Breitbart: Are They Erasing?

Breitbart’s forensic technician poisoned to death?.

Michael Cormier, described as “respected forensic technician” for the LA Coroner’s office died, in his North Hollywood home, of questionable circumstances on April 20, 2012. This is the same day that the Coroner’s final report on the death of Andrew Breitbart was made public.

The report does not describe Cormier’s role in the investigations of Breitbart’s cause of death.

Cormier was transported to Providence St Joseph Medical Center in the early AM, complaining of pain and vomiting. He died later that same day. The police have been involved, and Cormier’s home searched. Toxicology tests have been done, with results pending for six weeks.

FIVE Years Later – “News” of the missing brain.

Family Suing NYC After Teen’s Brain Found In ME’s Office « CBS New York- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY.

This is “news” of a highschool kid who died traumatically in a car accident (in 2005).  An autopsy, badly handled by the NYC coroner, resulted in double trauma to the family.   A couple months after the accident, the crash victim’s friends, on a school field trip,  saw the kid’s brain, with name attached, on display at the morgue, supposedly awaiting testing.

The shocked family insisted on having the brain returned, as it was held without their permission.  They exhumed their deceased son, and reburied him with his brain.

And…….. because of the speedy judicial and news processes, we are hearing about it FIVE years later.