Punishing the Prosecutor for Bringing Charges Against Planned Parenthood

Pro-Kline report concealed for months | CJOnline.com.

This is a unique article found in a regular newspaper revealing that Phil Kline, the Kansas prosecutor who brought charges against planned parenthood is being punished by accusations of ethics violations, without probable cause.

The document showing the investigation of Kline, and the  finding no probable cause for  ethics  complaints was willfully kept hidden from Kline and the public.

The Ethics Disciplinary hearing will take place anyway, because it is very important to the Kansas State government to punish those who would dare to bring criminal charges against  its benefactors from the abortion industries.

See also at Jill Stanek’s blog,  the basis for charges that would have been brought against George Tiller, for not reporting the sexual abuse of minors who came to his clinic,  had he not been so well protected by Kathleen Sebelius, who is now head of Obama’s Health and Human Services Dept.   Much more is expected to be revealed at the Ethics trial of Phill Kline.

Keep watch of the colorful Kansas corruption, and finally the case against Planned Parenthood going forward  over at Operation Rescue’s site.

Dick Durbin for Chief of Staff

Sestak was Honest, Now It’s Over to Rahm | Taylor Marsh – TaylorMarsh.com – News, Opinion and Weblog on Progressive Politics.

….because someone has to take the fall for offering Joe Sestak a job to get him out of the PA senate race against Alen Specter.

Since Rahm Emanuel  is the likely fall guy,  Obama has to be out looking for a new chief of staff.  Durbin  knows the Chicago way, so he ought to be a prime candidate.

The slime is on Sestak too, because he’s mum on who made the job offer, (fearing for his life), while in the midst of running a political campaign.  It’s going to be a bit harder for win that Senate seat in November.