RNC Chair Reince Priebus: Feeling the Loss of the Conservative Base?

RNC Chair Reince Priebus: GOP’s Problem Is the ‘Biologically Stupid Things That People Say’ | TheBlaze.com.

Priebus appears to be trying to win back the social conservatives, after abandoning them in the 2012 election.   Now he says that there is nothing that needs changing in the republican platform, but he still is dumping on the two candidates that his ‘administration’ threw under the bus in 2012.

Is Priebus feeling the loss?    Have a lot of other people left the republican party after Mourdock and Akin were dumped by them in the 2012 election?  Did they finally figure out that millions of conservatives stayed home last November, and that more of us are contemplating it this time?

Mourdock said absolutely nothing wrong in his interview.  There were no biological errors.  Some people believe in a less personal Deity, or would split theological hairs between the term “intend” and “allow”, but that is not an issue of biology.  It should be permissible for a candidate to speak his religious beliefs.

Akin ‘hyperbolized’  the idea that stress could adversely  affect fertility, but it remains essentially correct that pregnancy from rape only accounts for a tiny portion of abortions done in the U.S.

Neither candidate should have been abandoned for their statements, but Priebus and the republican elites threw these two under the bus at the behest of the leftist media.

Your friendly Pharmer would send money, again, to either man if they ran for office. Congratulations to  both Mourdock and Akin  for sticking by the MAJORITY of women who would not have an abortion if they became pregnant from rape, because they believe in the sacredness of life.  Society has basically abandoned them, by expecting women who have been raped to kill their babies.

Republican leadership has been selling true conservatives out for years.  It appears that Priebus wants to throw a tiny bone at those of us who have left them.  After so many betrayals, this is not going to be effective.

Celestial Discharge: Ray Bradbury Author of Fahrenheit 451

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, Author of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles.

At the age of 91, Ray Bradbury, renowned author and Tea Partier, has passed on to the next life.

Bradbury wrote science fiction classics that astronauts cut their teeth on. In his later years, this anti authoritarian turned towards conservatism, which fit his thinking patterns better than the nanny state model of the left.

One of Bradbury’s notable beefs with Obama concerned the administrations destruction of the NASA space exploration initiatives.

Is Conservatism Our Default Ideology? – Miller-McCune

Is Conservatism Our Default Ideology? – Miller-McCune.

Drudge carried this story about a “study” implying that when people are under time pressure or cognitively impaired, they default to conservative positions.    As a result, the  Miller-McCune site, which carried the article is being bombarded with conservative views.

The underlying  fault of the study, led by Scott Eidelman at Arkansas University,  is that it works from false premises of what American Conservatism really represents. For example: how can the conservative position that ” production and trade should be free of government interference”    be said to align with “ acceptance of hierarchy, and a preference for the status quo” ??

The problem is that much of what is called conservative thought is the  opposite of the stereotypes heaped upon conservatives by the non-productive, non-inventive, parasitic left wing that infests academia.

American conservatives are preserving a  unique and ground breaking  social policy that recognizes God-given human rights, celebrates and encourages individual  creativity, productivity and responsibility.    Leftists are harking back  (devolving) to the top down system in which the government oversees and regulates  all their efforts.   This springs from a general, overriding  feeling that they cannot succeed on their own.

Timothy M. Dolan Elected Head of US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Timothy M. Dolan to Lead Catholic Bishops’ Conference – NYTimes.com.

From the leftist position of the New York Times, choosing Archbishop Dolan as president of the USCCB is a conservative move.

However,  Archbishop Dolan does not appear to be an  actual conservative.

A conservative would recognize that Obamacare would destroy the goose that laid the golden egg,  and that has heavily funded the charitable outreach of the Catholic church.

No mention is made of the obvious fact that Obamacare  will make  our elderly and disabled citizens SHOVEL READY.

Medicare denies more claims for treatment than any private insurer.    The idea that Obamacare will expand coverage while taking on more patients, wasting more money in administration, and driving out health care providers, is a total joke.

Archbishop Dolan is quoted by NYT:

“We should have been doing cartwheels” when the health care bill passed, he said, because the bishops had long supported expanding coverage. But he said the bishops could not endorse the legislation because they concluded there were “unborn babies that were in danger.”

If  that quote is accurate,  it would mean that he’s Lost in the Weeds on this issue.