Doctors Will Do What Walgreens Did

but they’ll start with Medicare.

The cost savings which the Dems claim to accompany Obamacare will come at the expense of the elderly, that population which is most likely to vote.

Originally medicare reductions in reimbursement were scheduled to start this March, but scared bunny Congress has postponed this to the fall.

The hope is that physicians will not start dumping their medicare patients (as the MAYO CLINIC in Arizona already did) until after election day.

Pharmer would like for people who are covered by medicare to understand at this time, that the Dems have already screwed them to the wall, and respond appropriately in Nov of 2010, as well as in the preceding primary elections.

Pharmer is calling 877-762-8762 or 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 today, but the lines are busy. Would you like to help keep the Congressional switchboards occupied?

(Just heard Tom Coburn of the Fed Appropriations Committee tell the democrats that any federal appointments promised to them by Obama (to buy their vote) will be made public, and stopped by the republicans.)