Walgreens a piece of your mind  at