Obama’s IPAB Death Panel – Even Some Democrats Are Opposing it

It’s THAT bad!   Congress sees it as an unconstitutional removal of their authority over spending, by unelected officials.

Death Panels Crop Up Again as Obama Mentions IPAB in Medicare | LifeNews.com.

Another  mechanism by which Obamacare will gut the care of the elderly, in his deficit reduction plan,  is to further cut medicare and medicaid reimbursement so that health care providers are not able to stay in business while serving that patient base, in compliance with government regulations.   This leaves those individuals without the promised “free”  Obamacare,  which has been  the intention all along.

New York’s Union Death Panel

We’ve been hearing that New York city spent a much longer period locked in by snow than was necessary, due to an intentional work slowdown by protesting union workers.

A group of supervisors with the Sanitation Dept. is under media fire for partying in a van, drinking beer, next to stranded snow plows and vehicles.  Reporting that they had run out of fuel, the guys decided to kick back and enjoy each other’s good company.  That the supervisors felt they could do this reveals something about the chain of command in New York City.

Highlighted in the news were the deaths of an elderly person and a newborn baby who could not receive medical attention during the paralysis of transportation.

The New York  union death panels deserve credit for hundreds of uncounted deaths, and perhaps the inaction of city government was purposeful.

New York is a bankrupt city,  heavy with dependents needing medical and other tax payer assistance.   The fastest way to be rid of these people is to allow natural disasters to take their toll.  Exacerbating problems by inactivity and unresponsiveness of course increases the number of “natural” deaths.

Your friendly Pharmer knows exactly what happens in a hospital during a snow storm.  The rate of new admissions, particularly through the emergency room drops off precipitously.  This  extends for as long as transportation remains  blocked by the weather.

Do people stop having traumatic  injuries, chest pains, diabetic keto-acidosis, psychotic episodes, suicide attempts, births, strokes, and other emergent medical conditions just because it snows?   Of course not!   They simply go unattended and many of them die.

The news will not tell you about Bloomberg’s New York, Union, Death Panel,  which has likely stripped hundreds, or even thousands  of dependent human individuals from the welfare, medicaid, and social security rolls, by delaying cleanup.

That’s one way to deal with a financial crisis.  Expect more of it, especially if health care becomes both government controlled and unionized.

Paul Krugman Acknowledges the Truth of DEATH PANELS

Remember when the lefties screamed about Palin’s use of the word Death panels, to describe the government choosing who and who would not get medical treatment?

Well,  they forgot about that, and here you see the esteemed New York Times operative, Paul Krugman acknowledging Sarah Palin’s pinpoint accuracy.

KRUGMAN:  They should have said, “Okay, look, Medicare is going to have to decide what it’s going to pay for. And at least for starters, it’s going to have to decide which medical procedures are not effective at all and should not be paid for at all.” In other words, it should have endorsed the panel that was part of the health care reform.  If the commission isn’t even brave enough to take on the death panels people, then it’s doing no good at all. ……………..

No. Some years down the pike we’re gonna get the real solution, which is gonna be a combination of death panels and sales taxes.  It’s going to be that we’re actually gonna take Medicare under control and we’re gonna have to get some additional revenue, probably from a VAT.

Time to Get Real About Obamacare (reprised)

MEDIA ADVISORY, March 11 /Christian Newswire/ —

Filling up my email inbox are huge numbers of requests from various pro life organizations to sign petitions which demand removal of abortion from health care.

Very briefly, this is the explanation for an inability to sign on to most of these.

The premise from so many groups is that the problem of the Democrat health care plans will be solved with language removing abortion funding from the bill.

Many people incorrectly assume that removing funding will remove the abortion mandate. This is not so. Mothers will be coerced to abort unborn babies with untoward fetal diagnoses in any government run system, because there will be the threat of no health coverage for such kids. Health care professionals will still be coerced to participate in this and other unethical activity. This is the reality in other socialized medicine systems which lack funding for the care of premature infants, and those with significant congenital disabilities.

Denial of care at other points in development, with respect to early diagnosis using imaging, severe illnesses, and terminal illness, is also a sad reality in other government run health care systems, as well as the one planned for America.

Finally there is the problem of turning over our health care autonomy to an entity which is known to be corrupt. This is not a smart move. The control over our health care will be used by the federal government to control other aspects of our lives, including expression of religious beliefs.

Sorry to the pro-life liberals, this pharmacist (whose insights stem from health care experience), is ethically constrained from signing on to any aspect of the killer-government controlled health care.

Karen L. Brauer MS, RPh is president of Pharmacists for Life International, the most fully pro-life pharmacists’ organization. Find our politically incorrect site at www.pfli.org, and KB’s personal blog at http://themorningafter.us. Pharmacists for Life International truly makes no profit, and all officers and staff are volunteers.

Rahm Apology Misses the Mark

Rahm Emmanuel is falling all over himself  apologizing for calling certain liberals Retarded.

The politically correct posturing misses the mark as it always does, and deflects our attention away from the  leftist   Emanuel brothers programs for KILLING the disabled.

If you recall,  the Obama administration contains two crazy Emanuel brothers, Rahm and Ezekiel.   Ezekiel is the Rationer of Health Care Resources, who would exclude the disabled from the government’s favored list of beneficiaries.  From deep within the memory division of the Pharm comes his  article in Lancet, and this video, so that we don’t forget the true attitude of these  leftists towards those with disabilities.

The Politico is following Rahm’s diversionary tactics, but down on the Pharm, we keep our eye on the ball.

Rather than pandering to people with political correctness of language, we should  stop insulting people with slow mental processing ability by using the word ‘retarded’ to describe liberals.   Retardation is slowness, and does not imply the bad judgment, immorality, lack of ethics which plague our lefties.

We should also demand that the leftists stop their programs of  killing people with disabilities prior to birth, excluding those who survive this culling from health care access, and euthanizing them.

In this blog is a treasure trove of links to the leftists own words regarding their intentions for our health care system.  Searching obamacare will dredge up quite a bit.  One example quotes Palin on DEATH PANELS, with numerous corroborating references appended.